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Welcome to my WWWorld

Latest Updates:

My favorite webcomic added to LINKS page.

This is the hub for all the various web pages with which am involved. Almost all of the web pages referenced here are hosted on other servers. Some are even subsections of other web spaces but I think of them as distinct web sites so I list them here seperately (ie: my New CSL site is actually a subdirectory in my Shaw webspace.)

This hub is located on webspace provided by the Victoria Telecommunity Network (formerly Victoria Freenet) where I first learned to use the web using the Lynx browser, newsgroups and a cool new thing called "email". That was when my choice of computer was my friends Mac Classic or UVic's UVVM terminals. Ah, creating documents in VI Editor... nope, I much prefer the iMac G5 we use today.

What's here?

Not all that much really. The VTN is a free service and has limitations on bandwidth which I respect. Thus not much is actually on their servers.

Following the links under "My Sites" at left takes you to the various web sites I have created for my personal pleasure based on my current (or past) interests. You should be able to return here by clicking on the small banner:

Tedward's WWWorld

Feel free to "right-click" on the above image and copy it to your own directory to use as a link back here. (Please do not abuse VTN by simply referring to the image hosted here. That would be rude.) The correct URL would be http://victoria.tc.ca/~tgodwin/.

I do not have a traditional "links" page here because each area of my life as represented in these web pages have their own distinct links. If you want soccer links go to the Victoria Soccer Net. For LEGO related links visit Ted's LEGO Pages. You get the idea.

That said, I do have a single page dedicated to my friends and families web pages, mostly for my own convenience.

Sites for others

There are also several sites which I have created for organizations with which I have been involved. These sites are listed at left under "Other Sites". I have only listed sites which are still under my control or remain mostly my work.

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