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Last revision: 2001.08.23

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the explosion of databases on the Web, this page is frozen as of May 31, 2000. Databases will be listed only under their appropriate subject matter or organization.

Change Note: January 19, 2001, updated addresses and descriptions of the Canadian Virtual War Memorial and MINFILE; February 26, 2001, updated description and link for Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

Change Note: November 2, 2001, updated bookmark for CAIN (Canadian Archival Information Network).

To search for new or updated content, use the page-search function of your Web browser and search on "date added" or "date updated". Dates are entered as "", for example, "2001.08.23".

INDEXES AND NAVIGATIONAL AIDS via the Victoria Telecommunity Network for searching down other history resources not found on this page.

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