General Data Communications

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"An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking", S. Keshav

"Asynchronous Transfer Mode: Technical Overview", Dutton/Lenhard

"Broadband Telecommunications Technology", Lee/Kang/Lee

"CDMA: Principles of Spread Spectrum Communication", Andrew Viterbi

"Cellular Digital Packet Data", Sreetharan/Kumar

"CDPD: Cellular Digital Packet Data Standards and Technology", Agosta/Russell

"Computer Mediated Communications"

"Communications for Cooperating Systems", Cypser

"Computer Networks", Tanenbaum

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"Computer Telephony Encyclopedia", Richard Grigonis

"Comprehensive Networking Glossary and Acronym Guide, Malkin

"Data and Computer Communications", Stallings

"Data Communications: From Basics to Broadband", Beyda

"Data Communications , Networks, and Systems", Bartee

"Data Communications & Networking Dictionary", Pardoe/Wenig

"Data and Telecommunications Dictionary", Julie K. Petersen

"Digital Transmission of Information", Blahut

"Emerging Communications Technologies", Uyless Black

"Enterprise Networking: Data Link Subnetworks", Martin/Chapman/Leben

"Essentials of Data Communications", David Stamper

"The Essential Guide to Telecommunications", Annabel Z. Dodd

"FDDI Handbook", Jain

"Fundamentals of Telecommunications", Roger L. Freeman

"Fundamentals of Telecommunication Networks", Saadawi et al

"The First 100 Feet", Deborah Hurley/James H. Keller

"Gigabit Networking", Partridge

"Telecommunications: Glossary of Telecommunication Terms", National Communications System

"Good Night Old Man", George Campbell

"GSM: Switching, Services, and Protocols", Jorg Eberspacher/Hans-Jorg Vogel

"Handbook of Mobile Radio Networks", Sami Tabbane

"The Handbook of Networking and Connectivity", McClain

"Hot Links", Mark Eppley/David Hakala

"IP Telephony", Olivier Hersent/David Gurle/Jean-Pierre Petit

"IS-95 CDMA and CDMA 2000", Vijay K. Garg

"McGraw-Hill Illustrated Telecom Dictionary", Jade Clayton

"Internetworking over ATM", Brian Dorling/Daniel Freedman/Chris Metz/Jaap Burger

"Introduction to data communications", Gelber

"Introduction to Mobile Communications Engineering", Jose M. Hernando/F. Perez-Fontan

"D&B/Gale Reference Handbooks: Telecommunications", Stacy A. McConnell/Linda D. Hall

"ISDN: A Closer Look", Bellcore

"The ISDN Consultant", Lee

"ISDN for Dummies", Angell

"Introduction to Telephones and Telephone Systems", A. Michael Noll

"Kermit: a File Transfer Protocol", da Cruz

"Learning Networks", Harasim et al

"LAN Times Guide to Telephony", David D. Bezar

"LAN Times Guide to Managing Remote Connectivity", Salvatore Salamone

"McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications", Tom Sheldon

"Mobile Communications", Jochen Schiller

"Mobile Telecommunications Factbook", Nathan J. Muller

"Mobile Data Communications Systems", Peter Wong/David Britland

"Mobile Data & Wireless LAN Technologies", Rifaat A. Dayem

"Migration Strategies for Emerging Technologies", Bellcore

"Mastering UNIX Serial Communications", Gofton

"Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server", Gerber

"New Community Networks"

"Newton's Telecom Dictionary", Harry Newton

"The Online 100"

by Crowcroft

"Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms", Shnier

"PC Magazine Guide to Connectivity", Frank J. Derfler, Jr.

"PCS & Digital Cellular Technologies", Rifaat A. Dayem

"Personal Communication Systems and Technologies", Gardiner/West

"A Professional's Guide to Data Communication in a TCP/IP World", E. Bryan Carne

"Packet Communication", Metcalfe

"Principles of Modern Communications Technology", A. Michael Noll

"Principles of Signalling for Cell Relay and Frame Relay", Minoli/Dobrowski

"Residential Broadband", George Abe

"Residential Broadband", Kim Maxwell

"The Race for Bandwidth", Cary Lu

"Remote Access Essentials", Margaret Robbins

"The RS-232 Solution", Campbell

"sendmail", Costales/Allman/Rickert

"Technical Aspects of Data Communications", McNamara

"Telecommunications Directory", Ellen Pare

"Telecom Made Easy", June Langhoff

"Telecommunications Technology Handbook", Minoli

"Telephone Switching Systems", Richard A. Thompson

"Thomas' Concise Telecom and Networking Dictionary", Thomas M. Thomas II

"Understanding Modern Telecommunications and the Information Superhighway", Nellist/Gilbert

"Understanding DCE", Rosenberry/Kenney/Fisher

"Understanding Digital PCS", Cameron Kelly Coursey

"Understanding Digital Subscriber Line Technology", Thomas Starr/John M. Cioffi/Peter J. Silverman

"Understanding Data Communications", Held

"Understanding Telephone Electronics", Bigelow

"Understanding Networking Technology", Mark Norris

"Using C-Kermit", Frank da Cruz/Christine M. Gianone

"Voice and Data Communications Handbook", Regis J. "Bud" Bates/Donald Gregory

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