Reviews of Internet Books

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There are so many books on topics related to the Internet alone that I've chopped them up into categories.

These are the Best of the Bunch to get you started.

There are more Internet guidebooks out there than you can shake a stick at. Most are pretty good, although some are better than others. The short guides cover the basics quickly, while the general guides tend to have references to resources available on the net as well as explanations of the various Internet applications.

Companies or individuals wanting to do business and commerce on the net can get some advice from these books, but the quality of many is not good.

Even without getting into technical details, there are specialized reference topics on the Internet that merit their own books. These books stick to a certain theme, but aren't just techie texts.

Email is only one Internet application, but probably the most important. Unfortunately, none of these books are really up to the task.

A lot of people think that the World Wide Web (or WWW, or W3, or just "the Web") *is* the Internet. It's really only a small part of the net, but there are a ton of books written about the World Wide Web and browsers, HTML, Java etc.

For those who *really* want to know what's behind the Internet, and how it works, and how to protect it, and themselves, we have some technical and security texts.

Since the Internet got popular, lots of people have wanted to give their opinion on the Information Superhighway and other cliches. Most of these are uninformed, but some have an idea or two of value.

Some books just don't want to fit into a topic. Miscellaneous is a bit of a grab bag.

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