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"97 Things Every Programmer Should Know", Kevlin Henney

"97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know", Richard Monson-Haefel

"Adventures in UNIX Network Applications Programming", Rieken/Weiman

"Advanced Java", Loffra

"Assembly Language: For Real Programmers Only", Johnson

"Applied Software Project Management", Andrew Stellman/Jennifer Greene

"Applied UNIX Programming", Kurani

"Assembly Language Step-by-Step", Jeff Duntemann

"Beautiful Architecture", Diomidis Spinellis/Georgios Gousios

"Be Developer's Guide", Be Development Team

"The Beginner's Guide to C", Ivor Horton

"Leaping From BASIC to C++", Traister

"Buffer Overflow Attacks", James C. Foster et al

"Building Secure Software", John Viega/Gary McGraw

"Beyond Java", Bruce A. Tate

"C How to Program", Deitel/Deitel

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Visual Basic", Greg Perry

"Confessions of a Used Program Salesman", Tracz

"Core Java, Volume 1 - Fundamentals", Gary Cornell/Cay S. Horstmann

"Core Java, Volume 2 - Advanced Features", Gary Cornell/Cay S. Horstmann

"The Complete C++ Primer", Weiskamp/Flamig

"C Programming FAQs", Steve Summit

"Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective", Diomidis Spinellis

"Java: The Complete Reference", Patrick Naughton/Herbert Schildt

"C: A Software Engineering Approach", Darnell/Margolis

"Computer Science Logo Style", Brian Harvey

"Database in Depth: Relational Theory for Practitioners", C. J. Date

"Developing Trust", Matt Curtin

"Developing Secure Distributed Systems with CORBA", Ulrich Lang/Rudolf Schreiner

"Essential PHP Security", Chris Shiflett

"Essential OpenDoc", Jesse Feiler/Anthony Meadow

"Effective tcl/tk Programming", Mark Harrison/Michael Mclennan

"Exploiting Online Games", Greg Hoglund/Gary McGraw

"Exploring Java", Niemeyer/Peck

"Exploiting Software", Greg Hoglund/Gary McGraw

"Facebook Cookbook", Jay Goldman

"FPGA Workout", van den Bout

"Fuzzing", Michael Sutton/Adam Greene/Pedram Amini

"A Guide to Programming Languages", Ruknet Cezzar

"Web Guide to Building Intelligent Websites with JavaScript", Nigel Ford

"Programming with GNU Software", Mike Loukides/Andy Oram

"Graphic Java", Geary/McLelland

"Hacker's Guide to Word For Windows", Leonhard/Chen

"High Integrity Software", John Barnes

"Hacker's Delight", Henry S. Warren

"Hands-On SQL", Groth/Gerber

"History of Programming Languages", Wexelblat

"History of Programming Languages", Bergin/Gibson

"How to Break Web Software", Mike Andrews/James A. Whittaker

"Software Portability With imake", DuBois

"Instant JavaScript", Holman/Lund

"Intellectual Property and Open Source", Van Lindberg

"Inside the C++ Object Model", Lippman

"Inside ATL", George Shepherd/Brad King

"Instant C Programming", Ivor Horton

"Java Developer's Resource", Harold

"Java Design", Peter Coad/Mark Mayfield

"Java by Example", Jackson/McClellan

"The Java Handbook", Naughton

"Java Jumpstart: A Beginner's Guide to Internet Programming", Noel Enete

"Java Language Reference", Mark Grand

"Java in a Nutshell", David Flanagan

"The Java Programming Language", Arnold/Gosling

"Java Cryptography", Jonathan Knudsen

"Java Programming Language Handbook", Friedel/Potts

"Java Security", Scott Oaks

"Java Threads", Scott Oaks/Henry Wong

"The Java Tutorial", Campione/Walrath

"Java Virtual Machine", Jon Meyer/Troy Downing

"JavaScript Application Cookbook", Jerry Bradenbaugh

"Just Java", van der Linden

"Java Developer's Reference", Mike Cohn/Bryan Morgan/Michael Morrison/Michael T. Nygard/Dan Joshi/Tom Trinko

"Java Programming Basics", Au/Makower

"Java Programming Explorer", Bartlett/Leslie/Simkin

"JavaScript: the Definitive Guide", Flanagan

"Java Sourcebook", Anuff (already!)

"Learning Perl", Schwartz

"Learning VBScript", Paul Lomax

"Learning XML", Erik T. Ray

"MacsBug Reference and Debugging Guide", Apple Computer

"Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering", Kan

"Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX", Carlton Egremont III

"Mac Programming for Dummies", Dan Parks Sydow

"Mastering Java", Vanhelsuwe et al

"Navigating C++ and Object-Oriented Design", Paul Anderson/Gail Anderson

"No Fluff Just Stuff 2006 Anthology", Neal Ford

"Not Just JAVA", Peter van der Linden

"Open Sources", Chris DiBona/Sam Ockman/Mark Stone

"PC Interrupts", Ralf Brown/Jim Kyle

"Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days", David Till

"A Programmer's Guide to Sound", Tim Kientzle

"Programming and Interfacing the 8051 Microcontroller", Yeralan/Ahluwalia

"Pattern Languages of Program Design", Coplien/Schmidt

"The Productive Programmer", Neal Ford

"Programming in an Object-Oriented Environment", Ege

"Programming Languages: Concepts and Constructs", Sethi

"Programming the PowerPC", Dan Parks Sydow

"Programming Perl", Wall/Christiansen/Schwartz

"The Revolutionary Guide to Assembly Language", Maljugin et al.

%e "The Rise and Resurrection of the American Programmer", Edward Yourdon

"Successful C for Commercial UNIX Developers", Mohamed Osman

"Symantec C++", Dan Parks Sydow

"Secure Programming with Static Analysis", Brian Chess/Jacob West

"Secure Coding", Mark G. Graff/Kenneth R. van Wyk

"sed & awk", Dale Dougherty/Arnold Robbins

"Software Engineering", Ian Sommerville

"Steal This Code", Al Williams

"Software Testing Practice: Test Management", Andreas Spillner et al

"Software Configuration Management Using Vesta", Allan Heydon et al

"Software Security: Building Security In", Gary McGraw

"Software Testing Foundations", Andreas Spillner/Tilo Linz/Hans Schaefer

"System BIOS for IBM PCs, Compatibles, and EISA Computers", Second Edition

"The Tao of AppleScript", Schneider

"Tcl and the Tk Toolkit", Ousterhout

"Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours", Michael Moncur

"Teach Yourself VBScript in 21 Days", Keith Brophy/Timothy Koets

"Teach Yourself XML in 21 Days", Devan Shepherd

"TeX by Example", Borde

"Tom Swan's C++ Primer", Swan

"The Visual Guide to Visual C++", Nancy Nicolaisen

"The Ultimate HTML Reference", Ian Lloyd

"UML in a Nutshell", Sinan Si Alhir

"Undocumented DOS: A Programmer's Guide", Schulman et al

"Understanding Japanese Information Processing", Lunde

"UNIX Network Programming", Stevens

"Visual Basic 5 Control Creation Edition", Gary Cornell/Dave Jezak

"Visual Basic Power Toolkit", Richard Mansfield/Evangelos Petroutsos

"The Visual Guide to Visual Basic for Applications", Richard Mansfield

"Who's Afraid of Java?", Steve Heller

"Win32 System Services", Brain

"The VRML Sourcebook", Ames/Nadeau/Moreland

"Windows Hothouse", Mark Clarkson

"Windows Network Programming", Ralph Davis

"Windows Sockets Network Programming", Bob Quinn/Dave Shute

"Writing Java Applets", Rodley

"Windows NT Event Logging", James D. Murray

"Windows NT Registry Guide", Weiying Chen/Wayne Berry

"The Way of Java", Gary Entsminger

"X Window Inside & Out", Levi Reiss/Joseph Radin

"XML in a Nutshell", Elliotte Rusty Harold/W. Scott Means

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