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"Adventures in UNIX Network Applications Programming", Rieken/Weiman

"An AIX Companion", David L. Cohn

"Applied UNIX Programming", Kurani

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to UNIX", John McMullen

"The Complete Linux Kit", Tauber

"Computer Security for the Home and Small Office", Thomas C. Greene

"Using csh and tcsh", Paul DuBois

"Effective AWK Programming", Arnold Robbins

"Interprocess Communications in UNIX"

"Inside Linux", Randolph Bentson

"Life With UNIX", Libes/Ressler

"Lions' Commentary on UNIX 6th Edition", John Lions

"The Linux Companion", Komarinski

"Linux Installation and Getting Started", Matt Welsh

"Linux Network Administrator's Guide", Kirch

"Linux in a Nutshell", Jessica Perry Hekman

"The Linux Sampler", Belinda Frazier/Laurie Tucker

"Learning the Korn Shell", Rosenblatt

"Learning the vi Editor", Lamb

"Learning Perl", Schwartz

"Learning the UNIX Operating System", Todino/Strang/Peek

"Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours", Bill Ball

"The Magic Garden Explained", Berny Goodheart/James Cox

"The Mosaic Handbook for the X Window System", Dougherty/Koman/Ferguson

"The Mac OS X Command Line", Kirk McElhearn

"Mac OS X for Unix Geeks", Brian Jepson/Ernest E. Rothman/Rich Rosen

"Mastering Regular Expressions", Friedl

"Managing NFS and NIS", Stern

"The New KornShell", Bolsky/Korn

"Network Security Hacks", Andrew Lockart

"Operating Systems: Design and Implementation", Tanenbaum/Woodhull

"PC Hardware Configuration Guide for DOS and Solaris", Ron Ledesma

"Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days", David Till

"Practical Internetworking with TCP/IP and UNIX", Carl-Mitchell/Quarterman

"A Quarter Century of Unix", Salus

"Red Hat Linux Unleashed, Second Edition", David Pitts

"The Rookie's Guide to UnixWare", Adams/Isaacs/Kaufman

"Running Linux", Welsh/Kaufman

"SCO Companion", Mohr

"SCO UNIX in a Nutshell", Cutler

"sed & awk", Dale Dougherty/Arnold Robbins

"Special Edition Using Caldera OpenLinux", Allen Smart et al

"sendmail", Costales/Allman/Rickert

SSC UNIX and other reference pamphlets

"TCP/IP Network Administration", Hunt

"termcap and terminfo", Strang/Mui/O'Reilly

"Using and Managing UUCP and Usenet"

"UNIX Communications and the Internet", Anderson/Costales/Henderson/Pike

"Understanding UNIX", Stan Kelly- Bootle

"UNIX for DOS Users", Arick

"The Underground Guide to UNIX", John Montgomery

"UNIX Installation Security and Integrity, Ferbrache/Shearer

"UNIX for MVS Programmers", Harry Singh

"UNIX System Security Tools", Seth Ross

"UNIX System Administration Handbook", Nemeth/Snyder/Seebass/Hein

"The Keys to Successful UNIX System Management", Robert King Ables

"UNIX Systems Programming for SVR4", David A. Curry

"UNIX Unleashed, Internet Edition", Robin K. Burke/David B. Horvath

"UNIX Unleashed, System Administrator's Edition", Robin Burk/David B. Horvath

"UNIX Commands by Example", Elboth/Dannehl/Larsen

"The UNIX Companion", Harley Hahn

"The UNIX-Haters Handbook", Garfinkel/Weise/Strassmann

"UNIX for the Impatient", Paul W. Abrahams/Bruce R. Larson

"UNIX Internals"

"UNIX Made Easy", John Muster

"UNIX for the Mainframer", David Horvath

"UNIX For The MS-DOS User", Pugh

"UNIX in a Nutshell", Gilly

"UNIX Network Programming", Stevens

"Unix Networking", Kochan/Wood

"UNIX Shells by Example", Ellie Quigley

"UNIX Systems for Modern Architectures", Schimmel

"UNIX System V Bible", Prata/Martin

"UNIX Tamed", Rodney Wilson

"Open Computing: UNIX Unbound", Hahn

"UNIX Unleashed", Sams Development

"Unix, Posix, and Open Systems", Quarterman/Wilhelm

"Using Samba", Robert Eckstein/David Collier-Brown/Peter Kelly

"Using Linux", Jack Tackett/David Gunter/Lance Brown

"UNIX System Programming Using C++", Chan

"Using UUCP and Usenet", Todino/Dougherty

"VooDoo UNIX", Charlie Russel/Sharon Crawford

"Wabi 2", Fordin/Nolin

"Windows NT and UNIX Integration", Gene Henriksen

"Windows NT and UNIX", G. Robert Williams/Ellen Beck Gardner

"When You Can't Find Your UNIX System Administrator", Linda Mui

"X Window Inside & Out", Levi Reiss/Joseph Radin

"X User Tools", Mui/Quercia

"X Window System", Scheifler/Gettys

"The Z-Mail Handbook", Nelson

"Learning GNU Emacs", Cameron/Rosenblatt

"Software Portability With imake", DuBois

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