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Computer or technical related fiction is, of course, going to be mostly science fiction, but computers and technology is starting to appear in other fiction as well. These reviews primarily look at how well technology is being understood and presented, but there are some oddities as well.

"Second Contact", Resnick

"3001: The Final Odyssey", Arthur C. Clarke

"Acts of the Apostles", John F. X. Sundman

"The Adolescence of P-1", Ryan

"The Complete April Fools' Day RFCs", Thomas A. Limoncelli/Peter H. Salus

"The Alien Years", Robert Silverberg

"Angels and Demons", Dan Brown

"Atlas Shrugged", Ayn Rand

"Bad Memory", Duane Franklet

"The Blue Nowhere", Jeffrey Deaver

"Bank of Fear", David Ignatius

"The Bear and the Dragon", Tom Clancy

"Bug Park", James P. Hogan

"Byte Me!", Robert P. Libbon

"CyberTerror", R. J. Pineiro

"Chimera", Rosenblum

"Cloning Christ", Peter Senese/Robert Geis

"Come to Grief", Dick Francis

"Computer Legends, Lies & Lore", Iris Forrest

"Computer Tales of Fact & Fantasy", Iris Forrest

"", R. J. Pineiro

"Cryptonomicon", Neal Stephenson

"A Civil Campaign", Lois McMaster Bujold

"Dance, Gladys, Dance", Cassie Stocks

"The Diamond Age: or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer", Neal Stephenson

"Double Vision", Randall Ingermanson

"Dave Barry in Cyberspace", Dave Barry

"Digital Fortress", Dan Brown

"Deadline Y2K", Mark Joseph

"Digger", Kenneth Goddard

"Driving force", Dick Francis

"Disclosure", Michael Crichton

"Dispossession", Chaz Brenchley

"Death Dream", Ben Bova

"Death in a Promised Land", Robert Andrews

"The Devil's Code", John Sandford (John Camp)

"E-mail: A Love Story", Stephanie D. Fletcher

"Einstein's Bridge", John Cramer

"Fatal Defect", Jefferson Scott

"A Fire Upon the Deep", Vinge

"Firestar", Michael Flynn

"The Fool's Run", Camp

"Flatland", Edwin A. Abbott

"Future Crime", Bova

"Gideon", Russel Andrews (Peter Gethers/David Handler)

"The Grid", Philip Kerr

"Hackers", Bischoff

"Hackers", Rafael Moreu/Ian Softley (director)

"Havoc", R. J. Pineiro

"Headcrash", Bruce Bethke

"The Hanged Man's Song", John Sandford (John Camp)

"Halting State", Charles Stross

"The Hawthorne Group", Hauser - fiction

"Kill-o-byte", Anthony

"The Immortality Option", James P. Hogan

"Interrupt", Toni Dwiggins

"101 Uses for a Dead Computer", Wahlstrom

"The Best of The Journal of Irreproducible Results", Scherr

"The Computer Contradictionary", Stan Kelly-Bootle

"Ice Station", Matt Reilly

"Illegal Alien", Robert J. Sawyer

"Implant", F. Paul Wilson

"It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature!", Lubar

"The Internet Joke Book", Templeton

"Jack the Bodiless", Julian May

"The Jericho Iteration", Allen Steele

"Jurassic Park", Crichton

"Kim", Rudyard Kipling

"Killer Whale", Elizabeth Quinn

"The Ko Conspiracy", Riall W. Nolan

"Live Robots", Rucker

"Limbo Search", Parke Godwin

"The Linguist", Mark Urban

"Lovelock", Orson Scott Card/Kathryn H. Kidd

"Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX", Carlton Egremont III

"Memory", Lois McMaster Bujold

"Mercury Rising", Douglas Pearson Ryne

"The Millennium Project", Joseph Massucci

"The Multiplex Man", James P. Hogan

"Moon flower", James P. Hogan

"Moonfall", Jack McDevitt

"Moving Mars", Bear

"The Miracle Strain", Michael Cordy

"Mother of Storms", John Barnes

"The Mezonic Agenda", Herbert H. Thompson/Spyros Nomikos

"Interface", Bury

"Night Visions", Ronald Munson

"The Old Man and The Sea", Ernest Hemingway

"Otherness", Brin

"Pattern Recognition", William Gibson

"Phaze Doubt", Anthony

"Pearl Harbor Dot Com", Winn Schwartau

"Prey", Michael Crichton

"Proxies", Laura J. Mixon

"Poser's Guide to the Internet and World Wide Web", James Gaskin

"The Raptor Virus", Frank Simon

"Ribofunk", Paul Di Filippo

"Richter 10", Arthur C. Clarke/Mike McQuay

"Ripper", Michael Slade

"Runaway Heart", Stephen J. Cannell

"Rogue Star", Michael Flynn

"Second Skin", Eric V. Lustbader

"For the Sake of Elena", George

"Sex as a Heap of Malfunctioning Rubble", Abrahams ed.

"Shockwave Rider", John Brunner

"Siberian Light", Robin White


"Snow Crash", Stephenson

"The Sundering", Walter Jon Williams

"Son of Stupid Mac Tricks", Bob LeVitus

"Spares", Michael Marshall Smith

"State of Fear", Michael Crichton

"Standing Wave", Howard V. Hendrix

"Storming Heaven", Kyle Mills

"Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent", Ryan Russell

"Stupid Beyond Belief PC Tricks", LeVitus/Tittel

"Starswarm", Jerry Pournelle

"Terminal Games", Perriman

"The Tin Man", Dale Brown

"Tender Malice", Catherine Lanigan

"The Tojo Virus", Randall

"Terminal Compromise", Schwartau

"The Terminal Experiment", Robert J. Sawyer

"Terminal Logic", Jefferson Scott

"Transmission", Hari Kunzru

"The Teeth of the Tiger", Tom Clancy

"The Toyotomi Blades", Dale Furutani

"The Trigger", Arthur C. Clarke/Michael Kube-McDowell

"User Friendly", J. D. Frazer

"Vengeance in Death", J. D. Robb (Nora Roberts)

"Virus", Bill Buchanan

"Virtually Eliminated", Jefferson Scott

"Virtual Light", Gibson

"Way of the Clans", Thurston

"Weapon", Mason

"White Ninja", Lustbader

"White Shark", Peter Benchley

"Wired", Robert L. Wise

"The Well of Lost Plots", Jasper Fforde

"Warhorse", Zahn

"Watch Me", A. J. Hoyt

"Wizardry Consulted", Cook

"Expendable", James Alan Gardner

"Zero Day", Mark Russinovich

"Zero Day", David Baldacci

"The Zero Hour", Joseph Finder

"Zimmerman's Algorithm", S. Andrew Swann

The "Tekroids" episode of Tekwar

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