DOS/Intel/PC/Windows Platform

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"Alan Simpson's Easy Guide to Windows 95", Simpson/Olson

"Bigelow's Computer Repair Toolkit", Stephen J. Bigelow

"Byte Guide to Optimising Windows 95", Menefee/Bailes

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to PCs", Joe Kraynak

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buying & Upgrading PCs", O'Hara

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to DOS", Jennifer Flynn

"Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 98", Paul McFedries

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 3.1", McFedries

"Computer Security for the Home and Small Office", Thomas C. Greene

"The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide", Mark Minasi

"Crossing Platforms", Adam Engst/David Pogue

"Deluxe Edition Inside Windows 95", Jim Boyce et al

"Dissecting DOS", Podanoffsky

"DOS for Dummies Quick Reference", Harvey

"DOS Internals", Chappell

"Essential Windows NT System Administration", Aeleen Frisch

"Field Guide to Microsoft Windows 95", Stephen L. Nelson

"Fix Your Own PC", Sandler

"Grown-Up's Guide to Computing", Mary Furlong/Stefan B. Lipson

"The Hand-Me-Down PC", Morris Rosenthal

"How to Avoid Buying a New Computer", Myles White

"How to Use Your Computer", Lisa Biow

"How to Buy a Computer", Myles White

"How Computers Work", Ron White

"The IBM Personal Computer From the Inside Out", Sargent

"IBM Personal Computers", Jim Hoskins

"I Hate PCs", Bryan Pfaffenberger

"I Hate Buying a Computer", Felici

"Inside Windows NT Server 4", Drew Heywood

"Internet Security with Windows NT", Mark Joseph Edwards

"Peter Norton's Inside the PC, Seventh Edition", Peter Norton/John Goodman

"Inside Windows NT"

"The Indispensable PC Hardware Book", Messmer

"In Plain English DOS", Nimersheim

"The Indispensable Pentium Book", Hans-Peter Messmer

"In Plain English: Windows 3.1", Nimersheim

"Inside the Windows 95 File System", Stan Mitchell

"Inside the Windows 95 Registry"

"ISA System Architecture", Shanley/Anderson

"Killer PC Utilities"

"l337 h4x0r h4ndb00k", tapeworm

"LAN Times Guide to Networking Windows 95", Brad Shimmin/Eric Harper

"The Little DOS 6 Book", Nelson

"The Little Windows 95 Book", Kay Yarborough Nelson

"The Little PC Book", Lawrence Magid

"The Mac User's PC/The PC User's Mac", Marmel

"MCSE Training Guide Windows 95", Edward Tetz/Ed Wilson/Daniel A. Lauer

"MCSE: The Core Exams in a Nutshell", Michael Moncur

"MCSE Study Guide Windows NT Server and Workstation 4", Joe Cadad/Ken Rosen

"The Complete Guide to MMX Technology", Intel Corporation

"The Mother of All Windows 95 Books", Woody Leonhard/Barry Simon

"The Mother of All Windows 98 Books", Woody Leonhard/Barry Simon

"MS-DOS Bible", Simrin

"Field Guide to MS-DOS 6.2"

"Managing the Windows NT Registry", Paul Robichaux

"Mastering Windows XP Home Edition", Guy Hart-Davis

"MCSE Training Guide Windows NT Server 4 Enterprise", Jason Sirockman /Brian Komar/Jay Adamson

"Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 at a Glance", Jerry Joyce/Marianne Moon

"Windows NT Server 4 Security Handbook", Lee Hadfield/Dave Hatter/Dave Bixler

"Windows NT Server 4.0 for NetWare Administrators", Robert Bruce Thompson

"NT 4 Network Security", Matthew Strebe/Charles Perkins/Michael G. Moncur

"PC99 System Design Guide", Microsoft

"The PC Answer Book", Barrett

"The PC Bible", Eric Knorr

"Personal Computer Buying Guide", Pearson

"PCs Cheat Sheet", Shelley O'Hara

"PC First-Aid Kit", Jerome/Taylor

"PC Hacks", Jim Aspinwall

"PC Hardware Configuration Guide for DOS and Solaris", Ron Ledesma

"Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms", Shnier

"The PC Handbook", John P. Choisser/John O. Foster

"PCI Hardware and Software Architecture & Design", Edward Solari/George Willse

"PC Interrupts", Ralf Brown/Jim Kyle

"PC Mom: The Mother of All PC Books", Leonhard/Simon

"The PC is Not a Typewriter", Robin Williams

"PC Power", Quimby

"Peter Coffee Teaches PCs", Peter Coffee

"IBM Personal Computer Troubleshooting & Repair", Brenner

"PC Upgrading and Maintenance", Smart Computing

"Platinum Edition Using Windows 98", Ed Bott/Ron Person

"Peter Norton's Complete Guide to PC Upgrades", Peter Norton/Michael Desmond

"PCWeek Microsoft Windows NT Security", Nevin Lambert/Manish Patel

"Running Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0", Charlie Russel/Sharon Crawford

"Show Me PCs", Joe Kraynak

"Even You Can Soup Up and Fix PCs", Jones

"Stupid Beyond Belief PC Tricks", LeVitus/Tittel

"The Streetwise Guide to PCs", Jerome/Taylor

"TCP/IP with Windows NT Illustrated", Teresa Bisaillon/Brad Werner

"The First Book of Personal Computing"

"The Mother of All Windows Books", Leonhard/Simon

"Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows NT Server 4 in 21 Days", Peter Davis/Barry Lewis

"Teach Yourself MCSE Windows NT Workstation 4 in 14 Days", Robert Bogue/Emmett Dulaney

"The Underground Guide to Troubleshooting PC Hardware", Poor

"Undocumented DOS: A Programmer's Guide", Schulman et al

"Unauthorized Windows 95", Andrew Schulman

"Upgrade and Maintain Your PC", James Karney

"Upgrading and Repairing PCs", Scott Mueller

"Using Samba", Robert Eckstein/David Collier-Brown/Peter Kelly

"Using DOS", Gerry Routledge

"Special Edition Using Windows NT Server 4", Roger Jennings

"Voodoo DOS", Kay Nelson

"Visual QuickStart Guide Windows 95", Steve Sagman

"Windows 95 in a Nutshell", Tim O'Reilly/Troy Mott

"Windows 98 Installation and Configuration Handbook", Rob Tidrow

"Windows 98: The Complete Reference", John Levine/Margaret Levine Young

"Windows 98 in a Nutshell", Tim O'Reilly/Troy Mott/Walter Glenn

"Windows 7: The Definitive Guide", William R. Stanek

"Windows 3.1 for Dummies Quick Reference", Harvey

"Windows Woes"

"Windows NT Server 4.0 Administrator's Pocket Consultant", William R. Stanek

"Windows NT Server 4 Administrator's Guide", Paul E. Robichaux

"Windows NT4: The Complete Reference", Griffith Wm. Kadnier

"Windows NT Backup and Restore", Jody Leber

"Windows NT Domain Architecture", Gregg Branham

"Windows NT Desktop Reference", Aeleen Frisch

"Windows NT Event Logging", James D. Murray

"Windows NT in a Nutshell", Eric Pearce

"Winternals", Dave Kleiman et al

"Windows NT 4.0 Registry", Steven B. Thomas

"Windows NT Registry: A Settings Reference", Sandra Osborne

"Windows NT Server 4 Professional Reference", Karanjit S. Siyan

"Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Security, Audit, and Control", James G. Jumes et al

"Windows NT Security Guide", Stephen A. Sutton

"Windows NT Security", Charles B. Rutstein

"Microsoft Windows NT Server Resource Kit", Microsoft

"Windows NT File System Internals", Rajeev Nagar

"Microsoft Windows NT Technical Support Training", Microsoft

"Windows NT Workstation 4 Unleashed", Sean Mathias/Eric Osborne

"Windows XP Annoyances", David A. Karp

"Windows XP Cookbook", Robbie Allen/Preston Gralla

"Windows XP Hacks", Preston Gralla

"Windows XP Power Hound", Preston Gralla

"Windows XP Personal Trainer", CustomGuide

"Windows XP Solutions", Neil Randall

"Microsoft Windows XP Simply Visual", Faithe Wempen

"Windows Server 2003 Security", Blair Rampling

"Windows XP Killer Tips", Kleber Stephenson

"young@heart: Computing for Seniors", Mary Furlong/Stefan B. Lipson

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