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Greetings everyone - this is my web page, always under construction. Keep checking for new information about me, about my friends, and of course, about Puff and Calli. In my page I have included links dealing with lesbianism, christianity, illnesses and abuse. It's not all serious though - I've included plenty of fun stuff, too.

Feel free to email me about any of these issues, at the email at the top of the page.

And please, let me know that you visited. There is a guestbook at the bottom of the page - please sign!

Da Stuff On Da Page:

This acidic site owned by Iris Gray.
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Thanks to Mia for all her help designing this page! And thanks to the Tribe for providing purrs and cuddles while we were working on it...and of course thanks to Puff and Calli for being themselves and being adorable.

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Here is the guestbook, in case you want to sign it!

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