Opened Feb 26/00
Last updated Feb 26/00
Reviews of books by DC and/or relating to their characters

 A. Bizarro
 America Vs. The Justice Society
 Armageddon mini-series (all three)
 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
 Batman: The Killing Joke
 Blue Beetle (DC run)
 Booster Gold
 Captain Carrot & His Amazing Zoo Crew
 Challengers of the Unknown mini-series
 Crisis on Infinite Earths
 DC Blue-Ribbon Digests
 DC Indices
 Doom Patrol vol. 2 (Kupperberg run)
 Flash vol.2#1-125
 Fourth World Titles by Jack Kirby
 Greatest___Stories Ever Told
 Green Lantern vol. 3 (Hal et al era)
 Green Lantern vol.3 (Kyle era)
 Hawk & Dove (Kesel & Kesel issues)
 Metal Men
 Metropolis S.C.U.
 Mysteries in Space
 Red Tornado
 Secret Origins (1980s)
 Suicide Squad
 Super Powers
 Underworld Unleashed

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