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              "Woe be to him that reads but one book."
                                George Herbert, 1651

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"101 Uses for a Dead Computer", Wahlstrom, 1992, 0-672-48540-0, U$7.95/C$9.95 - cute, but a few useful suggestions as well

"10 Minute Guide to the Internet", Kent, 1994, 1-56761-428-0, U$12.99/C$16.99 - reasonable intro, but not as good as "Zen"

"Second Contact", Resnick, , - fiction about hacking for data, some reasonable database security stuff

"20th Century Computers and How They Worked", Flynn, 1993, 1-56761-257-1, U$18.00/C$23.00 - not the best computer introduction ever, but amusing for the ardent trekkie

"25 Steps to Safe Computing", Don Sellers, 1995, 0-201-88366-X, U$5.95/C$7.95 - not great advice, but quick and generally reasonable on common maladies

"3001: The Final Odyssey", Arthur C. Clarke, 1997, 0-345-42349-6 - fiction, generally OK science but bad computer virus

"51 Reasons", Martha Stone-Martin, Laura Breeden, 1994, - 56 stories about Internet users

"The 7 Keys to Effective Web Sites", David Sachs/Henry Stair, 1997, 0-13-490087-1, U$26.95/C$37.95 - pages of screen shots filling space, as usual

"Windows 95 and NT Networking", Wayne Robertson/Edward Koop, 1997, 0-07-912983-8, U$49.95/C$71.95 - might be useful for people integrating W95 into NetWare

"Canadian Sourcebook", Southam, 1997, 0-919-217-95-8 ISSN 1480-3038, C$197.00 - an incomplete Canadian business almanac

"The ABC's of Local Area Networks", Dortch, , - practical, but somewhat limited in detail, good intro for small LAN

"Accidental Empires", Robert X. Cringely, 1992, 0-201-57032-7, U$19.95/C$25.95 - a great read on the rise of the techie businesses

"Access the Internet", David Peal, 1995, 0-7821-1744-9, U$22.99 - a very good guide--if you use Netcom

"Active Java", Adam Freeman/Darrel Ince, 1996, 0-201-40370-6, U$25.95 - primarily about applet programming, not necessarily for the novice

"Ace the Technical Interview", Michael Rothstein, 1998, 0-07-054048-9, U$24.95 - I'd hate to have to rely on this to bluff my way through

"The Adolescence of P-1", Ryan, 1977, 0-441-00360-5 - fiction, my personal favourite of the classic "computer virus" stories

"Adventures in UNIX Network Applications Programming", Rieken/Weiman, 1992, 0-471-52858-7, U$34.95 - pretty good

"How to Advertise on the Internet", Strangelove/Bosley, 1994, 1201-0758, $49.50 - a good feel for the net and net culture, good argument in favour of Internet advertising, but need to tighten up specifics

"Advanced Java", Chris Laffra, 1997, 0-13-534348-8, U$34.95/C$48.95 - advanced tips, a debugger, a C++ to Java translator, and an extension to AWT

"An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking", S. Keshav, 1997, 0-201-63442-2 - interesting and novel approach to a data comm course text

"The Art of Electronic Publishing", Sandy Ressler, 1997, 0-13-488172-9, U$39.95/C$53.95 - introductory overview of publishing technology? Hard to tell.

"Aether Madness", Gary Wolf/Michael Stein, 1995, 1-56609-020-2, U$21.95/C$30.95 - a gentle introduction to the net, despite the title

"Affective Computing", Rosalind Picard, 1997, 0-262-16170-2, U$27.50 - fascinating and provocative proposal for emotion as a key part of machine intelligence

"Agents Unleashed: A Public Domain Look at Agent Technology", Peter Wayner, 1995, 0-12-738765-X - good overview, but not convincing

"Agent Technology Handbook", Dimitris N. Chorafas, 1998, 0-07-011923-6, C$63.95 - poor explanation of an unproven field

"An AIX Companion", David L. Cohn, 1994, 0-13-291220-1 - decent intro regardless of platform

"Artificial Life Explorer's Kit", Thro, 1993, 0-672-30301-9, U$24.95/C$31.95 - good fun, but little analysis

"Assembly Language: For Real Programmers Only", Johnson, 1993, 0-672-48470-6, U$44.95/C$56.95 - MASM source and reference lists

"Artificial Life", Levy, 1992, 0-679-73489-8, U$13.00/C$17.00 - an interesting wander through fields studying artificial life but no strong points

"All About Internet Mail", Lee David Jaffe, 1997, 1-882208-20-X, U$34.00 - about Internet mail, but definitely not all

"All in One Internet", Gregory Giagnocavo/Timothy McLain, 1994, 0-932577-01-6 - collection of Internet access software and a very terse set of documentation

"A manager's guide to multivendor networks", Enck, , - like it says

"Apache: The Definitive Guide", Ben Laurie/Peter Laurie, 1997, 1-56592-250-6, U$34.95/C$49.95 - solid coverage, particularly strong on security

"Applied Cryptography", Schneier, 1996, 0-471-11709-9, U$49.95/C$64.95 - excellent and thorough text, intro or reference for professional or serious hobbyist. Readable, too.

"Applied UNIX Programming, Volume 2", Bharat Kurani, 1997, 0-13-304346-0 - man pages for libraries functions of the X/Open Single UNIX Specification

"Artificial Minds", Stan Franklin, 1995, 0-262-06178-3, U$30.00 - decent overview of the various fields of AI, but nothing new

"The Art of Ware", Bruce F. Webster, 1995, 1-55828-396-5, U$21.95/C$30.00 - excellent business advice in a thought provoking form

"Alan Simpson's Easy Guide to Windows 95", Alan Simpson/Elizabeth Olson, 1995, 0-7821-1708-2, U$19.99 - good start for the novice, but not enough meat for the upgrader

"Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks", Onvural, 1994, 0-89006-662-0, U$65.00 - solid overview, but heavily mathematical

"ATM Networks", Handel/Huber/Schroeder, 1994, 0-201-42274-3, U$43.25 - technical overview (thoroughly German)

"Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM): Technical Overview", Harry J. R. Dutton/Peter Lenhard, 1995, 0-13-520446-1 - solid and useful guide

"Atlas Shrugged", Ayn Rand, 1957, 0-451-19114-5, U$7.99/C$9.99/UK#6.99 - fiction, self- contradictory book about the logic of capitalism

"Authentication Systems for Secure Networks", Rolf Oppliger, 1996, 0-89006-510-1 - a review of security systems for *un*secured networks (Kerberos et al)

"The AltaVista Search Revolution", Richard Seltzer/Eric J. Ray/Deborah S. Ray, 1997, 0-07-882235-1, U$24.95 - good guide to an indispensable tool, plus interesting trivia besides

"The Addison-Wesley Science Handbook", Gordon J. Coleman/David Dewar, 1997, 0-201-76652-3, U$18.00/C$24.95 - handy reference, and interesting browse

"Building a Successful Software Business", Radin, 1994, 1-56592-064-3, U$19.95 - the usual generic advice

"Bible Baby Names", Anita Diamant, 1996, 1-879045-62-1, U$9.95 - quick list of Biblical names, needs work on consistency

"Bulletin Board Systems for Business", Wood/Blankenhorn, , - very PC oriented

"The BBS Construction Kit", Wolfe, 1994, 0-471-00797-8 - very opinionated, but a comprehensive start

"Broadband Telecommunications Technology", Byeong Gi Lee/Minho Kang/Jonghee Lee, 1996, 0-89006-866-6, U$89.00 - high speed, to the curb, technologies

"Bad Software", Cem Kaner/David Pels, 1998, 0-471-31826-4, U$29.99/C$42.50 - how to complain about software

"Be Developer's Guide", Be Development Team, 1997, 1-56592-287-5, U$49.95/C$70.95 - first half of the programming manual

"The Beginner's Guide to C", Ivor Horton, 1994, 1-874416-15-X, U$24.95/C$34.95/UK#22.99 - OK, but not for rank amateurs

"Business Engineering With Object Technology", Taylor, 1995, 0-471-04521-7, U$16.95 - lacks detail

"Doing Big Business on the Internet", Brian Hurley/Peter Birkwood, 1996, 1-55180-029-2, $14.95 - usual business guide, good layout for resource pointers

"Byte Guide to CD-ROM", Michael Nadeau, 1995, 0-07-882104-5, U$39.95 - good overview

"Bigelow's Computer Repair Toolkit", Stephen J. Bigelow, 1997, 0-07-921979-X, U$39.95/C$57.95 - good set (on CD) of shareware tools with overview descriptions

"How to Make It Big in the Seminar Business", Karasik, 1992, 0-07-033185-5 - a printed motivational seminar on giving motivational seminars

"Building IBM", Emerson W. Pugh, 1995, 0-262-16147-8, U$29.95 - insider information -- and bias

"Blueprint to the Digital Economy", Don Tapscott/Alex Lowy/David Ticoll, 1998, 0-07-063349-5, U$24.95/C$35.95 - a few good essays in a collection of promotional puff pieces

"Building the Information Highway", Les Freed/Frank J. Derfler Jr., 1994, 1-56276-126-9, U$24.95/C$34.95/UK#22.95 - hard to tell, but I don't think it works

"Black Holes: A Traveler's Guide", Clifford A. Pickover, 1996, 0-471-12580-6, U$24.95/C$34.95/UK#19.99. - interesting, but with terse explanations

"A Blip in the Continuum", Robin Williams, 1995, 1-56609-188-8, U$22.95/C$29.95 - showcasing "ugly" fonts

"Broadband Networking ABCs for Managers", Davidson, 1994, 0-471-61954-X, U$29.95 - handy resume of the new comm technologies, but primarily for the tech aware

"The Benchmark Book", Rich Grace, 1996, 0-13-341801-4 - good overview, but could use more contact info

"Bank of Fear", David Ignatius, 1994, 0-380-72280-1 - fiction, good use of computers, although telecom less accurate

"Bandits on the Information Superhighway", Daniel J. Barrett, 1996, 1-56592-156-9, U$17.95/C$26.95 - rather pedestrian warnings of online fraud and cons

"Borders in Cyberspace", Brian Kahin/Charles Nesson, 1997, 0-262-61126-0, U$25.00 - excellent collection of essays on law and/in the net

"Leaping From BASIC to C++", Traister, 1994, 0-12-697421-7 - helpful start to learning C++, but BASIC can't take you far

"Business Dictionary of Computers", Rosenberg, 1993, 0-471-58574-2, U$14.95 - outdated and no page without at least one error

"Building a Secure Computer System", Gasser, , - heavy on technical, particularly secure hardware

"The Basics Book of Frame Relay", Motorola, , 0-201-56377-0 - Motorola Codex on Frame Relay (but not very)

"The Basics Book of Information Networking", Motorola, , 0-201-56370-3 - Motorola Codex on point-to-point links

"The Best of The Journal of Irreproducible Results", Scherr, 1983, 0-89480-595-9, U$10.95 - guaranteed giggles regardless of your field

"Best of the Net", Seth Godin, 1995, 1-56884-313-5, U$22.99/C$32.99/UK#21.99 - random postings culled from the net, almost no citations

"The Basics Book of X.25 Packet Switching", Motorola, , 0-201-56369-X - Motorola Codex on packet switching

"Bug Park", James P. Hogan, 1997, 0-671-87773-9, U$22.00/C$30.00 - fiction, good job on miniature technology, and thrilling writing

"BUGS in Writing", Lyn Dupre, 1998, 0-201-37921-X, U$19.95/C$25.95 - collection of quick tips on over a hundred of the most common problems in (particularly technical) writing

"Building Internet Firewalls", Chapman/Zwicky, 1995, 1-56592-124-0 - excellent introduction

"Business Multimedia Explained", Peter G. W. Keen, 1997, 0-87584-772-2, U$24.95 - newsmagazine level glossary which may mislead those who rely on it

"Computer Viruses and Data Protection", Ralph Burger, 1991, 1-55755-123-5 - poorly written with little solid information, some viral programs in source code

"Building VRML Worlds", Ed Tittel/Charlie Scott/Paul Wolfe/Claire Sanders, 1997, 0-07-882233-5, U$39.95/C$57.95 - good overview (although it doesn't teach much VRML)

"Beyond Calculation", Peter J. Denning/Robert M. Metcalfe, 1997, 0-387-94932-1, U$27.00 - less hype, but not much imagination in forseeing the future of computing

"Byte Me!", Robert P. Libbon, 1996, 1-57297-204-1, U$11.00/C$16.00 - hilarious, but also insightful

"Calculating Machines", Hartree, 1984, 026081474, U$32.50 - excellent history of the development of computing machinery

"The Cambridge Quintet", John L. Casti, 1998, 0-201-32828-3, U$23.00/C$31.95 - poor exigesis of AI at a fictional dinner party, but interesting pseudobiography of the diners

"1999 Canadian Internet Handbook", Jim Carroll/Rick Broadhead, 1998, 0-13-974940-3 ISSN 1204-9034, C$27.95 - a grab bag of mostly Web related information

"The Canadian Business Guide to Using the Internet", Linda Richards, 1995, 0-88908-849-7, C$14.95 - no worse than the others, and shorter and cheaper

"Cyber Crime", Laura E. Quarantiello, 1997, 0-936653-74-4, U$16.95 - pedestrian and frantic warning about security issues

"Minding Your Cyber-Manners on the Internet", Rose, 1994, 1-56761-521-X, U$12.99/C$16.99 - good thorough coverage, but short on the "why" of how misunderstandings happen

"Creating Cool Web Pages with HTML", Dave Taylor, 1995, 1-56884-454-9, U$19.99/C$27.99/UK#18.99 - good tutorial on basic HTML, but no more

"CDMA: Principles of Spread Spectrum Communication", Andrew Viterbi, 1995, 0-201-63374-4, U$59.25 - text for advanced course in multi-frequency mobile communications

"Cellular Digital Packet Data", Muthuthamby Sreetharan/Rajiv Kumar, 1996, 0-89006-709-0, U$89.00 - complete and even readable coverage

"CDPD: Cellular Digital Packet Data Standards and Technology", John Agosta/Travis Russell, 1997, 0-07-000600-8 - full coverage of the standards, but somehow disappointing

"CD-Recordable Handbook", Dana J. Parker/Robert A. Starrett, 1996, 0-910965-18-8, U$39.95 - detailed and useful guide

"CD-ROM: A Beginner's Guide", Sheldon Leemon, 1995, 0-7821-1710-4, U$19.99 - good overview, but still not perfect

"Get Certified and Get Ahead", Anne Martinez, 1998, 0-07-041127-1, U$24.95 - lists of certificate programs, preceded by a lot of selling

"Celebrities on the Internet", Colin Berry, 1996, 0-7821-1811-9, U$12.99 - I'm not convinced of the need for it, but this is a quality quick-start for the star-struck

"Developing CGI Applications with Perl", Deep/Holfelder, 1996, 0-471-14158-5, U$29.95/C$41.95 - goes further than the HTML manuals, but not far enough for beginning webmasters

"CGI Programming on the World Wide Web", Shishir Gundavaram, 1996, 1-56592-168-2, U$29.95/C$42.95 - for Perl wizards only

"Concise Guide to Windows for Workgroups", Jamsa, 1993, 1-55615-505-0, C$17.95 - rehash of the most basic docs

"Chat", Nan McCarthy, 1996, 0201-88668-5, U$7.95/C$11.00 - fiction, a contrived online "romance"

"Children and the Internet", Brendan Kehoe/Victoria Mixon, 1997, 0-13-244674-X, U$24.95/C$34.95 - best of the books for children or education

"Chimera", Rosenblum, 1993, 0-345-38528-4, US$4.99/CDN$5.99 - fiction, examines virtual reality and network "telecommuting"

"Child Safety on the Internet", Vince Distefano, 1997, 0-13-569468-X, U$34.95/C$48.93 - reasonable start, but still some holes

"C How to Program", H. M. Deitel/P. J. Deitel, 1994, 0-13-226119-7 - the standard in C programming texts as a first language

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to PCs", Joe Kraynak, 1994, 1-56761-459-0, U$16.95/C$22.95 - more interested in being funny than informative

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buying & Upgrading PCs", O'Hara, 1995, 1-56761-583-X, U$16.99/C$23.95/UK#13.95 - some OK advice, but some that isn't very practical

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to CD-ROM", John Pivovarnick, 1994, 1-56761-460-4, U$14.95 - an honest guide, at the very least

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to DOS", Jennifer Flynn, 1993, 1-56761-192-3, U$16.95 - not without errors, and a bit disorganized, but an OK introduction

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Computer Terms", Joe Kraynak/Mary-Terese Cagnina, 1993, 1-56761-266-0, U$9.95/C$12.95 - reasonably good, though limited to micros

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Mac", John Pivovarnick, 1994, 1-56761-534-1, U$16.95/C$23.95/UK#12.95 - fun, funny and a trustworthy quide

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Modems & Online Services", Sherry Kinkoph, 1994, 1-56761-526-0, U$19.95/C$26.99 - OK, but I'm still looking for a good one

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Mosaic", Joe Kraynak, 1995, 1-56761-588-0, U$16.99/C$23.95 - good user level guide

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to UNIX", John McMullen, 1995, 1-56761-511-2, U$19.99/C$26.99/UK#15.95 - recommended as an excellent starting guide

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Usenet Newsgroups", Paul McFedries, 1995, 1-56761-592-9, U$16.99/C$23.95 - excellent introduction to Usenet news, albeit some missing detail

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Visual Basic", Greg Perry, 1994, 1-56761-486-8, U$19.95/C$26.95 - if Visual Basic is so easy, why does it take seven chapters before we can put a button on the screen?

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Word for Windows", Jennifer Fulton, 1993, 1-56761-355-1, U$14.95 - "basic" word processing has gotten out of hand

"Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 98", Paul McFedries, 1998, 0-7897-1493-0, U$14.99/C$21.95/UK#13.99 - getting worse as time goes on

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 3.1", McFedries, 1994, 1-56761-546-5, U$16.95/C$23.95 - good user level stuff

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to WordPerfect", McFedries, 1993, 1-56761-187-7, U$14.95 - basic

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to WordPerfect for Windows", Paul McFedries, 1993, 1-56761-282-2, U$14.95 - good starter guide, though not for advanced users

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to the World Wide Web", Kent, 1995, 1-56761-542-2, U$16.99/C$23.95/UK#13.95 - best general coverage of W3, overall, to date

"The Complete Idiot's Next Step with the Internet", Kent, 1994, 1-56761-524-4, U$19.95/C$26.99 - better coverage of SLIP than has been available so far

"City of Bits", William J. Mitchell, 1995, 0-262-13309-1, U$20.00 - the most erudite and insightful of the early "Information Superhighway" books, but still lacking analysis

"The Complete Linux Kit", Daniel A. Tauber, 1995, 0-7821-1669-8, U$29.99 - Slackware and install docs

"ClarisWorks Companion", Sosinsky, 1994, 1-56830-083-2, U$14.95/C$19.95 - nice docs but no more

"The Closed World", Paul N. Edwards, 1997, 0-262-55028-8, U$17.50 - interesting, but unconvincing, view of the military influence on modern computer design

"Novell's Guide to Client-Server Applications and Architecture", Schank, 1994, 0-7821-1248-X, U$39.99/C$55.00 - a reasonable introduction to the topic, but very short on "how"

"Client/Server: A Manager's Guide", Laurence Shafe, 1995, 0-201-42790-7, U$22.75 - an ad for IBM and the author's product

"Cultural Treasures of the Internet", Michael Clark, 1995, 0-13-209669-2, U$22.95/C$29.95 - good reference and good beginner guide

"Come to Grief", Dick Francis, 1995, 0-515-11952-0, U$6.99 - fiction, goofs on cell phone security and dialing up home computers

"Computer Mediated Communications", Rob Walters, 1995, 0-89006-757-0, U$59.00 - more multimedia communications than computer mediation

"Computer Communications Security", Ford, 1994, 0-13-799453-2 - broad overview, academic, no practical material or "real world" citations

"Compute!'s Computer Viruses", Ralph Roberts, 1988, 0-87455-178-1, U$14.95 - old

"The Computer Contradictionary", Stan Kelly-Bootle, 1995, 0-262-61112-0, U$14.95 - a hilarious look at the jargon of the so-called "management" of information systems

"Communications for Cooperating Systems", Cypser, , - IBM biased view of OSI and TCP/IP

"Computer Crisis 2000", W. Michael Fletcher, 1998, 1-55180-138-8, U$12.95/C$15.95 - weak and disorganized, but aimed at small business

"The Complete Modem Reference, 2nd Ed.", Held, 1994, 0-471-00852-4, U$34.95 - too technical for users, but not reliable or up to date enough for technicians

"Computers, Ethics & Social Values", Johnson/Nissenbaum, 1995, 0-13-103110-4 - a collection of papers which doesn't extend Johnson's earlier work

"The Complete Internet Business Toolkit", Schwartau/Goggans, 1996, 0-442-02222-0 - unlike most Internet business books, heavy on the net, light on business

"Computer Networking for Educators", McCain/Ekelund, 1993, 1-56484-039-5 - no worse than most guides, but no better

"Computer Crime: a Crimefighter's Handbook", David Icove/Karl Seger/William VonStorch, 1995, 1-56592-086-4, U$24.95 - practical guide for system managers and cops, but technical holes

"Computer Dictionary", Mitchell Shnier, 1998, 0-7897-1670-4, U$19.99/C$28.95/UK#18.49 - definite holes, but one of only two serious contenders

"Computer Ethics", Johnson, 1994, 0-13-290339-3 - the basic work in the field, thorough coverage and good discussion starter

"Computer Legends, Lies & Lore", Iris Forrest, 1994, 0-9635177-1-6, U$10.95 - mostly science fiction, mostly amateurish

"Computer Networks", Black, 1993, 0-13-175605-2 - good basic overview

"Computer Networks, Third Edition", Andrew S. Tanenbaum, 1996, 0-13-349945-6 - most complete and up-to-date data communications textbook

"Computer Privacy Handbook", Bacard, 1995, 1-56609-171-3, U$24.95/C$31.95 - nothing to add to the previous PGP books and several failings

"Computer Science: A Breadth-First Approach with C", John Impagliazzo/Paul Nagin, 1995, 0-471-58552-1, U$45.50 - a very suspect textbook when it is not doing programming

"Computer Security Basics", Russell/Gangemi, 1992, 0-937175-71-4, - good overview, but some problems

"Computers Today and Tomorrow", Marilyn Meyer/Roberta Baber, 1998, 0-7897-1641-0, U$29.99/C$42.95/UK#28.49 - very poor introduction to computers

"Computer Tales of Fact & Fantasy", Iris Forrest, 1993, 0-9635177-0-8, U$9.95 - short anedotes, opinion and fiction, of varied quality

"Computers & Thought", Edward A. Feigenbaum/Julian Feldman, 1995, 0-262-56092-5, U$18.00 - classic collection of papers in the AI field

"Computer Related Crime", , , 1-55950-027-1, U$10.00 - pretty banal but not completely inaccurate overview of computer crime

"Computer-Related Risks", Neumann, 1994, 0-201-55805-X, U$24.75 - exhaustive examples from the RISKS-FORUM Digest of potential technological perils

"The Computer User's Survival Guide", Joan Stigliani, 1995, 1-56592-030-9, U$21.95/C$31.95 - good practical guide, if a bit "newage"

"Computer Virus Crisis", Fites/Johnston/Kratz, 1992, 0-442-00649-7 - somewhat sloppy and a number of errors

"Concentration", Dalloway, 1993, 0-9634933-1-0, U$14.95 - good exercises for building concentration, but poor explanation of the technique, emphasis on sports

"Comprehensive Networking Glossary and Acronym Guide", Gary Scott Malkin, 1995, 0-13-319955-X - oridnary data comm dictionary

"Community Networks", Andrew Michael Cohill/Andrea Lee Kavanaugh, 1997, 0-89006-896-8, U$39.00 - excellent analysis of a real world situation

"Contemporary Cryptology", Simmons, 1991, 0-87942-277-7, - thorough collection of theoretical essays

"Confessions of a Used Program Salesman", Tracz, 1995, 0-201-63369-8, U$19.50 - using humour to make points about software reuse

"What Is Cognitive Science?", Barbara Von Eckardt, 1995, 0-262-72023-X, U$22.50 - an attempt at a definition of the field, relying heavily on a philosophical and linguistic background

"From Concept to Customer", Jack B. ReVelle/Normand L. Frigon Sr./Harry K. Jackson Jr., 1995, 0-442-01892-4 - a very brief trip in an overly long book

"Connecting to the Internet", Estrada, 1993, 1-56592-061-9 - good reference for contact with Internet providers, hopefully to be improved in future versions

"Cookies", Simon St. Laurent, 1998, 0-07-050498-9, U$34.95 - excellent coverage of a heated topic, although primarily for programmers

"Core Java", Gary Cornell/Cay S. Horstmann, 1997, 0-13-596891-7, U$44.95/C$62.95 - excellent introduction for anyone

"Corel WordPerfect Suite 8", Alan Neibauer, 1997, 0-07-882327-7, U$34.99/C$49.99 - slightly better than the usual replacement docs

"Computer & Communications Security", James Arlin Cooper, 1989, 0-07-012926-6 - theoretical and dated

"The Complete C++ Primer", Weiskamp/Flamig, 1992, 0-12-742688-4 - intro for working C programmers

"C Programming FAQs", Steve Summit, 1996, 0-201-84519-9, U$26.85 - solid reference for intermediate to advanced C programmers

"Computer Ethics", Forester/Morrison, 1994, 0-262-56073-9 - lots of great stories, but short on analytical depth

"Creating Dynamic Web Sites", Scott Fisher, 1997, 0-201-44207-8, U$24.95/C$34.00 - an excellent guide for anyone creating or maintaining multimedia on the Web

"Core Java, Volume 1 - Fundamentals", Gary Cornell/Cay S. Horstmann, 1997, 0-13-766957-7, U$39.95/C$55.95 - still the best of the bunch

"Core Java, Volume 2 - Advanced Features", Gary Cornell/Cay S. Horstmann, 1997, 0-13- 766965-8, U$39.95/C$56.00 - and part two

"Java: The Complete Reference", Patrick Naughton/Herbert Schildt, 1997, 0-07-882231-9, U$39.95/C$57.95 - complete, yes, reference, yes, introduction, no

"Cryptography and Network Security", William Stallings, 1999, 0-13-869017-0 - able reference and tutorial

"Corporate Politics and the Internet", James E. Gaskin, 1997, 0-13-651803-6, U$24.95/C$34.95 - a well-written and useful link between management and the new technology

"Crossing the Internet Threshold", Tennant/Ober/Lipow, 1882208013, U$45.00 - good basic introduction and reference sheets, handy materials for training, library emphasis

"Client/Server Computing for Technical Professionals", Johnson M. Hart/Barry Rosenberg, 1995, 0-201-63388-4 - a decent, though uninspired, introduction

"C: A Software Engineering Approach", Peter A. Darnell/Philip E. Margolis, 1996, 0-387-94675-6, U$39.95 - the best introduction to C I've found so far, and a good guide for those who know it, as well

"The Concise SGML Companion", Neil Bradley, 1997, 0-201-41999-8, U$29.95/C$41.00 - good reference, and decent intorduction, too

"Using csh and tcsh", Paul DuBois, 1995, 1-56592-132-1, U$24.95 - great introduction to the interactive shells

"93 Computer Security Products Buyers Guide", CSI, 1993, - excellent first start when looking for security products

"Computer Science Logo Style", Brian Harvey, 1997, 0-262-58151-5, U$35.00/vol - excellent overview of programming for self-study or course text

"Casting the Net", Peter H. Salus, 1995, 0-201-87674-4, U$26.85 - reliable history of "the Matrix", mostly Internet

"Compuserve CIM Running Start", Campbell, 1993, U$17.95/C$22.95 - if you need help with WinCIM, you need help

"Unix System Security - A Guide for Users and System Administrators", Curry, 1992, 0-201-56327-4 - not as good as Spafford/Garfinkel

"Civilizing Cyberspace", Steven E. Miller, 1996, 0-201-84760-4, U$26.85 - the best yet information superhighway book by a single author

"Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses", Robert Slade, 1996, 0-387-94663-2 U$39.95 - in my completely unbiased opinion, the *BEST* computer virus book ever written just keeps getting better. (And the title was *still* not my idea!)

"Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses" Robert Slade, 1996, 0-387-94663-2 U$39.95 - just in case anyone thinks I might have been a bit biased in reviewing my own book, here's an independent voice

"Cyber Investing", David L. Brown/Kassandra Bentley, 1995, 0-471-11926-1 - if you are willing to use money to make money, you might want to try this advertising pamphlet ...

"CyberLaw: The Law of the Internet", Jonathan Rosenoer, 1997, 0-387-94832-5, U$34.95 - US case law in regard to the net

"Cyberspace: First Steps", Benedikt, 1991, 0-262-52177-6, U$18.95 - concentrating almost solely on the virtual reality aspects, multidisciplinary essays with little technical background but a few interesting ideas

"The Cyberethics Reader", Nancy E. Willard, 1997, 0-07-070318-3, C$17.95 - not good on ethics, but great on netiquette

"Cyberspace and the Law", Edward A. Cavazos/Gavino Morin, 1994, 0-262-53123-2, U$19.95 - net law for the common person

"A Day with Biff", Ron/Joe, 1995, 0-201-88368-6, U$24.95/C$30.00 - Contains clip art and four puzzles. No, five. Why was this book written?

"The Diamond Age: or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer", Neal Stephenson, 1995, 0-553-57331- 4, U$5.99/C$7.99 - fiction, but great use and details of nanotechnology

"Dave Barry in Cyberspace", Dave Barry, 1996, 0-517-59575-3, U$22.00/C$27.00 - hilarious as always, but with a keen eye as well

"Doing More Business on the Internet", Mary J. Cronin, 1995, 0-442-02047-3 - very solid guide

"Data Communications and Distributed Networks", Black, U$56, 0-13-203464-6 - good overview with some practical extensions

"DCE Security Programming", Wei Hu, 1995, 1-56592-134-8, U$29.95 - pretty much what it says

"Data Communications: From Basics to Broadband", Beyda, 1996, 0-13-366923-8 - very basic but broad ranging and up to date introduction to data communications technology

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"Dec 22", Romano, 1993, 1-884514-16-2, U$14.95 + 1.50p&h - a years worth of dreams from Christopher Dante Romano. First of a series.

"Decrypted Secrets", F. L. Bauer, 1997, 3-540-60418-9, U$39.95 - heavy on the math for the serious crypto people, but great history for the rest

"Digital At Work", Pearson, 1992, 1-55558-092-0 - promo history of Digital Equipment Corp 1957-1992

"The Dead Mac Scrolls", Pina, , - diagnosis guide for Mac hardware

"Deluxe Edition Inside Windows 95", Jim Boyce et al, 1996, 1-56205-695-6, U$59.99/C$84.95/UK#56.49 - good overview, but not quite enough for advanced users

"!%@:: A Directory of Electronic Mail Addressing and Networks", Frey/Adams, 1-56592-046-5, U$9.95 - valuable reference on email details between networks as well as a terrific resource for finding companies and institutions on the net

"Four Days With Dr. Deming", Latzko/Saunders, 1995, 0-201-63366-3, U$27.95 - "re-creation" of a seminar seemingly intending to present counterintuitive information on management and make managers rethink strategy

"Democracy and Technology", Richard E. Sclove, 1995, 0-89862-861-X, U$18.95 - nice ideas, but a failure to deliver the goods

"Computers Under Attack", Peter Denning (ed), 1990, 0-201-53067-8 - collection of essays roughly related to security, also "the net"

"The Non-Designer's Design Book", Robin Williams, 1994, 1-56609-159-4, U$14.95/C$20.95 - good rules for those with no background in graphic arts

"Detour", Sullivan-Trainor, 1994, 1-56884-307-0, U$22.99/C$32.99/UK#21.99 - YAISB (Yet Another Information Superhighway Book)

"Designing with Flash Memory", Brian Dipert/Markus Levy, 1994, 0-929392-17-5 - good overview

"Digital Money", Lynch/Lundquist, 1996, 0-471-14178-X, U$24.95/C$29.50 - good overview but not focussed

"Digital Cash: Commerce on the Net", Peter Wayner, 1996, 0-12-738763-3 - good overview, but bad foundations

"Dvorak's Guide to Desktop Telecommunications", Dvorak/Anis, 1990, 0-07-881668-8, U$34.95 - very dated and disorganized

"Digital Fortress", Dan Brown, 1998, 0-312-18087-X, U$24.95/C$33.95 - fiction, not bad except when dealing with technology

"Digital Literacy", Paul Gilster, 1997, 0-471-24952-1, U$12.95/C$18.50 - good realistic look at life in the net age, although not as good as some of his earlier works

"Digital Woes", Wiener, 1993, 0-201-62609-8, U$22.95/C$29.95 - excellent introduction to the risks of software

"The Digital MBA", Daniel Burnstein, 1995, 0-07-992099-5, U$39.95 - "reviews" of business expert systems

"Digital Property", Lesley Ellen Harris, 1998, 0-07-552846-0, U$16.95/C$22.99 - some interesting bits on copyright, but not much hard info

"Digger", Kenneth Goddard, 1991, 0-553-28982-9, U$4.95/C$5.95 - fiction, good thriller, good use of tech with two exceptions

"Dissecting DOS", Podanoffsky, 1995, 0-201-62687-X, U$39.95/C$51.95 - complete assembler source code for a DOS replacement, with reference to the specifics of MS-DOS

Dr. Macintosh's Guide to the On-Line Universe", LeVitus/Ihnatko - somewhat flippant but very thorough introduction to computer communications regardless of system

"The Downloader's Companion for Windows", Scott Meyers/Catherine Pinch, 1995, 0-13-342254-2, U$19.95/C$26.95 - good starter for newcomers, with software

"DNS and BIND", Paul Albitz/Cricket Liu, 1998, 1-56592-512-2, U$32.95/C$46.95 - easily readable introduction to the system

"A DOS User's Guide to the Internet", Gardner, 1994, 0-13-106873-3 - a minimalist software package and manual for setting up a UUCP connection for mail and news

"Disaster Recovery for LANs", Regis J. "Bud" Bates, 1994, 0-07-004494-5, U$34.95 - mostly for mainframes

"Dr. Macintosh", LeVitus/Love, 1992, 0-201-57050-5, U$26.95 - good solid advice for the intermediate user wanting to move up

"Dr. Solomon's Virus Encyclopedia", Alan Solomon, 1995, 1-897661-00-2, UK#19.99 - good listing of MS-DOS viral programs

"Drive and Determination: Developing Your Inner Motivation", Dalloway, 1993, 0-9634933-2-9, U$14.95 - not as convincing or as general as "Concentration"

"Driving Force", Dick Francis, 1992, 0449221393 - fiction, details (some false) about the Michelangelo computer virus

"Driving the Infohighway", Neufeld, 1994, 0-920436-54-4, C$24.95 - site specific guide, but excellent work

"Disclosure", Michael Crichton, 1994, 0-09-954411-3 - fiction, poor understanding of technology in general

"Disappearing Cryptography", Peter Wayner, 1996, 0-12-738671-8, U$29.95 - seemingly a collection of essays loosely related to encryption

"DOS for Dummies Quick Reference", Harvey, 1993, 1-56884-007-1, U$8.95/C$11.95 - OK reference but no big deal

"Designing for the Web", Jennifer Niederst, 1996, 1-56592-165-8, U$24.95/C$35.95 - nothing for techies and only a little for designers

"Bringing Design to Software", Terry Winograd, 1996, 0-201-85491-0, U$29.00 - exploratory and not terribly practical

"DOS Internals", Chappell, 1994, 0-201-60835-9 - solid stuff, with some gaps

"Desperately Seeking Solutions", Kerwien, 1993, 1-56830-009-3, U$29.95/C$37.95 - good ideas for a guide, but the material needs work

"ADSL and DSL Technologies", Walter Goralski, 1998, 0-07-024679-3, U$45.95 - excellent introduction and overview

"Data and Computer Communications, 5th ed.", William Stallings, 1997, 0-02-415425-3 - most up to date of the classic texts, fairly demanding

"Data Communications & Networking Dictionary", Pardoe/Wenig, , - a basic glossary, not overly biased, not overly complete

"Designing TCP/IP Internetworks", Geoff Bennett, 1995, 0-442-01880-0 - very good overview for designing and managing

"Does Technology Drive History?", Smith/Marx, 1994, 0-262-69167-1, U$16.95 - the answer is yes, but they talk a lot about it just the same

"Death Dream", Ben Bova, 1994, 0-553-57256-3, U$5.99/C$7.99 - fiction, bad VR but good point about control of information

"Death in a Promised Land", Robert Andrews, 1993, 0-671-86649-4, U$5.99/C$7.50 - fiction, good thriller, but rotten hacking

"Data Link Protocols", Black, 1993, 0-13-204918-X - good coverage of an important layer. Techs will need more detail.

"Digital Transmission of Information", Blahut, , 0-201-06880-X - mathematical study of using analogue waveforms for digital streams

"Dvorak Predicts", John Dvorak, 1994, 0-07-881981-4, U$16.95 - lots of opinion, not much fact

"Developing Visual Programming Applications Using Smalltalk", Michael Linderman, 1996, 0-13-569229-6 - not an intro, and not very object oriented, either

"Developing SGML DTDs", Eve Maler/Jeanne El Andaloussi, 1996, 0-13-309881-8 - solid guide to an important part of using SGML

"E-Commerce Security", Anup K. Ghosh, 1998, 0-471-19223-6, U$24.99/C$35.50 - good coverage of a number of related Web technologies

"Ecolinking", Rittner, , - good catalogue of where to find help, resources and other people

"Electronic Commerce: A Manager's Guide", Ravi Kalakota/Andrew B. Whinston, 1997, 0-201- 88067-9 - generic business advice labelled with the latest hot buzzword

"Education on the Internet", Ellsworth, 1994, 0-672-30595-X, U$25.00/C$34.95 - a fair number of vaguely educational resources, but quite disorganized

"Educators' Essential Internet Training System", Tim McLain/Vince DiStefano, 1996, , U$249.00 - "seminar in a can" for basic Internet intro

"Educator's Internet Companion", Gregory Giagnocavo, 1995, 0-932577-10-5, U$39.99/C$53.99 - well organized resource guide

"Educator's Internet Yellow Pages", Ron Place/Klaus Dimmler/Thomas Powell, 1996, 0-13-232356-7, U$24.95 - neither new, nor very good

"Effective AWK Programming", Arnold Robbins, 1996, 0-916151-88-3 - good docs

"Effective E-Mail: Clearly Explained", Bradley Shimmin, 1997, 0-12-640060-1, U$39.95/C$55.95 - some good stuff if you dig for it, but not particularly effective or clear

"Effective Business and Technical Presentations", Morrisey/Sechrest, 1987, 0-201-15852-3 - good solid intro and overview for both beginners and experts who want to keep sharp

"Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats", Murray/vanRyper, 1996, 1-56592-161-5, U$79.95/C$113.95 - should become a standard reference for graphics people, and has uses for others as well

"The Essential Guide to TCP/IP Commands", Arick, 1996, 0-471-12569-5, U$24.95/C$34.95 - little of this material is widely used, but may be of interest to UNIX admins with a TCP/IP net for the first time

"The Elements of Hypertext Style", Bryan Pfaffenberger, 1997, 0-12-553142-7, U$24.95 - some style, mostly YAWWG (Yet Another Web Writing Guide)

"Einstein: A Life", Denis Brian, 1996, 0-471-11459-6, U$30.00/C$36.95 - good biography, but lousy on the science

"Electronic Democracy", Graeme Browning, 1996, 0-910965-20-X, U$19.95 - a realistic, useful, and practical guide to influencing the political process through the net

"Electronic Mail: An Introduction to the X.400 Message Handling Standards", Sara Radicati, 1992, 0-07-051104-7 - good basic introduction, also touches on X.500 and X.509

"The Electronic Privacy Papers", Bruce Schneier/David Banisar, 1997, 0-471-12297-1 - fascinating collection of documents related to US government attacks on electronic communications privacy

"E-Mail", Caswell, , - good business proposal, but limited and dated

"E-mail: A Love Story", Stephanie D. Fletcher, 1996, 1-55611-477-X, U$21.95/C$28.99 - fiction, not terribly realistic portrayal of life online

"E-Mail Essentials", Tittel/Robbins, 1994, 0-12-691397-8, U$24.95 - general discussion of setting up email on LANs

"E-Mail Addresses of the Rich & Famous", Godin, 1994, 0-201-40893-7, U$7.95/C$9.95 - silly, poorly collected, poorly organized

"Emerging Communications Technologies", Uyless Black, 1994, 0-13-051500-0 - a basic review of some of the new standards

"The E-Mail Companion", Quarterman/Carl-Mitchell, 1994, 0-201-40658-6, U$19.95/C$25.95 - a badly needed coverage of the subject, but failing in the latter chapters

"E-Mail Security", Bruce Schneier, 1995, 0-471-05318-X, U$24.95/C$32.50 - good basic coverage of both PGP and PEM

"Enterprise Networking: Data Link Subnetworks", Martin/Chapman/Leben, 1996, 0-13-507575-0 - part of an old style generic data comm seminar

"Encyclopedia of Networking: Electronic Edition", Tom Sheldon, 1998, 0-07-882333-1, U$49.99/C$71.95 - manager level (ie. simplistic) explanations

"Electronic Publishing on CD-ROM", Steve Cunningham/Judson Rosebush, 1996, 1-56592-209-3, U$36.95/C$52.95 - very little strictly related to CD-ROMs

"ISO and ANSI Ergonomic Standards for Computer Products", Smith, 1996, 0-13-151119-X - for every product developer, manager, and reviewer. Users could learn a few things, too.

"Essential Client/Server Survival Guide", Robert Orfali/Dan Harkey/Jeri Edwards, 1994, 0-442-01941-6 - solid, comprehensible, and complete overview

"The Essential Guide to Telecommunications", Annabel Z. Dodd, 1998, 0-13-259011-5, U$29.95/C$41.95 - marginally OK material on US business stuff, but terrible technology

"Essential OpenDoc", Jesse Feiler/Anthony Meadow, 1996, 0-201-47958-3, U$24.95/C$34.00 - nonessential obtusewriting

"Effective tcl/tk Programming", Mark Harrison/Michael Mclennan, 1998, 0-201-63474-0 - teh "effective" part makes it a good tutorial book

"The Ethernet Configuration Guide", Spurgeon, 1996, 1-57398-012-9 - excellent and practical guide for cabling

"Computers, Ethics and Society", M. David Ermann/Mary B. Williams/Michele S. Shauf, 1997, 0-19-510756-X, C$29.95 - textbook for computer ethics course: still not great

"Ethernet Pocket Guide", Spinney, 1994, 1-878956-43-4, U$15 - big on cabling and stuff

"Ethernet Tips and Techniques", Byron Spinney, 1995, 1-878956-43-4, U$15 - a renaming of the above

"Exploring the World of Online Services", Resnick, , - looks at Compuserve and Prodigy, very rah, rah, not much info

"Everybody's Guide to the Internet", Adam Gaffin, 1994, 0-262-57105-6, U$14.95 - a short guide to Internet applications on a UNIX shell account

"Everything you wanted to know about the Mac", Hanson, 1993, 1-56830-058-1, U$29.95/C$37.95 - good intro for beginner and resource for intermediate Mac user, good writing, but holes and repetitions

"Essential Windows NT System Administration", Aeleen Frisch, 1998, 1-56592-274-3, U$34.95/C$49.95 - good general guide to NT sysadmin

"Expanding Your BBS", David Wolfe, 1995, 0-471-11566-5, U$34.95 - practical and useful guide

"Exploring the InterNet", Malamud, 1993, 0-13-296898-3, - not a guide, not technical, but lots of fun stories about travelling around the world (physically)

"Exploring Java", Patrick Niemeyer/Joshua Peck, 1997, 1-56592-271-9, U$32.95/C$46.95 - s bit more explanation than the first edition, but still mainly for experienced programmers

"Eye of the Storm", Gold Eagle/Worldwide, , , - fiction, virus is minor subplot

"Fantastic LANtastic", Talbott/Raker, , , - good one stop reference for users, managers and installers

"The FAQ Manual of Style", Russell Shaw, 1996, 1-55828-498-2, U$24.94/C$34.95 - suggestions for commercial (mostly Web based) FAQ like documents

"Unix System Security", Farrow, 1991, 0-201-57030-0, U$22.95/C$29.95 - basic

"From Black Land to Fifth Sun", Brian Fagan, 1998, 0-201-95991-7, U$26.00/C$36.95 - random examples of interesting archeological sites, but no real focus on religion

"FDDI Handbook", Jain, 1994, 0-201-56376-2, U$49.50 - useful technical information about FDDI but chauvinistic

"Computer Virus Desk Reference", Chris Feudo, 1992, 1-55623-755-3, - collects basic virus reference sources for those without online access

"Fighting Computer Crime", Donn B. Parker, 1998, 0-471-16378-3, U$34.99/C$49.50 - not completely reliable, but an interesting alternative voice in the field

"A Fire Upon the Deep", Vinge, 1992, 0-812-51528-5, U$5.99/C$6.99 - fiction, a galactic "Usenet" is a major factor with realistic "online characters"

"Firestar", Michael Flynn, 1996, 0-812-53006-3 - fiction, great start and decent technology but lousy ending (complete with the mythical "lone hacker")

"Fix Your Own PC", Corey Sandler, 1996, 1-55828-422-2, U$29.95/C$41.95 - backyard mechanics level guide to upgrading PCs

"The Fool's Run", Camp, 1989, 0-451-16712-0. U$4.95/C$5.95 - good fun and a more than adequate account of tiger teams and cracking (the basis for "Sneakers"?)

"Flatland", Edwin A. Abbott, 1884, 0-451-52290-7, U$4.95/C$5.99 - fiction, as well as a classic satire, an excellent primer on the extra-dimensionality of our universe

"Family Internet Companion", Christopher J. Mautner/Chris Noonan Sturm, 1997, 0-13-569500-7, U$34.95/C$48.93 - OK introductory guide, but nothing special

"Finding It On The Internet", Gilster, 1996, 0-471-12695-0, U$24.95/C$32.50 - *essential* Internet guide concentrating on the vital search tools

"Financial Professional's Internet Guide", John Graves/Kim Hill Torrence, 1996, 0-57398-044-6, U$39.95 - insufficient as both a general guide and for the target audience

"Fundamentals of Telecommunication Networks", Saadawi et al, 1994, 0-471-51582-5, U$69.95 - unnecessarily dull

"Foundations of Computer Science", Aho/Ullman, 1992, 0-7167-8233-2 - good coverage of the theoretical basics, but dull

"FPGA Workout", van den Bout, 1994, 0-9642187-0-4, U$19.95 - good material for those teaching digital electronics courses, and a good way for home users to get into teaching themselves

"Free Business Stuff From the Internet", Vince Emery/Patrick Vincent, 1996, 1-883577-82-9, U$19.99/C$27.99 - excellent guide to useful business resources

"Frontiers of Electronic Commerce", Kalakota/Whinston, 1996, 0-201-84520-2, U$49.50 - a bloated infomercial supercliche book with a business bias

"Free Stuff From the Internet", Vincent, 1996, 1-883577-79-9, U$24.99/C$34.99 - a limited catalogue of Internet sites

"Firewalls and Internet Security", Cheswick/Bellovin, 1994, 0-201-63357-4, U$26.95 - solid and practical guide for building firewall machines on TCP/IP (or other networks)

"Frontier: The Definitive Guide", Matt Neuburg, 1998, 1-56592-383-9, U$34.95/C$49.95 - good coverage of the Mac scripting package, but probably at an intermediate level

"Free Stuff for Science Buffs", Barry Young, 1996, 1-883577-52-7, U$19.99/C$27.99 - not much

"The Future Does Not Compute", Stephen Talbott, 1995, 1-56592-085-6, U$22.95 - a warning to the computer enthuiast, needs more background and discipline, excellent section on education

"Future Crime", Bova, 1990, 0-812-53241-4 - fiction, short story collection, only one dealing (tangentially) with data security

"The Fuzzy Systems Handbook", Cox, 1994, 0-12-194270-8 - good conceptual and practical introduction to fuzzy logic and systems programming

"Five Golden Rules", John L. Casti, 1996, 0-471-00261-5, U$24.95/C$34.95/UK#16.99 - enjoyable, but incomplete as regards the education of the reader

"Firewalls Complete", Marcus Goncalves, 1998, 0-07-024645-9, U$54.95 - useful vendor information, but not complete enough for a guide

"A Guide to Programming Languages", Ruknet Cezzar, 1995, 0-89006-812-7, U$49.00 - good structure and overview, hope it expands in future editions

"Gale Guide to Internet Databases", Joanna Zakalik, 1995, 0-7876-0198-5 - both data and indices need work

"Growing and Maintaining a Successful BBS", Alan D. Bryant, 1995, 0-201-48380-7, U$39.95/C$55.00 - good overview for the second level sysop, though perhaps overly technical

"Garage Virtual Reality", Jacobson, 1994, 0-672-30270-5, U$29.95/C$37.95 - fun and practical introduction for the hobbyist interested in working in virtual reality

"Insider's Guide to Personal Computing & Networking", Segal, 1992, 0-672-30180-6, U$29.95/C$37.95 - pretty banal puff pieces from "names" in the industry

"Learning GNU Emacs", Debra Cameron/Bill Rosenblatt/Eric Raymond, 1996, 1-56592-152-6, U$29.95/C$42.95 - good introduction to the editor, and for those who know the editor a good introduction to the environment

"Genealogy Online: Researching Your Roots", Elizabeth Powell Crowe, 1998, 0-07-014722-1, U$24.95 - a bit uneven, but generally good for both the family researcher looking to get online, or the Internaut who wants to start looking for roots

"Getting Connected: The Internet at 56K and Up", Kevin Dowd, 1996, 1-56592-154-2, U$29.95/C$42.95 - good practical guide to connecting a business

"Getting Hits", Don Sellers, 1997, 0- 201-68815-8, U$19.95/C$32.00 - a fair, but repetitive, look at pushing your Website

"A Gift of Fire", Sara Baase, 1997, 0-13-458779-0 - a not very good look at social issues and ethics of computing

"Gigabit Networking", Partridge, , - good overview of some of the latest hot topics in comms

"Global Advantage on the Internet", Mary J. Cronin, 1996, 0-442-01938-6 - not the best Internet business book, but not the worst, either

"Global Networks", Harasim, 1993, 0-262-08222-5, U$29.95 - broad ranging topics but limited and uninteresting papers on the use of computer mediated communications

"Globalization, Technology and Competition", Bradley/Hausman/Nolan, , - what business thinks about technology and communications - not much

"Programming with GNU Software", Mike Loukides/Andy Oram, 1997, 1-56592-112-7, U$39.95/C$56.95 - good overview of the programming tools and environment

"Great American Websites", Edward J. Renehan Jr., 1997, 0-07-882304-8, U$24.99/C$34.99 - a pretty self-indulgent collection and set of descriptions, but some interesting stuff

"Great Ideas in Computer Science", Alan W. Biermann, 1990, 0-262-52148-2, U$37.50 - good overview and introduction

"The Grid", Philip Kerr, 1995, 0-770-42740-5, C$8.99 - fiction, lousy tech all round with some facile ponderings about artificial life

"Graphic Java", David M. Geary/Alan L. McClellan, 1997, 0-13-565847-0, U$39.95/C$53.95 - good explanation, but an odd product license, considering

"Growing Up Digital", Don Tapscott, 1997, 0-07-063361-4, U$22.95/C$32.95 - a weak premise extended to absurdity

"Get On-Line!", Wood, 1993, 0-471-58926-8 - general intor to PC/modem communications, still not very good

"Guerilla Web Strategies", Vince Gelormine, 1996, 1-883577-80-2, U$24.99/C$34.99 - covers what too many Internet business books don't--advertising your Web site

"Hackers", Levy, 1984, 0-385-31210-5 - entertaining but trivial and limited collection of anecdotes about two of the many hacker communities

"How to Access the Federal Government on the Internet 1998", Bruce Maxwell, 1997, 1-56802-295-6, U$28.95 - good guide both to the (US) federal government and to numerous high quality Internet sites

"HAL's Legacy", David G. Stork ed., 1997, 0-262-19378-7, U$25.00 - interesting reading for computer buffs and 2001-philes alike

"Hamlet on the Holodeck", Janet H. Murray, 1997, 0-262-63187-3, U$15.00 - unconvincing in its search for new storytelling forms

"When H.A.R.L.I.E. Was One", Gerrold, 1972/1988, 0-345-02885-6/0-553-26465-6 - fiction, often cited as first fictional reference to a computer virus

"Handbook of Local Area Networks", John P. Slone ed., 1995, 0-7913-2416-8 - uneven but basically useful backgrounder for managers

"The Handbook of Networking and Connectivity", McClain, 1994, 0-12-482080-8 - single chapter "quick courses" on networking topics, generally for the technical professional with little telecom background

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"How to Grow Your Business on the Internet", Vince Emery, 1995, 1-883577-29-2, U$24.99/C$34.99 - readable, and a good feel for the net

"The Hawthorne Group", Hauser, , - fiction, supposedly high tech thriller. Yawn.

"HTML 3: Electronic Publishing on the World Wide Web", Dave Raggett/Jenny Lam/Ian Alexander, 1996, 0-201-87693-0, U$32.23 - authoritative guide for the new extensions, but perhaps not for beginners

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"How Children Learn", John Holt, 1982, 0-201-48404-8, U$11.00/C$15.00 - good case for the challenge of discovery learning, but little help in effecting it

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"Internet Business Advantage", Wentworth Worldwide Media, periodical, , U$99.00/year (12 issues), - getting closer to being a good Internet magazine

"IBM Dictionary of Computing", George McDaniel, 1994, 0-07-031489-6, U$24.95 - a massive tome with understandable IBM emphasis, and a bit out of date

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"The Internet For Dummies Quick Reference", John Levine/Margaret Levine Young, 1994, 1-56884-168-X, U$8.95/C$11.95/UK#7.99 - over detailed on specific programs, lacking material on general Internet use and disorganized

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"Internet Explorer Kit for Macintosh", Engst/Dickson, 1994, 1-56830-089-1, U$29.95/C$39.95 - easy reading and fun dialogue between two Internet semi-experts

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"The Internet Strategy Handbook", Mary J. Cronin, 1996, 0-87584-720-X, U$29.95 - disappointing collection of promotional pieces

"Inside Windows NT", Helen Custer, 1993, 1-55615-481-X, U$24.95 - good internals book, a bit old, but internals don't change much

"Internet 101", Wendy G. Lehnert, 1998, 0-201-32553-5 - uneven, and not the best general Internet guide, but parts are excellent

"Teach Yourself the Internet", Randall, 1994, 0-672-30519-4, U$25.00/C$34.95 - a reasonable guide for a 21 day course, but not great and heavily "full Internet" biased

"Get on the Internet in 5 Minutes (for Macintosh)", Miser, 1994, 1-56830-135-9, U$9.99 - promo for Pipeline

"Internet Anywhere", MKS Inc., 1995, 0-13-185612-X, U$29.95/C$39.95 - limited demo of MKS software for email and news

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"The Internet Book", Douglas Comer, 1997, 0-13-890161-9 - very good explanation of what the Internet is, how it works and how it came about, all at a level for the non-technical reader

"The Internet Business Guide", Resnick/Taylor, 1994, 0-672-30530-5, U$25.00/C$34.95 - vague and verbose, some good material buried within

"The Internet for Busy People", Crumlish, 1996, 0-07-882108-8, U$22.95 - short and quick but not enough info, also Win95 bias

"The Internet Business Book", Ellsworth/Ellsworth, 1994, 0-471-05809-0, U$22.95 - a good starter but needs more work

"The Internet Companion 2nd ed.", LaQuey, 0-201-40766-3, U$12.95/C$16.95 - *much* better than the first edition

"The Internet Connection: System Connectivity and Configuration", Carl-Mitchell/Quarterman, 1994, 0-201-54237-4 - a road map for getting your system connected to the Internet. Doesn't have everything you need, but as least has pointers to it

"The Internet Direct Connect Kit", Peter Harrison, 1994, 1-56884-135-3, U$29.95/C$39.95/UK#28.99 - good choice, info and evaluations for a dial-up IP setup

"Introduction to data communications", Gelber, , - bad start, good contents later

"The Internet Dictionary", Christian Crumlish, 1995, 0-7821-1675-2, U$12.99 - unreliable

"Internet Dreams", Mark Stefik, 1996, 0-262-19373-6, U$30.00 - good starter for discussions of what the Internet is, and may become

"Internet for Dummies", Levine/Baroudi, 1993, 1-56884-024-1, U$19.95/C$26.95 - good basics, strong "whole Internet" bias

"The Internet by E-Mail", Clay Shirky, 1994, 1-56276-240-0, U$19.95/C$27.95 - good introduction, but lots of holes

"The Internet for Everyone: A Guide for Users and Providers", Wiggins, 1995, 0-07-067019-6, U$29.95 - some depth to the discussion of what the Internet is, and good coverage for providers. Good choice for those wanting solid background.

"Internet File Formats", Tim Kientzle, 1995, 1-883577-56-X, U$39.99/C$54.99 - not necessarily for the novice, but interesting for the Internaut and imperative for the instructor

"Internet Gizmos for Windows", Diamond/Sobel/Hilley, 1995, 1-56884-451-4 - a collection of shareware and a not terribly well edited printed version of the documentation

"Internet: Getting Started", Marine et al, 1994, 0-13-289596-X - good list of contacts, but not so good on explanations

"Internet Insider", Ruffin Prevost, 1995, 0-07-882084-7, U$14.95 - a very "net like" book

"Internet in Plain English", Bryan Pfaffenberger, 1994, 1-55828-385-4, U$19.95/C$25.95 - good net glossary, with very useful explanations of net cultural import

"The Internet Joke Book", Templeton, 1995, 1-57398-025-0 - the best of the r.h.f joke books

"Internet for Kids", Deneen Frazier/Barbara Kurshan/Sara Armstrong, 1995, 0-7821-1741-4, U$22.99 - badly designed projects for kids to do on the net

"Internet Literacy", Fred T. Hofstetter, 1998, 0-07-029387-2 - banal and error prone general Internet introduction

"The Internet Tool Kit", Nancy Cedeno, 1995, 0-7821-1688-4, U$16.99 - how to get, install, and use the tools of the Internet, a jewel of a book

"The Internet Telephone Toolkit", Jeff Pulver, 1996, 0-471-16352-X, C$41.95 - good intro to the topic, review of software, and examples on the included disk

"Internet: Mailing Lists", Hardie/Neou, 1994, 0-13-289661-3 - selected, and not terribly well indexed, but well described list of lists

"The Internet Message", Rose, 1993, 0-13-092941-7 - technical discussion of mail agent and system design

"The New Internet Navigator", Gilster, 1995, 0-471-12694-2, U$24.95/C$34.95 - general introductory guide, very well written and balanced, one of the "top four" picks

"Internet CD", Vivian Neou, 1994, 0-13-123852-3, U$49.95/C$64.95 - some software, some references

"Internet in a Nutshell", Valerie Quercia, 1997, 1-56592-323-5, U$19.95/C$28.95 - serviceable start for browser users, but limited in scope

"Internet Public Access Guide", Hughes, 1994, 0-916151-70-0, U$2.95 - handy introductory pamphlet but not much more

"The Internet", Paul Hoffman/John Levine (ed), 1994, 1-56884-247-3, U$34.99/C$44.99/UK#33.99 - "computer literacy" level look at the net

"Internet Primer for Information Professionals", Lawley/Summerhill, 1993, 0-88736-831-X, U$29.95/C$37.50 - too low level, but a good chapter on applications

"Internet Protocols Handbook", Dave Roberts, 1996, 1-883577-88-8, U$39.99/C$55.99 - attempting a standardized reference to the Internet protocols, generally OK.

"The Internet Passport", NorthWestNet, 1995, 0-13-194200-X, U$29.95/C$40.95 - slow start but solid research on Internet resources and facilities

"The Internet QuickStart", Pike/Pike, 1994, 1-56529-658-3, U$21.99/C$28.95 - quickly dated material on how to use the Internet from commercial services plus recyled FAQs

"Intranet Security", John Vacca, 1997, 1-886801-56-8, U$49.95 - mostly policy, not much of that, and other holes as well

"Internet Roadside Attractions", Branwyn et al, 1995, 1-56604-193-7, U$29.95 - miscellenous resources on the net, generally worthwhile reviews

"Introducing Computers", Robert Blissmer, 1995, 0-471-11360-3, U$29.95 - the standard old fashioned computer literacy curriculum, with token updating

"Interconnections", Perlman, 1992, 0-201-56332-0 - complete coverage of one of the most difficult problems in "inter" networking

"Intrusion Detection", Terry Escamilla, 1998, 0-471-29000-9, U$39.99/C$56.50 - promotional piece for commercial security systems

"The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design", Laurel, 1990, 0-201-51797-3, U$28.95/C$37.95 - passable intro to the field but very elementary

"Interrupt", Toni Dwiggins, 1993, 0-812-52037-8, U$4.99/C$5.99 - fiction, decent research on attacking the phone system

"Intranet Security: Stories from the Trenches", Linda McCarthy, 1998, 0-13-894759-7, U$29.95/C$41.95 - real case studies and excellent analysis

"Internet Secrets", Levine/Baroudi, 1995, 1-56884-452-2, U$39.99/C$54.99/UK#38.99 - a mixed and random bag of existing Internet info and docs

"Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh", Engst, 1993, 1-56830-064-6, U$29.95/C$37.995 - very friendly Internet introduction regardless of system and containing helpful Mac software

"Internet Slick Tricks", Glossbrenner/Glossbrenner, 1994, 0-679-75611-6, U$16.00/C$21.95/UK#14.99 - biased and pedestrian, more of an attempt to show off than to inform

"Internet System Handbook", Lynch/Rose, 1993, 0-201-56741-5 - essays by people involved with the Internet, strong on protocols, weak on direction

"Internetworking with TCP/IP", Comer/Stevens, 1991, 0-13-468505-9 - good overview, also good basic network comm concepts

"The Internet Unleashed", Jill Ellsworth et al, 1997, 1-57521-185-8, U$49.99/C$70.95/UK#46.95 - massive, but uneven material

"The Internet Voyeur", Jim Howard, 1995, 0-7821-1655-8, U$19.99 - reasonable coverage of dealing with graphics and multimedia files

"The 1994 Internet White Pages", Godin/McBride, 1994, 1-56884-300-3, U$29.95/C$39.95 - .002 of the Internet population with > 8% errors and duplicates, arranged alphabetically, but a quick first check

"Harley Hahn's Internet & Web Yellow Pages/Golden Directory", Harley Hahn, 1997, 0-07- 882300-5, C$42.95 - needs work, but a fun and potentially useful reference

"The Invisible Computer", Donald A. Norman, 1998, 0-262-14065-9, U$25.00 - tries to promote the idea of information appliances, but doesn't provide much detail

"Investing in Information Technology", Bill Bysinger/Ken Knight, 1996, 0-442-02337-5, U$29.95 - the usual management blather with no answers

"The Internet Health, Fitness and Medicine Yellow Pages", Naythons/Catsimatides, 1995, 0-07-882188-6, U$22.95 - resourcee of health resources on the net, good for the whole family?

"The Internet Science, Research and Technology Yellow Pages", Stout/Davis, 1996, 0-07-882187-8, U$22.95 - still good, but perhaps not quite up to the prior works?

"IP Applications With ATM", John Amoss/Daniel Minoli, 1998, 0-07-042312-1, U$55.00 - poor coverage of ATM and almost no coverage of IP

"The Indispensable PC Hardware Book", Hans-Peter Messmer, 1997, 0-201-40399-4, U$42.95/C$58.95 - very complete reference to the lowest level hardware components (chips and pinouts, rather than cards and peripherals)

"In Plain English DOS", Nimersheim, 1993, 1-56664-029-6, U$9.95/C$12.95 - reasonably short introduction and fairly well chosen set of commands, some extraneous material and some possible problems

"The Indispensable Pentium Book", Hans-Peter Messmer, 1995, 0-201-87727-9, U$29.95/C$38.95 - inside the CPU

"In Plain English: Windows 3.1", Nimersheim, 1993, 1-56664-007-5, U$9.95/C$12.95 - do we really need another short extraction/rehash of the Windows documentation?

"IPng: Internet Protocol Next Generation", Bradner/Mankin, 1996, 0-201-63395-7, U$33.95 - a series of papers by the leaders in the field, easily readable and a great introduction to the problems and proposals

"IPng and the TCP/IP Protocols", Stephen A. Thomas, 1996, 0-471-13088-5, U$44.95/C$62.95 - great explanation for all levels of readers

"IPv6 Networks", Marcus Goncalves/Kitty Niles, 1998, 0-07-024807-9, U$49.95 - more up to date, but not as good at explaining IPng/v6

"The irc Survival Guide", Stuart Harris, 1995, 0-201-41000-1, U$17.95/C$22.95 - solid information about a very scattered application

"ISA System Architecture", Tom Shanley/Don Anderson, 1995, 0-201-40996-8, U$34.95/C$44.95 - very clear book on the basics of the hardware

"ISDN: How to Get a High Speed Connection to the Internet", Charles Summers/Bryant Dunetz, 1996, 0-471-13326-4, U$22.95/C$32.50 - little practical info except a list of vendors

"The ISDN Consultant", Robert E. Lee, 1997, 0-13-259052-2, U$29.95/C$40.95 - practical guide for installing and using ISDN

"ISDN for Dummies", David Angell, 1995, 1-56884-331-3, U$19.99/C$26.99/UK#18.99 - some useful information, but not reliable or consistent

"Information Superhighways: Multimedia Users and Futures", Stephen J. Emmott ed., 1995, 0-12-238360-5 - practical and realistic guide to future technologies, if a tad academic in tone

"Information Security Policies Made Easy", Wood, 1994, 1-881585-01-8, U$495.00 - expensive, but if it is the difference between having a security policy and not having one it's worth it

"Information Superhighways Revisited", Bruce L. Egan, 1996, 0-89006-903-4, U$69.00 - a realistic and practical look at current and emerging technologies

"Industrial-Strength SGML", Truly Donovan, 1997, 0-13-216243-1 - manager's level guide

"The Information Systems Security Officer's Guide", Gerald L. Kovacich, 1998, 0-7506-9896-9 - looks at the job aspect of security, but very poorly

"Inside the C++ Object Model", Stanley B. Lippman, 1996, 0-201-83454-5, U$29.00 - internals of C++ for advanced programmers

"International CallBack Book", Retske, 1995, 0-936648-65-1, U$34.95 - an interesting practice for reducing the cost of overseas phone calls, and a practical guide for using it or setting up a business to do it

"Internet & TCP/IP Network Security", Uday O. Pabrai/Vijay K. Burgani, 1996, 0-07-048215-2, U$39.95 - some good points, but inconsistent

"Intranet Resource Kit", Prakesh Ambegaonkar, 1997, 0-07-882262-9, U$39.99/C$57.95 - an OK guide to intranets, only somewhat biased by the fact that everyone works for the same software company

"It's Alive!", Cohen, 1994, 0-471-00860-5, U$39.95 - an intriguing, provoking and practical exploration of computer programs as "artificial life", but somewhat narrow

"Inside the Windows 95 File System", Stan Mitchell, 1997, 1-56592-200-X, U$32.95/C$46.95 - for programmers

"Inside the Windows 95 Registry", Ron Petrusha, 1996, 1-56592-170-4, U$32.95 - meant for developers, but worth it for power users, too

"Jargon", Robin Williams, 1993, 0-938151-84-3, U$22.00/C$31.00 - good computer dictionary for beginners

"Writing Java Applets", John Rodley, 1996, 1-883577-78-0, U$39.95/C$55.99 - if you know the language first

"Java Developer's Resource", Elliotte Rusty Harold, 1997, 0-13-570789-7, U$26.95/C$26.95 - excellent introduction and reference

"Java Design", Peter Coad/Mark Mayfield, 1997, 0-13-271149-4, U$39.95/C$55.95 - a good, and even necessary, adjunct to a Java tutorial

"The Java Developer's Toolkit", Joshua Marketos, 1997, 0-471-16519-0, U$29.95/C$41.95 - good reference for programmers making the change

"Java by Example", Jackson/McClellan, 1997, 0-13-272295-X, U$34.95/C$48.95 - for experienced C++ programmers familiar with the concepts

"The Java Handbook", Patrick Naughton, 1996, 0-07-882199-1, U$27.95 - a hacker's handbook

"Java How to Program", H. M. Deitel/P. J. Deitel, 1997, 0-13-263401-5 - good solid course text

"Java Jumpstart: A Beginner's Guide to Internet Programming", Noel Enete, 1997, 0-13-565854-3, U$29.95/C$41.95. - good start for pgrogrammers, but not for novices

"Java Language Reference", Mark Grand, 1997, 1-56592-326-X, U$32.95/C$46.95 - good guide to the internals

"Java in a Nutshell", David Flanagan, 1997, 1-56592-262-X, U$19.95/C$28.95 - good reference to the fundamental language

"The Java Programming Language", Ken Arnold/James Gosling, 1996, 0-201-63455-4, U$34.38 - general introduction for experienced object programmers

"Java Security", Scott Oaks, 1998, 1-56592-403-7, U$32.95/C$46.95 - thorough overview of the APIs for security

"Java Sourcebook", Ed Anuff, 1996, 0-471-14859-8, U$29.95/C$39.95 - not much of an addition to the Java bookshelf

"Java Threads", Scott Oaks/Henry Wong, 1997, 1-56592-216-6, U$29.95/C$42.95 - like it says

"The Java Tutorial", Mary Campione/Kathy Walrath, 1996, 0-201-63454-6, U$39.76 - another Java programming book

"Java Cryptography", Jonathan Knudsen, 1998, 1-56592-402-9, U$29.95/C$42.95 - without getting into crypto concepts, gets programmers into using the crypto code

"Java Developer's Reference", Mike Cohn/Bryan Morgan/Michael Morrison/Michael T. Nygard/Dan Joshi/Tom Trinko, 1996, 1-57521-129-7, U$59.99/C$84.95/UK#54.95 - lots of good stuff, but lots missing, too

"Java Virtual Machine", Jon Meyer/Troy Downing, 1997, 1-56592-194-1, U$32.95/C$46.95 - "machine" language for Java

"Java Programming Language Handbook", David H. Friedel Jr./Anthony Potts, 1996, 1-883577-77-2, U$24.99/C$34.99 - OK start for C/C++ programmers, more sample code than explanation

"Jack the Bodiless", Julian May, 1991, 0-345-36247 - fiction

"The Jericho Iteration", Allen Steele, 1994, 0-441-00271-4, U$5.50/C$6.99 - fiction, redoes the p1 virus

"Just Java", Peter van der Linden, 1999, 0-13-010534-1, U$44.99/C$63.00 - world's funniest Java intro

"Jurassic Park", Crichton, 1990, 0-345-37077-5 - fiction, good read but mistakes in DNA, computers and boats

"JavaScript and Netscape Wizardry", Dan Shafer, 1996, 1-883577-86-1, U$34.99/C$48.99 - for intermediate Netscape users and basic HTML coders moving up

"Java Programming Basics", Edith Au/Dave Makower, 1996, 1-55828-469-9, U$34.95/C$48.95 - good explanations, not as much dependence on sample code

"Java Programming Explorer", Neil Bartlett/Alex Leslie/Steve Simkin, 1996, 1-883577-87-0, U$39.99/C$55.99 - very good intro to the language

"JavaScript: The Definitive Guide", David Flanagan, 1997, 1-56592-234-4 U$32.95/C$46.95 - no longer an introduction, but still a useful reference

"PC Security and Virus Protection Handbook", Pamela Kane, 1994, 1-55851-390-6, U$39.95/C$49.95 - good overview for the MS-DOS arena

"Kidstuff on the Internet", Sara Armstrong, 1996, 0-7821-1803-8, U$12.99 - well chosen, good quality, not terribly well organized

"Kermit: a File Transfer Protocol", da Cruz, 1987, 0-13-514753-0 - excellent text for anyone interested in computer communications, protocols or even Kermit

"Keys to Infinity", Clifford A. Pickover, 1995, 0-471-11857-5, U$24.95 - very interesting explorations, and a lot of fun

"Killer PC Utilities", Steve Konicki, 1993, 1-56529-328-2, U$39.95/C$49.95/UK#37.60 - a huge book with little of interest

"Killer Whale", Elizabeth Quinn, 1997, 0-671-52770-3, U$5.99/C$7.99 - fiction, no official technical content but great use of email and data recovery

"Knowing Machines", Donald MacKenzie, 1996, 0-262-13315-6, U$35.00 - erudite essays, roughly to do with technology, but little point

"The Ko Conspiracy", Riall W. Nolan, 1995, 0-440-21250-2, U$4.99/C$6.50 - fiction, reasonably good on AI

"Learning the Korn Shell", Rosenblatt, 1993, 1-56592-054-6 - a good intro to UNIX for the computer familiar

"The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog", Krol, 1994, 1-56592-063-5, U$24.95 - excellent introduction to the Internet as well as resource for experienced users

"The Whole Internet for Windows 95", Krol/Ferguson, 1995, 1-56592-155-0, U$24.95 - a good intro to the net and to the Win95 net functions

"Lan Disaster, Prevention and Recovery", Corrigan, 1994, 0-13-015819-4 - good, solid, thorough coverage of LAN, desktop and other potential disasters and protection technologies

"Local Area Networking for the Small Library", Norman Howden, 1997, 1-55570-285-6, U$39.95 - a great many shortcomings even, or perhaps especially, for a specialty book

"Local & Metropolitan Area Networks", William Stallings, 1997, 0-13-190737-9 - the standard textbook

"Local Area Network Reference", Dr. Dimitris N. Chorafas, 1989, 0-07-010889-7 - big business and big iron emphasis

"Lan Survival", Connor/Anderson, 1994, 0-12-194480-8, U$32.95 - quickstart guide for an inherited LAN - *not* for design and setup

"Handbook of LAN Technology", Paul Fortier, 1992, 0-07-021625-8 - a random collection of academic essays

"Law on the Internet", Michael Gross, 1996, 0-7821-1792-9, U$12.99 - good guide, well written

"The Little Black Book", Rose, 1992, 0-13-683210-5 - a good introduction to an important, and neglected, field of net application

"Leadership and the Customer Revolution", Gary Heil/Tom Parker/Rick Tate, 1995, 0-442- 01852-5 - as vague as most business books, but at least readable

"LEO", David Caminer/John Aris/Peter Hermon/Frank Land, 1998, 0-07-009501-9, U$22.95 - excellent history of an interesting and little known machine

"Learning the vi Editor", Lamb, 1990, 0-937175-67-6 - excellent introduction to take away the fear of vi

"Computer Virus Handbook", Richard B. Levin, 1990, 0-07-881647-5, U$24.95 - vague and undisciplined

"Life With UNIX", Don Libes/Sandy Ressler, 1992, 0-13-536657-7 - very difficult to say what this book is about except UNIX trivia

"The Software Developer's and Marketer's Legal Companion", Landy, 1993, 0-201-62276-9, U$34.95/C$44.95 - good, solid general guidance

"Looking into Intranets & the Internet", Anita Rosen, 1997, 0-8144-7948-0, U$27.95 - yet another business on the Internet book that doesn't understand the Internet

"Living At Light Speed", Goodman, 1994, 0-679-43934-X, U$21.00/C$28.95/UK#19.49 - overview of technologies and less cant but still no real understanding

"Live Robots", Rucker, 1994, 0-380-77543-3, U$5.99/C$6.99 - fiction, interesting points on genetic programming and the "malicious utility" of a virus

"Limbo Search", Parke Godwin, 1995, 0-380-77300-7, U$5.50/C$7.50 - fiction, absolutely no fact about electronic intelligence

"Lotus Notes Certification: Application Development and System Administration", Thomas/Peasley, 1998, 0-07-913674-5, U$54.95 - sparse tutorial

"LAN Security Handbook", Ellen Dutton, 1994, 1-55851-387-6, U$39.95/C$54.00 - OK beginner's intro to security, but not really reliable

"LAN Desktop Guide to Security, NetWare Edition", Sawicki, 1992, 0-672-30085-0, U$27.95/C$34.95 - good inside info on NetWare, but a trifle paranoid

"Lions' Commentary on UNIX 6th Edition", John Lions, 1996, 1-57398-013-7, U$29.95 - of value for computer history, UNIX, operating systems, and C programming

"LANtastic Quick Reference", Talbot, 1992, 0-934605-78-5, U$14.95 - useful

"Linux Companion", Mark F. Komarinski, 1996, 0-13-231838-5, U$24.95/C$33.95 - user guide for the intermediate DOS user coming to an existing Linux installation

"Linux Installation and Getting Started", Matt Welsh, 1995, 0-916151-77-8 - straight from the HOWTO's mouth

"Linux Multimedia Guide", Jeff Tranter, 1996, 1-56592-219-0, U$32.95/C$46.95 - practical help and resources

"Linux Network Administrator's Guide", Olaf Kirch, 1994, 0-916151-75-1 - solid guide for those using Linux for networking

"Linux in a Nutshell", Jessica Perry Hekman, 1997, 1-56592-167-4, U$19.95/C$28.95 - another excellent Nutshell book

"The Linux Sampler", Belinda Frazier/Laurie Tucker, 1995, 0-916151-74-3 - very interesting samples from the first year of the "Linux Journal"

"Lovelock", Orson Scott Card/Kathryn H. Kidd, 1994, 0-812-51805-5 - fiction, silly ideas about starships and data security

"Love Online", Phyllis Phlegar, 1995, 0-201-40965-8, U$9.95/C$12.95 - some good points but, unfortunately, almost completely concerned with "cybersex"

"Learn Internet Relay Chat", Kathryn Toyer, 1997, 1-55622-519-9, U$19.95 - the explanations are bad, but the instructions actually do work

"Learning Networks", Harasim/Hiltz/Teles/Turoff, 1995, 0-262-08236-5, U$35.00 - pedestrian book on the use of computer-mediated communications in education

"Learning Perl", Randal L. Schwartz/Tom Christiansen, 1997, 1-56592-284-0, U$29.95/C$42.95 - good introduction to the language, but not very motivating

"Learning the UNIX Operating System", Todino/Strang/Peek, 1993, 1-56592-060-0 - like it says. Short and to the point.

"Lasers, Ray Guns, & Light Cannons", Gordon McComb, 1997, 0-07-045035-8, U$21.95 - lots of electronic workbench fun

"LAN Times Guide to Telephony", David D. Bezar, 1995, 0-07-882126-6, U$34.95 - non-technical and not limited to telephony, OK intro for the manager

"LAN Times Guide to Managing Remote Connectivity", Salvatore Salamone, 1997, 0-07-882267-X, U$34.99/C$49.99 - overview guide to a quickly changing technology

"LAN Times Guide to Networking Windows 95", Brad Shimmin/Eric Harper, 1995, 0-07-882086-3, U$29.95/C$42.95 - assumes everything works first time

"LAN Times Guide to Security and Data Integrity", Marc Farley/Tom Stearns/Jeffrey Hsu, 1996, 0-07-882166-5, U$29.95/C$42.95 - pedestrian guide to security, big on backups

"LAN Times Guide to Wide Area Networks", Tere Parnell, 1997, 0-07-882228-9, U$34.95/C$50.95 - good overview for non-technical managers

"The Little DOS 6 Book", Nelson, 1993, 1-56609-056-3, U$13.00/C$18.00 - good intro to DOS to the intermediate level, heavy on DOSSHELL

"The Little Mac Book", Robin Williams, 1995, 1-56609-149-7, U$19.95/C$22.95 - good basic Mac beginners book

"The Little Online Book", Alfred Glossbrenner, 1994, 1-56609-130-6, U$17.95 - 400 pages but little online information

"The Little Windows 95 Book", Kay Yarborough Nelson, 1995, 1-56609-181-0, U$12.95/C$16.95 - good introduction, particularly for upgraders

"Lotus Notes Answers", Polly Kornblith, 1994, 0-07-882045-6, U$16.95 - if you have the right question

"The Little PC Book", Lawrence Magid, 1993, 0-938151-54-1, U$17.95/C$24.95 - very little

"Little Black Book of Computer Viruses", Mark Ludwig, , - MS-DOS specific, not very accurate, viral source code

"Virus!", Allan Lundell, 1989, 0-8092-4437-3 - a lot of research, but a lot of errors as well

"Love Your Job", Powers/Russell, 1993, 1-56592-036-8 - fairly standard advice, presented in as interesting fashion

"The Macintosh Bible", Jeremy Judson (ed), 1996, 0-201-88636-7, U$29.95/C$41.00 - the Mac source, but odd priorities

"Macintosh First Aid Kit", Kerwien, 1993, 1-56830-063-8, U$19.95/C$24.95 - good thorough but intro level guide

"This is the Mac. It's supposed to be Fun!", Arthur Naiman/John Kadyk, 1993, 1-56609-082-2, U$15.00/C$21.00 - excerpted from the Macintosh Bible, a good, solid starter book

"The Mac Internet Tour Guide", Fraase, 1994, 1-56604-062-0, U$27.95 - pretty pedestrian

"Mac Power Toolkit", Langer, 1993, 1-56830-002-6, U$34.95/C$43.95 - reviews of Mac utilities

"MacsBug Reference and Debugging Guide", Apple Computer Inc., 1990, 0-201-56767-9, U$26.95/C$34.95 - docs for the Mac version of DEBUG

"Guide to the Macintosh Underground", LeVitus/Fraase, 1993, 0-672-48549-4, U$19.95/C$26.95 - undisciplined, self-indulgent and sometimes even illegible

"The Mac User's PC/The PC User's Mac", Marmel, 1993, 0-672-48545-1, U$24.95/C$31.95 - simplistic guide to both machines, very little help in crossing platforms

"The Elements of E-mail Style", Angell, 1994, 0-201-62709-4, U$12.95/C$16.95 - an English writing reference, with little relevance to email

"Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering", Kan, 1995, 0-201-63339-6, U$39.75 - good introduction, but too limited as regards real software development

"Manual Medicine--A Primer", Stephen Myles Davidson, 1987, , U$19.95/29.95 - clear enough on how, but not very good on why, for basic osteopathic therapy

"Managing NetWare", Nowshadi, 1994, 0-201-63194-6, U$39.95 - good on advanced, but lousy on the basics

"Managing uucp and Usenet", O'Reilly/Todino, , - clear and complete overview

"The Matrix: Computer Networks and Conferencing Systems Worldwide", Quarterman, 1990, 0-13-565607-9 - almost everything you ever wanted to know about "inter" networks

"Maximum Security", Anonymous, 1998, 0-672-31341-3, U$49.99/C$70.95/UK#46.95 - improved from the first edition, now may have some items of interest

"Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX", Carlton Egremont III, 1998, 0-201-48536-2, U$14.95/C$20.95 - a comic send-up of the worst excesses of technical literature

"The Macintosh Bible Guide to Word 6", Maria Langer, 1995, 1-56609-073-3, U$24.95/C$31.95 - not a very good tutor

"Mobile Telecommunications Factbook", Nathan J. Muller, 1998, 0-07-044461-7, U$29.95 - shotgun approach that works as poorly as usual

"Macs 4 Morons", Boyce, 1993, 1-56830-077-8, U$12.95 - if you need an intro Mac guide, this one starts in the right place

"Computer Viruses, Worms, Data Diddlers, Killer Programs and Other Threats to Your System", John McAfee/Colin Haynes, 1989, 0-312-02889-X, U$16.95 - some interesting speculations buried in a mass of undisciplined garbage

"The Mac Bathroom Reader", Owen W. Linzmayer, 1994, 0-7821-1531-4, U$12.99 - great Mac and computer history/trivia reading

"Macintosh Crash Course", Glenn Brown. 1995, 0-12-135910-7 - descriptions of hundreds of Mac utilities

"Mac Programming for Dummies", Dan Parks Sydow, 1994, 1-56884-173-6, C$26.95 - a (little) bit on interfaces related to programming on the Mac

"MCSE Training Guide Windows 95", Edward Tetz/Ed Wilson/Daniel A. Lauer, 1998, 1-56205-880-0, U$49.99/C$71.95/UK#46.95 - definitely of no use in reality, and problems with exam prep as well

"MCSE: The Core Exams in a Nutshell", Michael Moncur, 1998, 1-56592-376-6, U$19.95/C$28.95 - clear guide with no extraneous clutter

"MCSE Study Guide Windows NT Server and Workstation 4", Joe Cadad/Ken Rosen, 1996, 1-56205-549-6, U$75.00/C$105.95/UK#70.49 - worthwhile aid to studying for the exams

"Mac, Word & Excel", Tom Lichty, 1994, 1-56604-130-9, U$24.95 - good starter book with the two major Mac applications

"Mobile Data Communications Systems", Peter Wong/David Britland, 1995, 0-89006-751-1, U$59.00 - heavy going

"The Modem Coach", Dana Blankenhorn/Kimberly Maxwell/Kevin Stoltz/Tommy Bass, 1993, 1-56205-119-9, U$18.95/C$24.95/UK#17.76 - the usual, lacking in setup info

"Modems Made Easy", David Hakala, 1995, 0-07-882116-9, U$21.95 - good overall intro to what you can do with a modem, but still missing in the "how to setup" area

"Modems for Dummies", Rathbone, 1993, 1-56884-223-6, U$19.99/C$26.99/UK#18.99 - disappointing regarding setup, but good overview of online options (who to call)

"The Modem Reference", Banks, , - fairly complete overview, but with errors and without much organization

"Mobile Data & Wireless LAN Technologies", Rifaat A. Dayem, 1997, 0-13-839051-7 - better than nothing as an introduction to wireless tech, but uneven

"The Meaning of it All", Richard P. Feynman, 1998, 0-201-36080-2, U$22.00/C$30.95 - thoughts on the mode of thought that might benefit society

"Mercury Rising", Douglas Pearson Ryne, 1998, 038002945 - fiction, bad crypto

"Glossbrenner's Master Guide to GEnie", Glossbrenner, 0-07-881659-9, U$39.95 - somewhat dated with the changes in the system, but still very useful

"The Magic Garden Explained", Berny Goodheart/James Cox, 1994, 0-13-098138-9 - overview of UNIX internals

"Magill's Survey of Science Applied Science Series Supplement", Donald R. Franceschetti (ed), 1998, 0-89356-934-8 - some interesting pieces, but generally poor and short introductions to the field

"The McGraw-Hill Internet Training Manual", Ronald L. Wagner/Eric Engelmann, 1996, 0-07-066937-6, U$32.95 - *not* a training manual; a short Internet guide with a lot of gaps

"MH & xmh: E-mail for Users & Programmers", Peek, 1995, 1-56592-093-7, U$34.95 - an excellent tutorial and reference for a useful mail tool set

"Managing Internet Information Services", Liu et al, 1994, 1-56592-062-7, U$29.95 - coverage of the major Internet servers, predominantly technical

"Making TeX Work", Walsh, 1994, 1-56592-051-1, U$29.95 - obtaining, installing and running TeX and utilities

"Making Sense of Java", Simpson/Mitchell/Christeson/Zaidi/Levine, 1996, 0-13-263294-2/1-884777-24-4 - a quick intro for the non- programming manager

"Multimedia & CD-ROMs for Dummies", Rathbone, 1994, 1-56884-089-6, U$19.95/C$26.95 - lots of holes, but good coverage of a new field

"Multimedia on the Internet", Damon A. Dean, 1996, 0-7821-1821-6, U$12.99 - maybe interesting, but not very helpful

"The Complete Guide to MMX Technology", Intel Corporation, 1997, 0-07-006192-0, U$59.95 - tech reference, marketing promo, and just a hint of training

"Managing Computer Networks", Lundy Lewis, 1995, 0-89006-799-6 - more about expert systems and case-based reasoning than management

"Mondo Canuck", Geoff Pevere/Greig Dymond, 1996, 0-13-263088-5, C$27.95 - wonderful collection of Canadian pop trivia

"Mind and Morals", May/Friedman/Clark, 1996, 0-262-63165-2, U$20.00 - the philosophical and psychological sides of cognitive science, heavily influenced by naturalism and so of little use to technology

"Management of Library and Archive Security", Robert K. O'Neill, 1998, 0-7890-0519-0, U$29.95 - touches on many areas, but many gaps and weak spots

"Managing Mailing Lists", Alan Schwartz, 1998, 1-56592-259-X, U$29.95/C$42.95 - mostly concerned with software configuration

"Novell's Guide to Multiprotocol Internetworking", Chappell/Spicer, 1994, 0-7821-1291-9, U$34.95/C$55.00 - good intro to internetworking at a planning level for those with a technical background

"Mastering Windows NT Server 4", Mark Minasi/Christa Anderson/Elizabeth Creegan, 1996, 0-7821-1920-4, U$49.99 - excellent guide, informative, complete, and helpful

"The Mother of All Windows 95 Books", Woody Leonhard/Barry Simon, 1996, 0-201-40971-2, U$39.95/C$55.00 - good Win95 guide for all audiences

"The Mother of All Windows 98 Books", Woody Leonhard/Barry Simon, 1999, 0-201-43312-5, U$39.95/C$59.95 - solid look at neceaary stuff

"The Mosaic Handbook for the Macintosh", Dougherty/Koman, 1994, 1-56592-096-1 - shortest of the following

"The Mosaic Handbook for Microsoft Windows", Dougherty/Koman, 1994, 1-56592-094-5 - needs more info on installation, but good overview of the enhanced Mosaic program

"The Mosaic Handbook for the X Window System", Dougherty/Koman/Ferguson, 1994, 1-56592-095-3 - not great as an Internet guide, but much more detail than we have seen before about Mosaic, HTML and related stuff

"Mosaic for Dummies", David Angell/Brent Heslop, 1995, 1-56884-242-2, U$19.99/C$26.99/UK#18.99 - minimal and not entirely accurate information

"The Mosaic Navigator", Gilster, 1995, 0-471-11336-0, U$16.95 - good overview, perhaps not quite up to his earlier works

"Moving Mars", Bear, 1993, 0-312-85515-X, U$23.95 - fiction, remarkably unscientific "hard" sf, mostly about clash of cultures

"More Internet for Dummies", Levine/Levine Young, 1994, 1-56884-164-7, U$19.95/C$26.95/UK#18.99 - a good addendum to the first (cf BKINTDUM.RVW), especially if you want to add direct (SLIP) access to a Windows machine

"Marketing on the Internet: Multimedia Strategies for the World Wide Web", Jill Ellsworth/Matthew Ellsworth, 1995, 0-471-11850-8, U$24.95/C$32.50 - good WWW and HTML overview, but doesn't point out some pitfalls for business

"The Miracle Strain", Michael Cordy, 1997, 0-688-15508-1, U$24.00/C$31.75 - fiction, bad genetics, data security, and logic, and a wimpish anticlimax

"MS-DOS Bible", Simrin, 1991, 0-672-22789-4, U$29.95/C$37.95 - a good thorough introduction to DOS for those starting out and wanting to understand and use it. Technical level varies widely at some points, and a hefty tome for those only wanting to know how to start the word processor.

"Field Guide to MS-DOS 6.2", Siechert & Wood Inc., 1994, 1-55615-560-3, U$9.95/C$12.95/UK#8.95 - decent quick guide for novice or intermediate user

"Micrsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Front Runner", Mary Millhollon/Luanne O'Loughlin/Toni Zuccarini, 1996, 1-57610-006-5, U$29.99/C$41.99 - OK docs for IE, but mostly fluff

"The Underground Guide to Microsoft Internet Assistant", Ross, 1996, 0-201-48944-9, U$16.95/C$23.00 - I'm not sure why anyone would *want* to use Internet Assistant. If you have it, this is the manual. If you don't, it's not the best HTML guide going.

"Mastering Java", Vanhelsuwe/Phillips/Hsu/Sankar/Ries/Rohaly/Zukowski, 1996, 0-7821-1935-2, U$49.95 - another Java book for C programmers

"Mosaic Quick Tour For Windows", Gareth Branwyn, 1994, 1-56604-194-5, U$12.00 - good guide for installation,except for the actual SLIP/PPP connection

"Mastering Regular Expressions", Jeffrey E. F. Friedl, 1997, 1-56592-257-3, U$29.95/C$42.95 - excellent guide to an important part of UNIX

"Mastering Serial Communications", Gofton, 1994, 0-7821-1202-1 - uneven but reasonably good "advanced user" level coverage of COM ports on PCs

"Mastering Technical Writing", Mancuso, 1990, 0-201-52350-7 - sound step by step guide to starting or improving technical writing of all kinds

"Mastering The Internet", Cady/McGregor, 1995, 0-7821-1645-0, U$39.99 - a reasonable basic introduction, bulked out with sections that don't work

"Mastering Novell Netware", Currid/Gillett, , - a very *basic* intro to Novell

"Mastering UNIX Serial Communications", Gofton, , - good, but very brief, intro to serial comm and some UNIX programs

"The Microsoft Way", Randall E. Stross, 1996, 0-201-40949-6, U$25.00/C$34.00 - the promised insider information and insight into MS's success is not delivered

"Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server", Barry Gerber, 1996, 0-7821-1867-4, U$39.95 - decent replacement for the docs, but no more

"Moths to the Flame", Gregory J. E. Rawlins, 1996, 0-262-18176-2, U$22.50 - better informed than most, but the usual series of complaining articles on technology

"Mother of Storms", John Barnes, 1994, 0-812-53345-3, U$5.99/C$6.99 - fiction, some interesting explorations of self-replicating programs

"Managing the Windows NT Registry", Paul Robichaux, 1998, 1-56592-378-2, U$34.95/C$49.95 - great conceptual guide to the Registry

"Naissance d'un virus", Mark Ludwig translated by Jean Bernard Condat, , - French translation of Ludwig's "Little Black Book"

"New and Improved Stupid Mac Tricks", Bob LeVitus, 1995, 0-12-445578-6 - yet another great collection of cute

"Nanotechnology", BC Crandall ed., 1996, 0-262-53137-2, U$17.00 - good thoughtful overview

"Navigating the Internet", Gibbs/Smith, , 0-672-30362-0, U$24.95/C$31.95 - another introductory guide, oddly dependent upon BITNET, some handy resource guides

"New Community Networks", Douglas Schuler, 1996, 0-201-59553-2, U$26.85 - anecdotes about various activities on local BBSes

"Navigating C++ and Object-Oriented Design", Paul Anderson/Gail Anderson, 1998, 0-13-532748-2, U$49.95/C$69.95 - good tutorial on Object- orientation, but maybe for advanced programmers

"Netscape Developer's Guide to Plug- ins", Douglas A. Young, 1997, 0-13-270992-9, U$44.95/C$62.95 - covers the API, but not much of the concept

"Underground", Suelette Dreyfus, 1997, 1-86330-595-5, A$19.95 - naive and flawed account of a loose amalgam of system crackers

"Net Games", Wolff, 1994, 0-679-75592-6, U$19.00/C$25.00 - well researched, heavy on commercial systems, a lot of "check your local BBS for something like this" listings

"NetGuide", Rutten/Bayers/Maloni, 1994, 0-679-75106-8, U$19.00/C$25.00 - a good "first look" reference to information online

"NetLaw: Your Rights in the Online World", Lance Rose, 1995, 0-07-882077-4, U$19.95 - good overview of legal matters relation to the online world, but still US-centric

"NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet", Ferdi Serim/Melissa Koch, 1996, 1-56592-201-8, U$24.95/C$35.95 - education deserves better than "oh, wow!" books like this

"Net Lessons", Laura Parker Roerden, 1997, 1-56592-291-3, U$24.95/C$35.95 - unit plans with very limited use of the Internet, requiring considerable prior knowledge of the Internet in order to be of much use

"Network Management: A Practical Perspective", Allan Leinwand/Karen Fang Conroy, , 0-201-60999-1, U$39.76 - good tutorial and overview coverage

"NetPages", Susan Estrada, 1996, 0-9651670-0-3, U$9.95/C$13.95/UK#6.9/FR50/DM15/A$13.95/JY1250 - getting better

"Netpower", Persson, 1993, 1-56523-031-0, U$39.95 - a resource guide covering both commercial and non-commercial networks and systems, primarily directed at educators

"Network Security", Shaffer/Simon, 1994, 0-12-638010-4, - general intro to security with shortcomings in the particulars

" The Complete Guide to the Adult Side of the Internet", Candi Rose/Dirk Thomas, 1995, 0-672-30702-2, U$19.99/C$26.99/UK#15.50 - well researched "what and where to" on the net

"NetSuccess", Scott Kersnar, 1996, 1-56592-213-1, U$34.95/C$49.95 - specialized topic (real estate), but definitely one of the best business-on-the-net books

"net.wars", Wendy W. Grossman, 1997, 0-8147-3103-1, U$21.95 - excellent recent history and explanation of the net using the device of various warring factions

"Isaac Newton: The Last Sorcerer", Michael White, 1997, 0-201-48301-7, U$27.00/C$37.95 - readable bio, but definite bias

"Managing NFS and NIS", Stern, 1991, 0-937175-75-7, - overview of the basic UNIX LAN system

"Novell's Guide to Integrating UNIX and NetWare Networks", James Gaskin, 1993, 0-7821-1129-7, U$34.95/C$44.95 - good background and reviews of available products

"Novell's Guide to Managing Small NetWare Networks", Kelley Lindberg, 1993, 0-7821-1238, U$24.95/C$32.95 - the basics, but nothing you won't already find in the Novell docs

"The New Hacker's Dictionary", Eric S. Raymond, 1996, 0-262-68092-0, U$16.50 - excellent introduction not only to hacker language but also culture and society

"Naked In Cyberspace", Carole A. Lane, 1997, 0-910965-17-X, U$29.95 - very little about how to find information about people

"The New KornShell", Morris I. Bolsky/David G. Korn, 1995, 0-13-182700-6 - but old style docs

"Net Law: How Lawyers Use the Internet", Paul Jacobsen, 1997, 1-56592-258-1, U$29.95 - very useful for lawyers

"Neural Networks and Fuzzy-Logic Control on Personal Computers and Workstations", Granino A. Korn, 1995, 0-262-11205-1 - for advanced and math centred students only

"You Must Not Let Them Con You! There's Too Much at Stake", Shapiro, 1993, , U$30 - con laden book on how to spot when people are misleading you - more negative than positive

"Networking Personal Computers with TCP/IP", Craig Hunt, 1995, 1-56592-123-2, U$29.95 - good bridge between those working with "real" computers and PC users

"MCSE Training Guide Windows NT Server 4 Enterprise", Jason Sirockman /Brian Komar/Jay Adamson, 1997, 1-56205-770-7, U$49.99/C$70.95 - probably useful

"New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages", Andrew Busey/Larry Colker/Hank Weghorst, 1995, 1-56205-449-X, U$29.99/C$39.99/UK#27.99 - surprisingly little of value

"New Riders' Official Internet Yellow Pages", Maxwell/Grycz, 1994, 1-56205-408-2, U$29.99/C$39.99/UK#27.49 - interesting keyword indexing, but less helpful, overall, than the Hahn/Stout work

"Inside the Norton Antivirus", Norton/Nielsen, 1992, 0-13-473463-7 - not much good as a general guide, plus outdated docs for NAV

"Netscape and HTML Explorer", Urban A. LeJeune, 1996, 1-883577-91-8, U$39.99/C$55.99 - good guide for the non-professional who wants to get "more" out of Netscape

"Windows NT Server 4 Security Handbook", Lee Hadfield/Dave Hatter/Dave Bixler, 1997, 0-7897-1213-X, U$39.99/C$56.95/UK#36.99 - some deeper insight and added information for NT security, but still lacks explanation of the model

"The Net After Dark", Wood, 1994, 0-471-10347-0, U$16.95 - a listing, with minimal description, of newsgroups, mailing lists and some other stuff in various topic areas

"Networking Applications of UNIX System V", Padovano, 1993, 0-13-613555-2 - good text for the specific system

"Networking the Desktop: Cabling, Configuration, and Communications", Deni Connor/Mark Anderson, 1995, 0-12-185865-0 - not practical

"Networking the Desktop: Netware", Deni Connor/Mark Anderson, 1996, 0-12-185866-9, U$29.95 - useless and error-ridden

"Network Design Essentials", Tittel/Robbins, 1994, 0-12-691395-1 - reasonable guide for implementing large LAN, not quite enough on the basics

"net.gain", John Hagel/Arthur G.Armstrong, 1997, 0-87584-759-5 - attractive, but not very plausible

"Network and Internetwork Security", William Stallings, 1995, 0-02-415483-0 - another classic from Stallings, primarily on encryption

"Network Interface Technical Guide", Micro House, 1992, 1-880252-21-X, U$89.95 - lists important data for any and all network cards, invaluable for LAN admins

"Netizens", Michael Hauben/Ronda Hauben, 1997, 0-8186-7706-6, U$28.95 - an unfocussed, undisciplined, and astonishing dull collection of essays

"Not Just JAVA", Peter van der Linden, 1997, 0-13-864638-4, U$34.95/C$48.95 - very informative overview coverage of recent and upcoming internetwork technologies

"Novell's Guide to Netware LAN Analysis", Chappell, 1993, 0-7821-1143-2, U$29.95/C$39.95 - good "cookbook" troubleshooting reference for those with Ethernet LANs (also should be considered in planning)

"How to Manage Your Network Using SNMP: The Network Management Practicum", Marshall Rose/Keith McCloghrie, 1995, 0-13-141517-4 - practical. Don't let the difficult language throw you off.

"The Network Nation", Hiltz/Turoff, 1978/1993, 0-262-58120-5, U$24.95 - excellent analysis of society as molded by computer mediated communications, a classic but still visionary

"Netiquette", Shea, 1994, 0-9637025-1-3, U$19.95 - good collection of the "received wisdom" on an important topic, but still needs work

"Interface", Bury, 1994, 0-553-37230-0, U$11.95/C$15.95 - fiction, robotic Manchurian candidate again, technically disappointing but a fun read

"Internetworking", Colin Smythe, 1995, 0-201-56536-6, U$37.75 - good balance of academic and practical material

"NetResearch: Finding Information Online", Daniel J. Barrett, 1997, 1-56592-245-X, U$24.95/C$35.95 - possible primer for beginners, heavy emphasis on the Web

"Windows NT Server 4.0 for NetWare Administrators", Robert Bruce Thompson, 1997, 1-56592-280-8, U$39.95/C$56.95 - good, but not perfect, intro to the network admin side of WNT

"Network Security Secrets", Stang, 1993, 1-56884-021-7 - practical and thorough security at the right level for most LAN managers

"Network Security", Richard Baker, 1995, 0-07-005141-0, U$34.95 - good on the overall direction for a security policy, bad on facts

"Windows NT SNMP", James D. Murray, 1998, 1-56592-338-3, U$34.95/C$49.95 - good overview for programmers

"Netscape Navigator", Brian Pfaffenberger, 1995, 0-12-553132-X - OK docs

"Netscape Virtuoso", Elissa Keeler/Robert Miller, 1996, 1-55828-462-1, U$24.95/C$34.95 - good intro guide, but not as good as they think

"Newton's Telecom Dictionary", Harry Newton, 1998, U$29.95, 1-57820-008-3 - one of the two best telecommuncations dictionaries, and certainly the largest

"The (New) Turing Omnibus", Dewdney, 1993, 0-7167-8271-5, U$24.95 - interesting and broadly based series of essays on (mostly theoretical) topics in computer science

"Netware for Dummies", Tittel, 1993, 1-56884-003-9 - passable intro to setting up a net but too breezy for a good reference

"NetWare LANs Performance and Troubleshooting", Theakston, 1995, 0-201-63175-X, U$34.38 - good in both concepts and detail, useful in organization

"Networks", Ramteke, 1994, 0-13-958059-X - good text, good overview of the whole field of networking, good backstop for network experts in one field who haven't time for crossover training

"Network Security", Charlie Kaufman/Radia Perlman/Mike Speciner, 1995, 0-13-061466-1 - the communications security text

"Netware Troubleshooting", Hader, 1991, 0-201-57737-2 - good concept and start, but holes still to be filled

"Networking Windows NT", Ruley et al, 1994, 0-471-31072-7, U$27.95 - NT docs revisited

"Network Your Mac", Carl Powell III, 1994, 1-878956-41-8, U$19.00 - doesn't go beyond the installation guides

"NetWare 4.1: The Complete Reference", Tom Sheldon, 1996, 0-07-882172-X, U$39.95 - only short on installation

"The NetWare 3.12 Administrator's Handbook", Kelly J. P. Lindberg, 1996, 0-7821-1905-0, U$24.99 - basics, but not beyond

"NetWare to Internet Gateways", James E. Gaskin, 1996, 0-13-521774-1, U$44.95 - excellent reference for a needed topic

"Network and Netplay", Fay Sudweeks/Margaret McLaughlin/Sheizaf Rafaeli, 1998, 0-262-69206-6, U$35.00 - no collection of sociological studies is ever a total waste: it can always be used as a bad example

"Object Databases: The Essentials", Loomis, 1995, 0-201-56341-X, U$27.95 - unconvincing to those not already "onside"

"Object Solutions: Managing the Object-Oriented Project", Grady Booch, 1996, 0-8053-0594-7, U$29.00 - good advice on larger projects for the intermediate object programmer, but nothing significant for management

"Office 97 Annoyances", Woody Leonhard/Lee Hudspeth/T. J. Lee, 1997, 1-56592-310-3, U$21.95/C$31.95 - good adjunct to the earlier books, but not quite standalone

"Microsoft Office Projects for Windows", Belisle et al, 1995, 0-8053-1194-7 - lock-step textbook for learning a tiny bit of MS Office

"The Old Man and The Sea", Ernest Hemingway, 1952, 0-02-051910-9 - fiction, part of "great literature"

"The Online Deskbook", Mary Ellen Bates, 1996, 0-910965-19-6, U$29.95 - OK guide to some of the more widely used commercial databases

"Online Market Research", John F. Lescher, 1995, 0-201-48929-5, U$19.95/C$27.00 - there's a hole in this market

"On Guard", Laura E. Quarantiello, 1994, 0-936653-50-7, U$17.95 - pedestrian guide to action against crime

"On Internet 94", Dern/Abbott, 1994, 0-88736-929-4, U$34.95/C$44.95 - great resource guide, but a few bugs to be worked out yet

"The Online 100", Mick O'Leary, 1995, 0-910965-14-5, U$22.95 - overview of selected commercial databases

"On the Road", Michael Prochak, 1995, 0-201-59396-1, U$19.95/C$25.95 - reasonable guide to buying and using a portable Mac

"Open Distributed Systems", Jon Crowcroft, 1995, 0-89006-839-9 - good coverage

"The Official PGP User's Guide", Philip R. Zimmermann, 1995, 0-262-74017-6, U$14.95 - the docs for the freeware version

"Online with PROCOMM PLUS for Windows 2", Wolfe, 1995, 0-471-10612-7, U$22.95 - OK replacement docs but missing the script language

"Operating Systems: Design and Implementation", Andrew S. Tanenbaum/Albert S. Woodhull, 1997, 0-13-638677-6 - good, basic, functional text

"Open Systems Networking", Piscitello/Chapin, , - Solid management and technical review of the "hot topic"

"ORACLE Performance Tuning", Peter Corrigan/Mark Gurry, 1993, 1-56592-048-1, U$34.95 - solid, practical and readable

"OS/2 Warp Internet Connection", Deborah Morrison, 1995, 1-56884-465-4, U$24.99/C$34.99/UK#23.99 - still some problems with setup, and limited to overview of the interface

"Otherness", Brin, 1994, 0-553-29528-4, U$5.99/C$7.99 - short stories celebrating the "other"

"On to Java", Patrick Henry Winston/Sundar Narasimhan, 1996, 0-201-49826-X, U$19.31 - lockstep introduction to Java

"Overdrive: Bill Gates and the Race to Control Cyberspace", James Wallace, 1997, 0-471-18041-6, U$24.95/C$34.95/UK#16.99 - witty and interesting, but not always technically informed

"Byte Guide to Optimising Windows 95", Craig Menefee/Lenny Bailes, 1996, 0-07-882120-7, C$42.95 - good guide for the intermediate DOS user

"Oxford Family Encyclopedia", George Philip Limited, 1997, 0-19-521367-X, U$45.00 - handier in a single volume, but lots of errors

"The PC Answer Book", Barrett, 1992, 0-672-30227-6, U$12.95/C$16.95 - friendly and aimed at non-tech audience, but many failings

"The PC Bible", Eric Knorr, 1994, 1-56609-107-1, U$24.95/C$34.95 - broad overview, but limited depth and inconsistent quality

"Personal Computer Buying Guide", Pearson, 1990/1993, 0-89043-622-3, U$14.95/C$19.99 - some good tips, but enough bad material that this would not be really helpful to the first time buyer

"Pournelle's PC Communications Bible", Pournelle/Banks, , - overly verbose, not overly accurate

"PC First-Aid Kit", Jerome/Taylor, 1994, 0-201-62627-6, U$24.95/C$31.95 - helpful, but it misses a lot, too

"PC Hardware Configuration Guide for DOS and Solaris", Ron Ledesma, 1994, 0-13-124678-X - requires a fair amount of PC configuration knowledge already in order to install Solaris

"Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms", Mitchell Shnier, 1996, 1-56592- 158-5, U$19.95/C$28.95 - good readable reference

"The PC Handbook", John P. Choisser/John O. Foster, 1996, 0-929392-36-1, U$9.95 - handy reference guide, mostly for hardware

"PCI Hardware and Software Architecture & Design", Edward Solari/George Willse, 1996, 0-929392-32-9 - comprehensive and well done reference

"The PC Internet Tour Guide", Fraase, 1994, 1-56604-084-1, U$24.95 - OK intro guide relying heavily on the included SLIP software

"PC Interrupts", Ralf Brown/Jim Kyle, 1994, 0-201-62485-0, U$39.95/C$51.95 - the interrupt list in print

"Point & Click Internet", Godin, 1994, 1-56609-161-6, U$12.95/C$17.95 - advertising pamphlet for AOL

"PC Magazine Guide to Connectivity", Frank J. Derfler Jr., 1995, 1-56276-274-5, U$34.95/C$48.95/UK#32.49 - good intro for non-technical managers

"PC Mom: The Mother of All PC Books", Leonhard/Simon, 1995, 0-201-40952-6, U$49.95/C$64.95 - a good intro for those interested in the "insides": different emphasis from the "MS-DOS Bible" and heavily into games

"Practical Computer Network Security", Mike Hendry, 1995, 0-89006-801-1, U$55.00 - impractical and poor general look at security

"PC Networking Handbook", Ed Tittel, 1996, 0-12-691398-6 - vague generalities about things that could be related to networks

"The PC is Not a Typewriter", Robin Williams, 1992, 0-938151-49-5, $9.95 - a beginning on typography, rather than mere typing, on PCs

"PC Power", Quimby, 1993, 1-878956-30-2, U$19.00 - very subjective look at PCs and software

"PCS & Digital Cellular Technologies", Rifaat A. Dayem, 1997, 0-13-616574-5 - an uneven but generally accessible guide to the new technologies

"Personal Communication Systems and Technologies", John Gardiner/Barry West (ed.), 1995, 0-89006-588-8, U$59.00 - overview of the competing technologies

"Peter Coffee Teaches PCs", Peter Coffee, 1998, 0-7897-1703-4, U$19.99/C$28.95/UK#18.49 - lots of interesting trivia, but neither easy enough for beginners nor complete enough for experts

"IBM Personal Computer Troubleshooting & Repair", Brenner, 1989, 0-672-22662-6, U$24.95/C$31.95 - if you know most simple troubleshooting already, and are technically inclined, some helpful pointers at low levels of hardware

"PC Viruses: Detection, Analysis and Cure", Alan Solomon, 1991, 0-387-19691-9 - very accurate, slightly dated, somewhat demanding technically

"The PC Virus Control Handbook", Robert Jacobson, 1990, 0-87930-194-5, U$24.95 - dated and uneven, but a good chapter on how to deal with infections

"Pegasus Mail for Windows", David J. Kocmoud/J. Matthew Pierce/Michael O. Stegman, 1996, 0-13-261900-8 - good docs for a great program

"Personal Encryption Clearly Explained", Pete Loshin, 1998, 0-12-455837-2, U$39.95/C$55.95 - doesn't explain it

"Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days", David Till, 1995, 0-672-30586-0, U$29.99/C$39.99 - OK intro, but definitely for the technical crowd

"Perl by Example", Ellie Quigley, 1995, 0-13-122839-0 - good introduction, but we're still waiting for some excitement

"Platinum Edition Using Windows 98", Ed Bott/Ron Person, 1998, 0-7897-1489-2, U$49.99/C$71.95/UK#46.99 - standard docs replacement

"A Programmer's Guide to Sound", Tim Kientzle, 1998, 0-201-41972-6, U$39.95/C$55.95 - excellent presentation and coverage

"PGP: Pretty Good Privacy", Garfinkel, 1995, 1-56592-098-8, U$29.95/C$42.95 - better coverage of the controversies and concepts than Stallings, but terse explanations

"Practical Guide to SGML Filters", Norman E. Smith, 1997, 1-55622-511-3, U$49.95 - how many people need to write programs to convert SGML to/from other formats?

"Philosophy and AI", Cummins/Pollock (ed), 1991, 0-262-03180-9, U$15.00 - a dozen papers on the more theoretical aspects of artificial intelligence

"Photoshop in a Nutshell", Donnie O'Quinn/Matt LeClair, 1997, 1-56592-313-8, U$19.95/C$28.95 - another excellent Nutshell book

"Phaze Doubt", Anthony, 1990, 0-441-66263-3, U$5.95 - fiction, in which Anthony proves he knows nothing about black holes

"Programming and Interfacing the 8051 Microcontroller", Sencer Yeralan/Ashutosh Ahluwalia, 1993, 0-201-63365-5, U$34.38 - good intro and overview for a major family of imbedded controllers

"A Guide to the Pick System", Dale Dougherty, , - like it says, intro

"Practical Internetworking with TCP/IP and UNIX", Carl-Mitchell/Quarterman, 1993, 0-201-58629-0 - good practical first stop

"Packet Communication", Robert M. Metcalfe, 1996, 1-57398-033-1, U$39.95/C$55.95 - of both historic and technical interest

"Pattern Languages of Program Design 2", Vlissides/Coplien/Kerth, 1996, 0-201-895527-7, U$39.76 - easier than the original and more directed at practical programming and development

"Pattern Languages of Program Design", Coplien/Schmidt, 1995, 0-201-60734-4 - some interesting concepts, but almost impenetrable to those not *deeply* immersed in the object environment

"Programming with Owl for Windows 95", Vic Broquard, 1997, 0-13-492273-5, U$44.95/C$62.95 - documentation

"Programming Languages: Concepts and Constructs", Ravi Sethi, 1996, 0-201-59065-4, U$55.90 - very academic text

"Programming in an Object-Oriented Environment", Ege, 1992, 0-12-232931-7 - textbook for C programmers

"Programming the PowerPC", Dan Parks Sydow, 1994, 1-55851-400-7, U$39.95/C$54.00 - good intro to the concepts of the MacOS use on 680x0 and PowerPC machines

"Programming Perl", Larry Wall/Tom Christiansen/Randal L. Schwartz, 1996, 1-56592-149-6, U$39.95/C$56.95 - if I told you you would want to read every word of a technical reference to get the jokes, would you believe me?

"Practical HTML", Roy Tennant, 1996, 1-882208-19-6, U$54.00 - impractical, overpriced, and unnecessary

"Privacy on the Line", Whitfield Diffie/Susan Landau, 1998, 0-262-04167-7, U$25.00 - good background, but not much direction for the debate

"Personal Medical Information", Ross Anderson, 1997, 3-540-63244-1, U$45.00 - uneven quality in this collection of papers on medical ethics, but good range

"Winn L. Rosch's Printer Bible", Winn L. Rosch, 1996, 1-55828-436-2, U$34.95/C$48.95 - ten years too late

"Professional PowerBuilder Programming", Paul Bukauskas/Bruce Braunstein, 1997, 0-13-238577-5, U$39.95/C$55.95 - only good for the trivial stuff

"Protection and Security on the Information Superhighway", Frederick B. Cohen, 1995, 0-471-11389-1, U$32.50 - prejudiced, pedestrian and pointless

"Portable Communications", Banks, , - very little portable, but some reasonable communications background

"Protect Your Privacy", Stallings, 1995, 0-13-185596-4, U$19.95 - good coverage of both concepts and program operation of PGP, could use some better organization in presentation of topics

"Practical UNIX and Internet Security", Simson Garfinkel/Gene Spafford, 1996, 1-56592-148-8, U$39.95/C$56.95 - still practical and reliable, and now a classic

"Practical UNIX Security", Garfinkel/Spafford, 1992, 0-937175-72-2 - very practical, very secure, very UNIX

"Principles of Signalling for Cell Relay and Frame Relay", Minoli/Dobrowski, 1995, 0-89006-708-2, U$77.00 - overview and compendium of cell examples

"Pthreads Programming", Bradford Nichols/Dick Buttlar/Jacqueline Proulx Farrell, 1996, 1-56592-115-1, U$32.95/C$46.95 - good introduction not only to the POSIX threads API, but threads in general

"A Pathology of Computer Viruses", David Ferbrache, 1992, 0-387-19610-2, U$49/UK#24.50 - good technical overview for the serious researcher

"The Complete Guide to Pathworks", Spencer, , - DOS and VMS only, but a reasonably good overview

"Person to Person on the Internet", Diane Reiner/Keith Blanton, 1997, 0-12-104245-6, U$19.95 - too long for a magazine article

"Publicity on the Internet", Steve O'Keefe, 1997, 0-471-16175-6, U$24.95/C$34.95 - an ad for the author's company

"PCWeek Microsoft Windows NT Security", Nevin Lambert/Manish Patel, 1997, 1-56276-457-8, U$39.99/C$56.95/UK#36.99 - good introductory or non-specialist guide, but there are holes

"A Quarter Century of Unix", Salus, 1994, 0-201-54777-5, U$26.95 - interesting and fun, but poorly related to present

"Quick Reference to Computer Graphics Terms", Stevens, 1993, 0-12-668310-7 - good, solid, wide-ranging and thorough

"Richter 10", Arthur C. Clarke/Mike McQuay, 1996, 0-553-57333-0 - fiction, absolutely terrible on the technical side

"Research Directions in Database Security", Lunt (ed), , - rather generic, but a good intro to the various problems in a very complex area

"Readings in Electronic Commerce", Ravi Kalakota/Andrew B. Whinston, 1997, 0-201-88060-1, U$39.76 - not very good

"Red Hat Linux Unleashed, Second Edition", David Pitts, 1998, 0-672-31173-9, U$39.99/C$56.95/UK#37.50 - poor guide supported by the inclusion of the HOWTO docs

"Residential Broadband", George Abe, 1997, 1-57870-020-5, U$55.00/C$77.95/UK#50.99 - overview at the right level for managers, emphasis on TV

"ResEdit Complete", Alley/Strange, 1994, 0-201-62686-1, U$34.95/C$44.95 - good solid intro to ResEdit, concentrating on interface aspects

"The Revolutionary Guide to Assembly Language", Maljugin/Izrailevich/Sopin/Lavin, 1993, 1-874416-12-5, U$39.95/C$55.95/UK#34.95 - very complete introduction for the professional programmer

"Riding the Internet Highway", Fisher, 1993, 1-56205-192-X - shorter version of online guide but no major missing parts

"Remote Access Essentials", Margaret Robbins, 1996, 0-12-691410-9 - most of the essentials are missing

"README.1ST: SGML for Writers and Editors", Turner/Douglass/Turner, 1996, 0-13-432717-9 - great introduction, although a little longwinded in defence of SGML

"Running a Perfect Web Site", David Chandler, 1995, 0-7897-0210-X, U$39.99/C$53.99/UK#37.49 - an overview that touches all the topics, but doesn't give much detail on any

"The Runaway Brain", Wills, 1993, 0-465-03131-5 - interesting stories behind some of the recent studies in human evolution but incomplete and without direction

"Rogue Star", Michael Flynn, 1998, 0-312-86136-2, U$25.95/C$35.95 - fiction, good orbital dynamics, but not so good on computers and communications

"The Rookie's Guide to UnixWare", Adams/Isaacs/Kaufman, 1993, 0-7821-1376-1, U$19.9x, U$19.95/C$26.95 - a rookie book. Why was this written?

"The Rise and Resurrection of the American Programmer", Edward Yourdon, 1996, 0-13-121831-X, U$26.95/C$34.95 - not much for programmers, but probably useful for managers

"The RS-232 Solution", Campbell, 1989, 0-89588-488-7, U$24.95/C$32.95 - practical and readable, but not the full spec

"Repetitive Strain Injury", Pascarelli, 1994, 0-471-59533-0 - important and often misunderstood problem which can have severe implications for both individuals and the industry as a whole

"Ruminations on C++", Andrew Koenig/Barbara Moo, 1997, 0-201-42339-1, U$29.00 - heavy C

"Running Linux", Matt Welsh/Lar Kaufman, 1996, 1-56592-151-8, U$29.95/C$42.95 - how to get and install Linux, and what to do with it once you've got it

"Real World Networking with NT 4", William Holderby, 1996, 1-557610-055-3, U$39.99/C$55.99 - good intro to both NT and networks, but missing hardware and some background

"Rx PC: The Anti-Virus Handbook", Janet Endrijonas, 1993, 0-8306-4202-1, C$59.95 - ultimately dated and unreliable, but the best of the bad bunch of virus books

"Sad Macs, Bombs, and Other Disasters", Ted Landau, 1997, 0-201-68810-7, U$29.95/C$41.00 - good basic Mac recovery and fixit book

"Safeware: Systems Safety and Computers", Nancy Leveson, 1995, 0-201-11972-2, U$49.43 - more related to safety overall than to software, but good overview

"Secure Computing: Threats and Safeguards", Rita C. Summers, 1997, 0-07-069419-2, C$87.95 - broad, if banal, overview

"Successful C for Commercial UNIX Developers", Mohamed Osman, 1996, 0-89006-642-6, U$49.00 - and a pretty good tutorial for C itself, as well

"Scholarly Publishing: The Electronic Frontier", Robin P. Peek/Gregory B. Newby, 1996, 0-262-16157-5, U$35.00 - good overview of the topics that should be looked at

"Security in Computing", Charles P. Pfleeger, 1989, 0-13-798943-1 - reasonable textbook, but some shortcomings

"SCO Companion", James Mohr, 1996, 0-13-451683-4, U$39.95/C$54.95 - excellent UNIX guide, limited only by its proprietary nature

"SCO in a Nutshell", Cutler, 1994, 1-56592-037-6, U$9.95 - quick technical reference for SCO UNIX

"Symantec C++", Dan Parks Sydow, 1994, 1-55958-633-8, U$39.95/C$55.95/UK#37.49 - Yes, but ...

"Secrets of a Super Hacker", Dennis Fiery, 1994, 1-55950-106-5, U$19.95 - oddly disjointed perspective, generally good for protection awareness but no tech details

"Strategic Database Technology", Alan R. Simon, 1995, 1-55860-264-X - good management level overview

"Seeing the Unseen", Roger Bruce, 1994, 0-262-02387-3, U$39.95 - the life and work of Harold Edgerton

"For the Sake of Elena", George, 1992, 0-553-56127-8, U$5.95/C$6.95 - fiction, good mystery but bad mistake on use of terminals

"Special Edition Using the Internet", Jerry Honeycutt, 1998, 0-7897-1403-5, U$39.99/C$56.95/UK#37.49 - some interesting points, but unreliable and mostly about Netscape and IE4

"Sex as a Heap of Malfunctioning Rubble", Abrahams (ed), 1993, 1-56305-312-8, U$9.95 - not quite as funny as BJIR I, but still a riot

"Survivor's Guide to Computer Viruses", Virus Bulletin, 1993, 0-9522114-0-8, UK#19.95 - relatively accurate, but disappointing coming from the Virus Bulletin

"Shutting Down the National Dream", Greig Stewart, 1997, 0-07-552880-0, C$19.99 - gripping and dramatic story of the destruction of the Arrow

"sed & awk", Dale Dougherty/Arnold Robbins, 1997, 1-56592-255-5, U$24.95/C$42.95 - solid coverage of important tools

"Shockwave Rider", John Brunner, , - fiction, "tapeworm" is a minor but important aspect of the plot

"A Short Course on Computer Viruses", Fred Cohen, 1994, 0-471-00768-4 - excellent analysis providing thorough guidance for antiviral policy and procedures

"Show Me PCs", Joe Kraynak, 1993, 1-56761-260-1, U$12.95 - picturebook introduction, but reasonable for the novice

"The SLIP/PPP Connection", Paul Gilster, 1995, 0-471-11712-9, U$24.95/C$32.50 - OK intro to dial-up IP but short in the vital install area

"Slaves of the Machine", Gregory J. E. Rawlins, 1998, 0-262-68102-1, U$12.50 - erudite, pictureless, and rather negative version of a Time-Life guide to computers

"Smileys", David W. Sanderson/Dale Dougherty, 1993, 1-56592-041-4 - short, mostly listing, some discussion (COM931)

"Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns", Kent Beck, 1997, 0-13-476904-X - a collection of practices for solving programming problems

"The Smiley Dictionary", Seth Godin, , - not as complete as Sanderson and Dougherty, but nicer format

"Snow Crash", Stephenson, 1992, 0-553-56261-4 - fiction, sound technical background for nets and programming, interesting plot line about an "information virus" and funny

"sendmail", Brian Costales/Eric Allman, 1997, 1-56592-222-0, U$39.95/C$56.95 - complete overview and reference on sendmail

"SNMP, SNMPv2, and RMON: Practical Network Management", William Stallings, 1996, 0-201- 63479-1, U$50.52 - another classic reference

"SONET: A Guide to Synchronous Optical Networks", Walter J. Goralski, 1997, 0-07-024563-0, U$60.00 - good introduction, saving a lot of typos

"Son of Stupid Mac Tricks", Bob LeVitus, 1991, 0-201-56787-3, U$19.95/C$25.95 - good fun, well chosen and tested

"Secrets of the Super Net Searchers", Reva Basch, 1996, 0-910965-22-6, U$29.95 - standard, trite, and contradictory advice

"Even You Can Soup Up and Fix PCs", Jones, 1993, 0-672-30343-4, U$16.95 - not necessarily a good repair guide, but a good intro to the PC and its peripherals

"Spares", Michael Marshall Smith, 1996, 0-586-21775-4 - fiction, wonderfully crafted and good use of technology, too

"Spymaster", Colitt, 1995, 0-201-40738-8, U$23.00/C$32.00 - biography of Markus Wolf, head of the East German HVA and purported model for Le Carre's Karla

"Superdistribution", Brad Cox, 1996, 0-201-50208-9, U$26.85 - like objects but doesn't prove they cure cancer

"Spinning the Web", Andrew Ford, 1995, 1-850-32141-8 - a quick but worthwhile guide for those building real Web sites

"Survival in the Software Jungle", Mark Norris, 1995, 0-89006-831-3 - reasonably good reminder of the basics of large software project management

"UNIX System Command Summary", SSC, , - UNIX and other reference pamphlets

"Student's Guide to the Internet", Clark, 1995, 1-56761-545-7, U$14.99/C$20.95 - appropriate student level tone, writing and information

"STEPS for Implementing Local Area Networks", Cauchi/Dennison, , - excellent questions. No answers.

"Straight Talk About the Information Superhighway", Goldsborough, 1994, 1-56761-513-9, U$19.99/C$26.99 - hype, enthusiasm, and very little straight talk

"Steal This Code", Al Williams, 1996, 0-201-40998-4, U$34.95/C$48.00 - rather pedestrian programming guide

"Steal This Computer Book", Wallace Wang, 1998, 1-886411-21-2, U$19.95/C$28.00 - a loose amalgam of roughly security related topics that definitely is not worth buying

"Stopping Spam", Alan Schwartz/Simson Garfinkel, 1998, 1-56592-388-X, U$19.95/C$29.95 - good background and advice

"Stupid Beyond Belief PC Tricks", LeVitus/Tittel, 1992, 0-201-63235-7, U$19.95 - very cute and even occasionally useful

"Starswarm", Jerry Pournelle, 1998, 0-312-86183-4, U$23.95/C$33.95 - fiction, juvenile, decent ecology but poor technology

"The Streetwise Guide to PCs", Jerome/Taylor, 1993, 0-201-60839-1, U$14.95 - opinionated harangue against the industry, but many good points

"The State of the Net", Peter Clemente, 1998, 0-07-011979-1, U$24.95 - a marketing survey

"Success with Internet", Wyatt, 1994, 1-884133-01-0, U$29.95/C$38.95 - reasonable guide, some UNIX and Delphi bias

"Success With Excel for Windows", Wyatt, 1994, 0-9635851-9-3, U$27.95/C$35.95 - another copy of the docs with some templates on disk

"The Supervisor and On-the-Job Training", Martin Broadwell, 1995, 0-201-56363-0 - good quick guide to improving training

"Special Edition Using Microsoft Word 97", Bill Camarda, 1997, 0-7897-1398-5, U$34.99/C$49.95/UK#32.99 - good solid replacement docs, but replacement docs nonetheless

"History of the Personal Computer", Veit, 1993, 1-56664-030-X, U$27.95/C$32.95 - idiosyncratic review and personal stories about some of the earliest hobbyist computers

"The Software Business in Canada", George S. Takach, 1997, 0-07-552770-7, C$34.99 - very useful starter guide and reference

"SGML on the Web Small Steps Beyond HTML", Yuri Rubinsky/Murray Maloney, 1997, 0-13-519984-0, U$44.95/C$62.95 - handy intro to SGML for those who have a jumpstart on HTML, and good reference on how to extend HTML using SGML

"Shockwave Studio", Bob Schmitt, 1997, 1-56592-231-X, U$39.95/C$57.95 - good tutorial and reference, though primarily concentrating on GIF animation

"System BIOS for IBM PCs, Compatibles, and EISA Computers Second Edition", Phoenix Technologies Ltd., 1991, 0-201-57760-7 - reference for programming "(almost) down to the metal" on PCs

"Syslaw", Rose/Wallace, 1992, - legal aspects of BBSes and online systems

"The Tao of AppleScript", Schneider, 1993?, 1-56830-075-1, U$24.95/C$31.95 - good intro to an important utility, but programmer rather than user oriented

"The Technical Career Navigator", Weiss, 1995, 0-13-148396-X, U$19.95 - readable, but generic and trite advice

"The Technology Coordinator", Moursund, 1992, 1-56484-015-8 - more optimistic than realistic, good range but little practicality

"Technical Aspects of Data Communications", McNamara, 1988, 1-55558-007-6 - an intro to data comm course between covers

"The Technology Gauntlet", Kilduff/Blewett, 1994, 0-201-63359-0, U$24.75 - generic advice on how to implement a new computer system

"Technimanagement", David Brown, 1995, 0-13-180811-7 - solid management advice for technical groups

"Technology and Privacy: The New Landscape", Philip E. Agre/Marc Rotenberg, 1997, 0-262-01162-X,U$25.00 - an interesting and readable overview of an important subject (with one glaring exception)

"Tcl and the Tk Toolkit", Ousterhout, 1994, 0-201-63337-X, U$36.75 - documentation for the Tcl and Tk scripting languages, particularly useful for user interface design

"TCP/IP Network Administration", Craig Hunt, 1998, 1-56592-322-7, U$32.95/C$46.95 - practical guide to TCP/IP administration and setup for both LAN and Internet setups (heavy on UNIX)

"TCP/IP Complete", Ed Taylor, 1998, 0-07-063400-9, U$69.95 - not as good as others

"TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1", Stevens, 1994, 0-201-63346-9 - great text for the protocols of TCP/IP ("illustrated" by examples from a real network)

"TCP/IP with Windows NT Illustrated", Teresa Bisaillon/Brad Werner, 1998, 0-07-913648-6, U$44.95 - excellent guide

"Technical Editing", Tarutz, 1992, 0-201-56356-8 - an excellent overview of, and helpful suggestions for, the editing process; of use to the editor, writer or manager of either

"Terminal Games", Cole Perriman, 1994, 0-553-57243-1, U$5.99/C$7.99 - ficition, unevenly good discussion of online systems and interactions

"termcap and terminfo", Strang/Mui/O'Reilly, , - good overview and tutorial

"The Essential Web Surfer Survival Guide", Fristrup, 1996, 0-13-442971-0, U$29.95 - bloated, undisciplined and definitely not essential

"TeX by Example", Borde, 1992, 0-12-117650-9 - excellent tutorial using examples of various document styles

"The First Book of Personal Computing", Joe Kraynak, 1993, 1-56761-284-9, U$14.95 - too simplistic to be of any use

"The Trail Guide to the Microsoft Network", Newrock, 1996, 0-201-48943-0, U$12.95/C$18.00 - an overview, but facile, barely touches on Internet access, and technical flaws

"The Trail Guide to CompuServe", Wiggins/Tittel, 1995, 0-201-40834-1, U$12.95/C$16.95 - solid, short and worthwhile for new Compu$pend users

"The Trail Guide to Prodigy", Halliday, 1995, 0-201-40972-0, U$12.95/C$16.95 - the usual "explain the menus" style, but one of the few that concentrates on Prodigy

"The Traveler's Guide to the Information Highway", Dylan Tweney, 1994, 1-56276-206-0, U$24.95/C$34.95/UK#22.99 - simplistic precis of the big commercial services

"The Internet Business to Business Directory", Sandra E. Eddy/Michael M. Swertfager/Margaret M. E. Cusick, 1996, 0-7821-1751-1, U$29.99 - listing of Web sites, but needs lots of work

"The Internet Guide for New Users", Dern, 1994, 0-07-016511-4, U$27.95 - excellent introduction for serious users

"Total SNMP", Harnedy, 1994, 1-878956-33-7, U$45.00 - hefty reference for SNMP developers

"Telecommunications Technology Handbook", Daniel Minoli, 1991, 0-89006-425-3, U$89.00 - another classic telecom text

"Time Bomb 2000", Edward Yourdon/Jennifer Yourdon, 1998, 0-13-095284-2, U$19.95/C$27.95 - questionable advice, but a practical exercise to plan for local problems after 1999

"The Mother of All Windows Books", Leonhard/Simon, 1993, 0-201-62475-3 U$39.95 - lots of info, but disorganized

"The Tojo Virus", Randall, 1991, 0-8217-3436-9, U$4.95/C$5.95 - fiction, corporate insider info at IBM, but no really accurate technical stuff

"The Online User's Encyclopedia", Aboba, 1993, 0-201-62214-9 - lots of stuff from beginner to advanced, Modem setup to Intenet, but could use better organization

"Top Secret Intranet", Fredrick Thomas Martin, 1999, 0-13-080898-9, U$34.99/C$49.95 - pedestrian story of US gov't agencies using open standards

"The Transparent Society", David Brin, 1998, 0-201-32802-X, U$25.00/C$34.95 - an intriguing counter-take on privacy

"The Trouble with Computers", Thomas K. Landauer, 1995, 0-262-12186-7, U$27.50 - good compilation of studies showing the problem of lack of assistance with productivity, but no real answers

"Troubleshooting TCP/IP", Mark A. Miller, 1996, 1-558551-450-3, U$49.95/C$68.00 - solid and practical guide

"Terminal Compromise", Schwartau, 1991, 0-962-87000-5, U$19.95/C$24.95 - fiction, some good security ideas buried in a lot of bad writing

"The Terminal Experiment", Robert J. Sawyer, 1995, 0-06-105310-4, U$5.50/C$6.50 - fiction, an experiment in determining life after death, but surprisingly realistic computers and technology

"Token Ring Network Design", Bird, 1994, 0-201-62760-4, U$29.95 - cabling and layout rules

"Tom Swan's C++ Primer", Swan, 1992, 0-672-30188-1, U$34.95/C$43.95 - good, positive textbook for C++ programming

"Top Secret Data Encryption Techniques", Held, 1993, 0-672-30293-4, U$24.95/C$31.95 - fun and maybe useful but *not* top secret. BASIC source included.

"The Visual Guide to Visual C++", Nancy Nicolaisen, 1994, 1-56604-079-5, U$29.95 - no tutorial value

"Teach Yourself JAVA in 21 Days", Laura Lemay/Charles L. Perkins/Michael Morrison, 1996, 1-57521-183-1, U$59.99/C$84.95/UK#54.95 - a good Java tutorial, but not a great Java tutorial

"Teach Yourself MCSE Windows NT Workstation 4 in 14 Days", Robert Bogue/Emmett Dulaney, 1998, 0-672-31192-5, U$35.00/C$49.95/UK#31.95 - decent coverage of Workstation, but some holes

"Teach Yourself C", Herbert Schildt, 1997, 0-07-882311-0, U$27.99/C$39.99 - ordinary C text

"Using E-Mail", Gibbons et al, 1994, 0-7897-0023-9, U$24.99/C$33.99/UK#22.99 - a few missing areas and a lot of docs for commercial systems, but a good overall coverage

"Using Email Effectively", Linda Lamb/Jerry Peek, 1995, 1-56592-103-8, U$14.95 - good, though not very detailed, coverage of email generally

"Understanding GPS Principles and Applications", Elliott D. Kaplan, 1996, 0-89006-793-7, U$95.00 - good introduction and overview

"The Underground Guide to Troubleshooting PC Hardware", Alfred Poor, 1996, 0-201-48997-X, U$19.95/C$27.00 - get this and one other--it fits with the holes of others

"The Ultimate Modem Handbook", Cass R. Lewart, 1998, 0-13-849415-0, U$39.95/C$56.00 - still problems, but probably the most accurate guide to date

"Using McAfee Associates Software for Safe Computing", Jacobsen, 1992, 0-9627374-1-0, U$16.95 - printed docs for SCAN et al

"UML in a Nutshell", Sinan Si Alhir, 1998, 1-56592-448-7, U$19.95/C$29.95 - flowcharting for OOP?

"Using Mosaic for Windows", Gauer, 1994, 0-9698853-0-X, C$19.95 - good basic beginning guide

"Using MS-DOS Kermit", Gianone, 1992, 0-13-952276-X - excellent documentation for MS-Kermit, excellent overview of terminal emulation and file transfer in general

"Using and Managing UUCP", Ed Ravin/Tim O'Reilly/Dale Dougherty/Grace Todino, 1996, 1- 56592-153-4, U$29.95/C$42.95 - an updating and conflation of two earlier books, with life left in the UUCP system still

"UNIX Communications and the Internet", Anderson/Costales/Henderson/Pike, 1995, 0-672-30537-2, U$35.00/C$47.95/UK#26.95 - OK overall reference, but really heavy on UUCP

"The Underground Guide to Computer Security", Michael Alexander, 1996, 0-201-48918-X, U$19.95/C$27.00 - OK intro for desktops

"Understanding ATM", Stan Schatt, 1996, 0-07-057679-3, C$65.95 - good introduction for those who need to know what ATM is all about

"Undocumented DOS: A Programmer's Guide to Reserved MS-DOS Functions and Data Structures", Schulman et al, 1994, 0-201-63287-X, U$44.95/C$57.95 - not only good internals book, but a good read, too

"Understanding Computer Networks", Apple, 1989, 0-201-19773-1, U$10.95/C$13.95 - short and basic quick intro to data networking

"Understanding DCE", Rosenberry/Kenney/Fisher, 1992, 1-56592-005-8 - a good intro not only to DCE but the field of distributed processing as a whole

"Understanding Digital Signatures", Gail L. Grant, 1998, 0-07-012554-6, U$34.95 - not much understanding, even for a non-technical audience

"Understanding Japanese Information Processing", Lunde, 1993, 1-56592-043-0 - readable and fascinating work covering not only the problems of data I/O in a foreign language, but of data structuring and representation overall

"Understanding Local Area Networks", Schatt, 1992, 0-672-30115-6 - good broad overview and introduction for those who will need to plan, but will definitely need more support to be workable

"Understanding Data Communications", Held, 1991, 0-672-30005-2, U$24.95/C$31.95 - uneven material, emphasis on engineering topics but possibly good adjunct text

"Understanding Telephone Electronics", Bigelow, 1991, 0-672-27350-0, U$24.95/C$31.95 - good introduction for the non-telephony professional

"The Underground Guide to UNIX", John Montgomery, 1995, 0-201-40653-5, U$24.95/C$31.95 - good tips and amusing reading, but somewhat disorganized

"The Underground Guide to Word for Windows", Leonhard, 1994, 0-201-40650-0, U$19.95/C$25.95 - hobbyist perspective, but some useful stuff

"The Underground Guide to Excel 5.0 for Windows", Hudspeth/Lee, 1994, 0-202-40651-9, U$19.95 - background stuff, but possibly not for all users

"The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0", The Unicode Consortium, 1996, 0-201-483455-9 - like it says

"UNIX Installation Security and Integrity", David Ferbrache/Gavin Shearer, 1993, 0-13-015389-3 - excellent and practical guide

"The Underground Guide to Laser Printers", Jeffries et al, 1993, 1-56609-045-8, U$12.00/C$17.00 - extremely valuable guide for maintenance, repair and even a few fun things. Somewhat dated.

"UNIX for MVS Programmers", Harry Singh, 1997, 0-13-442989-3 - a basic UNIX intro that mentions MVS at times: not a useful guide for experienced mainframers

"Understanding Networking Technology", Mark Norris, 1996, 0-89006-879-8, U$49.00 - expanded glossary, some errors and not very complete

"UNIX Security: A Practical Tutorial", N. Derek Arnold, 1993, 0-07-002560-6 - pedestrian and dated textbook. Includes source for UNIX virus.

"UNIX System Administration Handbook", Evi Nemeth/Garth Snyder/Scott Seebass/Trent Hein, 1995, 0-13-151051-7 - good organization, complete coverage, lucid writing

"The Keys to Successful UNIX System Management", Robert King Ables, 1995, 0-13-948381-0 - sysadmin's job description

"UNIX Systems Programming for SVR4", David A. Curry, 1996, 1-56592-163-1, U$34.95/C$49.95 - no nonsense, conprehensive reference

"UNIX Unleashed, Internet Edition", Robin K. Burke/David B. Horvath, 1997, 0-672-31205-0, U$59.99/C$84.95/UK#54.95 - essentially volume two of the next listing

"UNIX Unleashed, System Administrator's Edition", Robin Burk/David B. Horvath, 1997, 0-672-30952-1, U$59.99/C$84.95/UK#54.95 - better than it was, and a very complete book, but still a bit of a problem with repetition

"Unauthorized Windows 95", Andrew Schulman, 1994, 1-56884-305-4, U$39.99/C$54.99/UK#38.99 - a thorough examination of just how Windows 95 has been developed from DOS and Windows

"UNIX Commands by Example", Elboth/Dannehl/Larsen, 1994, 0-13-103953-9 - an extreme subset of the man pages

"The UNIX Companion", Harley Hahn, 1995, 0-07-882149-5, U$29.95 - "UNIX Unbound" recidivus

"UNIX for DOS Users", Martin R. Arick, 1995, 0-471-04988-3, U$24.95/C$34.95 - for intermediate DOS users, but watch for errors

"The UNIX-Haters Handbook", Garfinkel/Weise/Strassmann, 1994, 1-56884-203-1, U$16.95/C$22.95 - a bad tempered search for UNIX bugs

"UNIX Internals: The New Frontiers", Uresh Vahalia, 1996, 0-13-101908-2 - up to date, complete, and thorough

"UNIX Made Easy", John Muster, 1996, 0-07-882173-8, U$34.95 - certainly a very fast way to get up and running on UNIX

"UNIX for the Mainframer", David Horvath, 1997, 0-13-632837-7, U$49.00 - excellent introduction, tutorial, and reference

"UNIX For The MS-DOS User", Pugh, 1994, 0-13-146077-3 - good starting guide, not limited to DOS users

"UNIX in a Nutshell", Gilly, 1992, 1-56592-001-5 - good general UNIX reference, though short on communications

"UNIX Network Programming", Stevens, 1990, 0-13-949876-1 - very solid textbook on the subject

"Unix Networking", Kochan/Wood, 1989, 0-672-48440-4, U$29.95/C$38.95 - series of essays that serve as a very general introduction to concepts

"UNIX Shells by Example", Ellie Quigley, 1997, 0-13-460866-6, U$49.95/C$69.95 - UNIX for the field independent

"UNIX Systems for Modern Architectures", Schimmel, 1994, 0-201-63338-8, U$47.50 - addresses the gap between OS texts that don't address modern architectures and hardware books that don't deal with OSes - and very well, too

"UNIX System V Bible", Prata/Martin, 1987, 0-672-22562-X, U$29.95/C$37.95 - good command list and descriptions, but probably not biblical status

"UNIX Tamed", Rodney Wilson, 1996, 0-13-443037-9 - quick intro for those used to computers

"Open Computing: UNIX Unbound", Hahn, 1994, 0-07-882050-2, U$27.95 - a thorough, readable and good general introduction to the system and "the Unix way"

"UNIX Unleashed", Sams Development, 1994, 0-672-30402-3, U$49.99/C$67.99 - covers some stuff that others don't, but then, given the size, it'd have to

"Upgrade and Maintain Your PC", James Karney, 1996, 1-55828-460-5, U$39.95/C$55.95 - verbose, fairly mundane, and bad on software

"Unix, Posix, and Open Systems", Quarterman/Wilhelm - good intro to one of the current "buzz phrases"

"ProComm Plus 2.0", Campbell, 1991, 0-89588-879-3, U$10.95/C$14.95 - reasonable, but simplistic, starter document

"Upgrading and Repairing PCs", Scott Mueller/Craig Zacker, 1998, 0-7897-1636-4, U$54.99/C$78.95/UK#51.49 - the most complete repair and maintenance guide I've found to date

"Using C-Kermit", Frank da Cruz/Christine M. Gianone, 1997, 1-55558-164-1, U$39.95 - the general guide and an excellent introduction to serial communications of all kinds

"Usenet: Netnews for Everyone", Fristrup, 1994, 0-13-123167-7, U$24.95/C$32.95 - a tad unrealistic as regards the Usenet community, and an expanded but often confusing list of newsgroups

"Using Eudora, 2nd ed.", Dee-Ann LeBlanc, 1997, 0-7897-1166-4, U$24.99/C$35.95/UK#22.99 - good coverage of both concepts and keystrokes

"Using DOS", Gerry Routledge/Suzanne Weixel/Michael O'Mara, 1995, 0-7897-0095-6, U$19.99/C$26.99/UK#18.49 - the explanations are no better than in the DOS manual, and the additional information is questionable

"Using the Internet, Fourth Edition", Barbara Kasser, 1998, 0-7897-1584-8, U$29.99/C$42.95/UK#27.49 - much improved, now a decent introduction for Web users

"Using Your Mac", Todd Stauffer, 1995, 0-7897-0094-8, U$19.99/C$26.99/UK#18.49 - yet another Mac guide

"Using Linux", Jack Tackett/David Gunter, 1996, 0-7897-0742-X, U$59.99/C$81.95/UK#56.49 - very mixed bag of copied install material and software docs for UNIX progs

"Using the Internet", Tolhurst et al, 1994, 1-56529-353-3, U$39.95/C$52.95 - no consistent audience level and tons of reworked files and FAQs

"The Usenet Book", Bryan Pfaffenberger, 1995, 0-201-40978-X, U$26.95/C$34.95 - the best general coverage of Usenet news to date

"The Usenet Handbook", Mark Harrison, 1995, 1-56592-101-1, U$24.95 - written by someone who knows Usenet, readable by anyone, but a "techie" feel and some important gaps

"Using Netscape", Warren Ernst, 1995, 0-7897-0211-8, U$19.99/C$26.99/UK#18.49 - surprisingly little information on Netscape

"Using NetWare 4.1", Bill Lawrence et al, 1995, 1-56529-894-2, U$39.99/C$53.99/UK#36.99 - reproduces the Novell docs without adding to them

"Using Microsoft Office 97", Ed Bott, 1998, 0-7897-1567-8, U$29.99/C$42.95/UK#27.49 - inconsistent doc replacement for the components

"UNIX System Programming Using C++", Terence Chan, 1997, 0-13-331562-2 - C++ used as a model for the sample code: the emphasis is on UNIX

"Using UseNet Newsgroups", Gregory/Estabrook/Mann/Parker, 1995, 0-7897-0134-0, U$19.99/C$26.99 - oversimplified and underfacted

"Using UUCP and Usenet", Todino/Dougherty, 1991, 0-937175-10-2 - short

"Special Edition Using Windows NT Server 4", Roger Jennings, 1997, 0-7897-1388-8, U$49.99/C$70.95/UK#45.99 - lots of holes, but some strengths

"Visual Basic 5 Control Creation Edition", Gary Cornell/Dave Jezak, 1997, 0-13-749185-9, U$39.95/C$55.95 - upgrade to VB5

"Visual Basic Power Toolkit", Richard Mansfield/Evangelos Petroutsos, 1995, 1-56604-190-2, U$39.95 - much ado about very little programming information

"Voice and Data Communications Handbook", Regis J. "Bud" Bates/Donald Gregory, 1998, 0-07-006396-6, U$65.00 - good overview of all aspects of telecom for the non-specialist manager

"The Visual Guide to Microsoft Access", Walter R. Bruce III/Dan Madoni/Rich Wolf, 1994, 1-56604-070-1, U$29.95 - a substitue for the Access docs

"The Visual Guide to Visual Basic for Applications", Richard Mansfield, 1994, 1-56604-147-3, U$27.95 - simplistic tutorial at keypunching level

"Virus", Bill Buchanan, 1997, 0-515-12011-1, U$6.50/C$8.50 - fiction, very poor technology in all areas

"VooDoo UNIX", Charlie Russel/Sharon Crawford, 1994, 1-56604-067-1, U$27.95 - snippets and gimmicks

"Voodoo DOS", Kay Nelson, 1993, 1-56604-046-9, U$21.95 - random DOS tricks, sometimes useful, sometimes trivial, sometimes dangerous

"Visual QuickStart Guide Windows 95", Steve Sagman, 1995, 1-56609-182-9, U$14.95/C$18.95 - very limited introduction

"The Virtual Reality Construction Kit", Gradecki, 1994, 0-471-00953-9 - useful and practical for the hobbyist

"VRML: Exploring Virtual Worlds on the Internet", Walter Goralski/Matthew Poli/Peter Vogel, 1997, 0-13-486960-5, U$39.95/CC$55.95 - user level intro

"The VRML Sourcebook", Ames/Nadeau/Moreland, 1997, 0-471-16507-7, U$49.95/C$69.95 - best coverage of basics and beyond

"Virtual Reality: Practical Applications in Business and Industry", Dimitris Chorafas/Heinrich Steinmann, 1995, 0-13-185638-3 - not much info in area of the areas in the title

"Virtual Private Networks", Charlie Scott/Paul Wolfe/Mike Erwin, 1998, 1-56592-319-7, U$29.95/C$42.95 - good coverage of all aspects of the issue, although not terribly detailed

"Virtual Reality", Wexelblat (ed), 1993, 0-12-745045-9 - solid and practical overview of the current state of VR, essays by those working in the field

"Virus Detection and Elimination", Rune Skardhamar, 1996, 0-12-647690-X - unreliable, badly written and likely from one of the vx crowd

"The Virtual Community", Rheingold, 1993, 0-201-60870-7 - glimpses of narrow slices of the nets

"Virtual Light", Gibson, 1993, 0-7704-2568-2 - fiction, nice story, but hardly sf at all

"Virual Reality", Rheingold, 1991, 0-671-77897-8, C$16.75 - one man's self-indulgent overview

"Virtual Reality and the Exploration of Cyberspace", Hamit, 1993, 0-672-30361-2, U$26.95/C$33.95 - very balanced overview of the VR field

"Visualization: The Master Skill in Mental Training", Dalloway, 1992, 0-9634933-0-2, U$14.95 - simple relaxation and past review excercises

"VAXcluster Principles", Davis, 1993, EY-M740E-DP-CRE - good background

"The World Wide Web Complete Reference", Stout, 1996, 0-07-882142-8, U$29.95 - exactly as it says, very thorough and an excellent (though heavy) introduction

"World Wide Web Journal: Key Specifications of the World Wide Web", Connolly, 1996, 1-56592-190-9, U$24.95/C$35.95 - RFCs, working drafts and other specs

"World Wide Web Journal: The Web After Five Years", Rohit Khare, 1996, 1-56592-210-7, U$24.95/C$35.95 - 5 year retrospective, and lots of surveys

"World Wide Web Journal: Building an Industrial Strength Web", Rohit Khare, 1996, 1-56592-211-5, U$24.95/C$35.95 - HTTP and PICS 1.1, and PNG

"Advancing HTML: Style and Substance", World Wide Web Consortium, 1997, 0-56592-264- 6, U$29.95/C$42.95 - HTML 3.2, CSS, and MNG

"Web Security", Rohit Khare, 1997, 1-56592-329-4 ISSN 1085-2301, U$29.95/C$42.95 - a very interesting perspective on data security overall

"World Wide Web Journal: XML: Principles, Tools, and Techniques", Dan Connolly, 1997, 1-56592-349-9, U$29.95/C$42.95 - almost all XML

"World Wide Web Journal", Berners-Lee, 1995, 1-56592-169-0, U$39.95/C$56.95 - proceedings of the 4th IW3 conference, high quality papers and energetic research

"Web Search Strategies", Bryan Pfaffenberger, 1996, 1-55828-470-2, U$29.95/C$41.95 - good list of search sites, poor strategies

"Word 6 for Windows Essentials", Geoffrey Mandel, 1994, 1-56609-106-3, U$29.95/C$41.95 - absolutely first rate

"Windows 95 in a Nutshell", Tim O'Reilly/Troy Mott, 1998, 1-56592-316-2, U$19.95/C$28.95 - late, but probably the best general Win95 reference

"Windows 98: The Complete Reference", John Levine/Margaret Levine Young, 1998, 0-07-882343-9, U$39.99/C$57.95 - not really, this time

"Windows 98 Installation and Configuration Handbook", Rob Tidrow, 1998, 0-7897-1510-4, U$39.99/C$57.95/UK#37.49 - simplistic advice fit for neither expert nor novice

"Wabi 2: Opening Windows", Scott Fordin/Susan Nolin, 1996, 0-13-461617-0 - docs for Wabi

"Who's Afraid of Java?", Steve Heller, 1997, 0-12-339101-6, U$39.95/C$53.95 - clever gimmick tutorial, but not well implemented

"Way of the Clans", Thurston, 1991, 0-451-45101-5, U$4.50/C$5.50 - fiction, extremely implausible on *all* fronts. Probably popular with the video game set.

"Web Client Programming with Perl", Clinton Wong, 1997, 1-56592-214-X, U$24.95/C$42.95 - useful WWW background, and an introduction to programming Web search and other client utilities

"The Ultimate Web Developer's Sourcebook", Ben Sawyer, 1996, 1-57610-000-6, U$49.99/C$69.99 - a phonebook of Web related tools

"Web Navigation", Jennifer Fleming, 1998, 1-56592-351-0, U$34.95/C$49.95 - no worse than other Web design books, but no better either

"The Web Page Recipe Book", Barrie Sosinsky/Elisabeth Parker, 1996, 0-13-460296-X, U$29.95/C$38.00 - errors and annoying formatting, but some interesting points

"Web Security and Commerce", Simson Garfinkel/Gene Spafford, 1997, 1-56592-269-7, U$32.95/C$46.95 - excellent coverage

"Web Security Sourcebook", Aviel D. Rubin/Daniel Geer/Marcus J. Ranum, 1997, 0-471-18148-X, U$29.99/C$42.50 - overextended and inconsistent

"The Web Server Handbook", Pete Palmer/Adam Schneider/Anne Chenette, 1996, 0-13-239930-X, U$39.95/C$51.00 - a collection of banal Web related information

"Web-Based Training Cookbook", Brandon Hall, 1997, 0-471-18021-1, U$39.99/C$56.50 - a list of programs to add flash to Web pages

"Web Video Complete", Martin Nemzow, 1998, U$54.95, 0-07-046404-9 - interesting information but disorganized book for an undefined audience, and not complete

"What Computers Still Can't Do", Dreyfus, 1992, 0-262-54067-3, U$13.95 - important take on AI, but limited to a rather narrow view

"Word 97 Annoyances", Woody Leonhard/Lee Hudspeth/T. J. Lee, 1997, 1-56592-308-1, U$21.95/C$31.95 - useful for the intermediate user

"Web Developer's Guide to JavaScript and VBScript", Peter Aitken, 1996, 1-883577-97-7, U$39.99/C$55.99 - appropriately simple guide to scripting

"Web Developer's Guide to Sound and Music", Anthony Helmstetter/Ron Simpson, 1996, 1-883577-95-0, U$39.99/C$55.99 - simple overview of sound technology

"The Macintosh Bible What Do I Do Now Book", Rubin, , 0-940235-23-4, U$22.00 - good general guide to software problems and fixes

"Web Databases with Cold Fusion 3", John Burke, 1998, 0-07-913092-5, U$49.95 - I still don't know what Cold Fusion 3 is after reading the book

"Weapon", Mason, 1989, 1-55773-309-0 - fiction, pulp high tech thriller, but with an oddly realistic version of neural nets

"The Web Navigator", Paul Gilster, 1997, 0-471-16495-X, U$24.95/C$34.95 - the useful book about starting on the net via the Web

"Web Security: A Step-by-Step Reference Guide", Lincoln D. Stein, 1998, 0-201-62489-9, U$29.95 - excelent guide for both users and Webmasters

"Web Visions", Eugene Marlow Ph. D., 1997, 0-442-02453-3, U$29.95 - informed, analytical, and practical guide to the Web for business use

"Web Weaving", Eric Tilton/Carl Steadman/Tyler Jones, 1996, 0-201-48959-7, U$24.95/C$34.00 - covers a lot of related topics. Not bad, but not great.

"The Whole Earth Online Almanac", Rittner, 1993, 1-56686-090-3, U$32.95/C$41.95 - includes not only Internet but Fidonet and commercial services as well, but a very odd collection and book

"A World's Fair for the Global Village", Carl Malamud, 1997, 0-262-13338-5, U$40.00 - amusing and fascinating in both conception and writing

"What's On the Internet", Gagnon, 1995, 1-56609-184-5, U$19.95/C$25.95 - a list of Usenet newsgroups with descriptions

"White Ninja", Eric V. Lustbader, 1990, 0-449-21851-1, U$5.95/C$6.95 - fiction, a non-viral supervirus as a side issue

"Why Computers Are Computers", David Rutland, 1995, 1-885391-05-6, U$24.95 - good intro to the developments of computers in this century, although biased and sometimes poorly written

"Walking the World Wide Web", Shannon Turlington, 1995, 1-56604-208-9, U$29.95 - reasonably well done overview of current W3 sites - for whatever that is worth

"Way More Free Stuff From the Internet", Vincent, 1995, 1-883577-50-0, U$19.99/C$27.99 - yet another pile of stuff on the net

"Win32 System Services", Marshall Brain, 1996, 0-13-324732-5 - overview of the Win32 API calls

"Windows 3.1 for Dummies Quick Reference", Harvey, 1994, 1-56884-951-6, U$8.95/C$12.95/UK#8.95 - well organized quick start and reference

"Windows Woes", Paul McFedries, 1993, 1-56761-122-2, U$14.95/C$18.95 - good troubleshooting book for the novice

"Windows Hothouse", Mark Clarkson, 1994, 0-201-62669-1, U$34.95/C$44.95 - lots of artificial life fun with Visual C++

"The Windows Internet Tour Guide", Fraase, 1994, 1-56604-081-7, U$24.95 - decent, but not spectacular, demo of Chameleon software

"Windows Network Programming", Ralph Davis, , 0-201-58133-7,U$29.95/C$38.95 - good programming reference

"Windows Sockets Network Programming", Bob Quinn/Dave Shute, 1996, 0-201-63372-8, U$47.29 - very thorough coverage from all sides

"Windows NT Server 4 Administrator's Guide", Paul E. Robichaux, 1996, 0-7615-0751-5, U$50.00/C$69.95/UK#46.99 - basic introduction, but no more

"Windows NT4: The Complete Reference", Griffith Wm. Kadnier, 1997, 0-07-882181-9, U$39.99/C$57.95 - not very complete, and not much of a reference

"Windows NT Backup and Restore", Jody Leber, 1998, 1-56592-272-7, U$29.95/C$42.95 - fails to cover the topic

"Windows NT Desktop Reference", Aeleen Frisch, 1998, 1-56592-437-1, U$6.95/C$9.95 - very handy

"Windows NT Event Logging", James D. Murray, 1998, 1-56592-514-9, U$32.95/C$48.95 - good coverage, but heavy going

"Windows NT File System Internals", Rajeev Nagar, 1997, 1-56592-249-2, U$49.95/C$70.95 - detailed, analytical, and even readable

"Windows NT Registry Guide", Weiying Chen/Wayne Berry, 1997, 0-201-69473-5, U$34.95/C$47.95 - good introduction to the Registry, but too bad it's for programmers only

"Windows NT 4.0 Registry", Steven B. Thomas, 1998, 0-07-913655-9, U$59.95 - good intro and all th basic NT entries

"Windows NT Server 4 Professional Reference", Karanjit S. Siyan, 1997, 1-56205-805-3, U$65.00/C$91.95/UK#60.49 - particularly good on security and TCP/IP, but sloppy elsewhere

"Windows NT Security Guide", Stephen A. Sutton, 1997, 0-201-41969-6, U$29.95/C$41.00 - too vague for users, lacking detail for administrators

"Windows NT Security", Charles B. Rutstein, 1997, 0-07-057833-8, U$34.95 - reasonable range, but has gaps and lacks analysis

"Windows NT and UNIX Integration", Gene Henriksen, 1998, 1-57870-048-5, U$32.00/C$45.95/UK#28.00 - a list of poorly described commercial software

"Windows NT and UNIX", G. Robert Williams/Ellen Beck Gardner, 1998, 0-201-18536-9, U$49.95/C$69.95 - better UNIX than NT, but not very good on either

"The Windows for Workgroups Bible", Miastkowski/Lent, 1993, 0-201-62281-5 - good intro to both networking aspects and applications (though not quite deserving of biblical status)

"The WordPerfect 6 Print & Presentation Kit", Solomon, 1993, 0-201-62261-0, U$28.95/C$37.95 - extremely basic, could be used with systems other than WP6

"Web Page Design Cookbook", William Horton/Lee Taylor/Arthur Ignacio/Nancy L. Hoft, 1996, 0-471-13039-7,U$34.95/C$48.95 - poor explanation and a tool of limited usefulness

"Web Publishing with HoTMetaL", James Jaworski, 1996, 0-7821-1691-4, 24.99 - docs and prog for HoTMetaL Lite

"Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML", Laura Lemay, 1995, 0-672-30667-0, U$25.00/C$34.95 - a great introduction

"Web Publishing with Word", Asha Dornfest, 1996, 0-7821-1807-0, U$24.99 - simple docs for simple program

"The Word Book for Macintosh Users", Engst, , 1-56830-088-3, U$24.95/C$32.95 - very practical guide for introduction and advanced work

"Word for Windows 6 Solutions", Marmel, 1994, 0-471-30413-1 - very akin to the Word "help" system--if you don't know it already, you probably can't find it

"The Writer's Guide to the Internet", Dawn Groves, 1997, 1-887902-13-9, U$18.95/C$25.95 - not good as an intro to the net, but not bad on writing resources

"Warhorse", Zahn, 1990, 0-671-69868-0, U$4.50/C$6.95 - interesting speculations on space evolved ecologies

"Running Microsoft Works 3 for the PC", Rubin, , - another set of documentation for MS-Works

"Running Microsoft Works 3 for the Apple Macintosh", Charles Rubin, 1993, 1-55615-388-0, U$24.95/C$32.95 - and one for the Mac

"", Gary Gach, 1997, 0- 7615-0641-1, U$22.00/C$29.95 - a bit unfocussed, but still appealing

"Watch Me", A. J. Hoyt, 1995, 0-312-95997-4, U$6.99/C$8.99 - fiction, poor understanding of computers and system cracking

"Word for Windows 95 Quick and Easy", Christian Crumlish, 1996, 0-7821-1778-3, U$22.99 - the most basic basics

"World Wide Web Marketing", Jim Sterne, 1995, 0-471-12843-0, U$24.95/C$32.50 - a business book that really understands the Web

"The World Wide Web Unleashed", December/Randall, 1994, 0-672-30617-4, U$35.00/C$47.95 - some material that isn't covered elsewhere, but some redundancy, too

"When You Can't Find Your UNIX System Administrator", Linda Mui, 1995, 1-56592-104-6, U$19.95 - the next step after UNIX basics

"The Way of Java", Gary Entsminger, 1997, 0-13-491978-5, U$34.95/C$48.95 - The Way is the Code

"Wizardry Consulted", Rick Cook, 1995, 0-671-87700-3, U$5.99 - fiction, techie as wizard with garbled UNIX and Internet

"Excel 4 for Windows", Martin Matthews/Stephanie Seymour, 1993, 0-07-881836-2, U$29.95 - repeat the docs time, again

"Excel 5 for Windows Spreadsheet Databases", Dranchak, 1994, 0-471-30360-7, U$24.95 - good coverage of database concepts and Excel specifics

"X Window Inside & Out", Levi Reiss/Joseph Radin, 1992, 0-07-881796-X, U$27.95 - intro to X programming

"Excel 5 Super Book", McFedries, 1994, 0-672-30385-X, U$39.95/C$52.95 - thorough coverage from beginner to advanced

"X User Tools", Mui/Quercia, 1994, 1-56592-019-8, U$49.95 - tools, utilities and tips for the user of the X interface

"X Window System", Scheifler/Gettys, 1992, EY-J802E-DP-CRE - the defnitive reference

"Year 2000 in a Nutshell", Norman Shakespeare, 1998, 1-56592-421-5, U$19.95/C$29.95 - big project, big iron, and a bit late

"The Year 2000 Problem Solver", Bryce Ragland, 1997, 0-07-052517-X, U$29.95/C$43.95 - military/government emphasis and definite loopholes, but may make management aware of the problem

"The Year 2000 Software Problem", Capers Jones, 1998, 0-201-30964-5, U$29.95/C$41.95 - good analysis and insight, but basically a warning that you are too late

"Yakety Mac: the Telecom Tome", Rubin, 1992, 0-672-48548-6, U$34.95/C$43.95 - why do the Macs get all the good modem refs?

"young@heart: Computing for Seniors", Mary Furlong/Stefan B. Lipson, 1996, 0-07-882178-9, U$22.95 - pretty average computer buyer's guide

"Your Internet Consultant", Savetz, 1994, 0-672-30520-8, U$25.00/C$34.95 - basically good introductory Internet material in question and answer format

"Zap!", Sellers, 1994, 1-56609-021-0 - discussion and suggestions regarding various ills that can be related to computer use

"Zen and the Art of the Internet", Kehoe, 1996, 0-13-452914-6, U$23.95 - first, shortest and still best of all the introductory Internet guides. FTP and telnet resource guides, an excellent overview of the functions for those starting out and a 12 page intro to HTML.

"The Z-Mail Handbook", Nelson, 1991, 0-937175-76-5 - documentation for the system

"ISDN: A Closer Look (ver. 2.1)", Bellcore, 1996, 1-57305-001-6, U$395.00 - page turner style computer based training

"Focus on the Future: Migration Strategies for Emerging Technologies", Bellcore, 1996, 1-57305-084-9, U$695.00 - convoluted page turner on advertising for phone products and simplistic planning advice

"Great Adventures: Castle", Davidson & Associates, Inc., 1997, - not very flexible or interesting game addition to the Fisher-Price Castle

"The 1997 Canadian Encyclopedia Plus", McClelland & Stewart, 1997, 0-7710-1970-X, C$79.95 - a worthy successor to the print edition

"The 1998 Canadian and World Encyclopedia", McClelland & Stewart, 1997, 0-7710-1981-5, C$79.95 - and it also outstrips other CD based encyclopedias

, Media Terra, 1995, 1-883577-48-9 - good material (maps, graphics, audio) but poor interface

"Just Grandma and Me", Living Books, 1997, - still the standard for kids computer games

"USENIX Conference Keynote Address: San Francisco, CA, January 17, 1994", Barlow, , 1-56592-992-6, U$9.95 - interesting views on network control, privacy and the political process

"The Future of the Internet Protocol", Malamud, 1993, 1-56592-996-9, U$24.95 - eight discussions of developments and possible replacements

"Global Network Operations", Malamud/Carpenter/Stockman/O'Dell/Huston, , 1-56592-993-4, U$16.95 - discussions of network difficulties and arrangements in different parts of the world, and the problems of organizing committees

"Mobile IP Networking", Malamud et al, 1993, 1-56592-994-2, U$9.95 - packet radio, satellite and stuff

The Most Online (Sprint Canada ISP)

"Alive 0, Alive 1", Suzana Stojakovic-Celustka, 1994, - the Alive electronic mailing list, highly recommended for those interested in computer viral or artificial life studies

"RISKS-FORUM Digest", Peter G. Neumann, 1985 - , , free - discussion of the hazards and failures of technology; one of the best mailing lists on the net on any subject

"Virus Alert of the Day",, 1998 -, - very poor quality virus misinformation, padded with ads

"VirusHelp", Henri Delger, 1995 -, - consistently good, if low volume, virus advice

Advanced Security hard disk security

All-the-Right-Type typing drill and practise

Antivirus Plus activity monitor

Antivirus activity monitor

AVAST! Modular multilayered antiviral

Certus LAN multilayered antiviral

PC-Cillin change detection

Central Point Anti-Virus multilayered (basis for Microsoft)

CorelCentral/Netscape Communicator 4.01 integrated email/news/browser

Control Room system information program with change detection

Data Physician Plus 3.1A multilayered antiviral

Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit 6.0 multilayered antiviral

DISKSECURE master boot record protection and recovery

Eliminator antiviral scanner

Freeze!! simple general security product

F-Prot version 1 antiviral utilites by Frisk Software

F-Prot version 2 antiviral scanner and disinfector

F-Prot Professional (Command Software)

F-Prot Professional (Data Fellows)

Data Security Plus by PC Guardian

HyperACCESS 5 comm program

IBM Antivirus/DOS scanner and change detector

IBM antiviral scanner

Integrity Master antiviral change detection and scanner

InocuLAN by Cheynne, LAN version of IRIS AntiVirus

LANProtect 1.0 NetWare scanner

Mace Vaccine activity monitor

Norton Destop for DOS utility program

Norton Antivirus multilayered

Network Security Organizer by Leprechaun, LAN vulnerability reports and antiviral management

Procomm Plus comm program

Rising Anti-Virus Card hardware activity monitor

Secure Access For the Enterprise operation restriction

SafeWord Virus-Safe 1.12 change detection

McAfee Associates scanner related antivirals

Security Guardian by Command Software

Sweep antiviral scanner

Thunderbyte Utilities 5.01 - multilayered antiviral

Thunderbyte Scan - antiviral scanner

Untouchable - antiviral scanner and change detector

PC-Vault and PC-Vault Plus by Johnson Computer Systems

Victor Charlie 5.0 - change detector with "bait"

Vaccine version 5.00 - activity monitor with other layering

Virus Defence System - change detection emphasizing system areas

VET - Australian scanner, resident and activity monitor

VirAway 1.46 - scanner

ViruCide Plus 2.41 - scanner and activity monitor

Virex for the PC 2.9 - multilayered

ViruSafe 4.6 - multilayered

Vi-Spy 9.0 Professional - scanner and operation restriction

Virus0Buster - Australian multilayered

Immunizer - hardware antiviral "concept"

Watchdog Armor hardware card by Fischer

Watchdog - PC multiuser security and antiviral

"The American Archivist", The Society of American Archivists, 1938+, 0360-9081, U$85.00/yr - wide ranging and interesting quarterly

"The Electronic Library", Learned Information, 1983 -, ISSN 0265-0473, UK#95-105/yr - slightly uneven journal of library technology

"Internet InfoScavenger", Cathy D. Dupre, 1996+, 1088-0666, U$149/yr - mostly about publicizing your Web site

"Information World Review", Learned Information, 1986 - , ISSN 0950-9879, UK#33-44/yr - collected product announcements by commercial online services outside the US

"Journal of Information Science", A. Gilchrist ed., 1979-, 0165-5515, U$200.00/UK#125.00/yr - rather esoteric

"The Basics of Computer Security", Bellcore, 1995, 1-57305-047-4, U$695.00 - roughly three introductory chapters of a general security book, talking head

"Data Networking Overview and Applications", Cotton/Feldmeier/Davin/Weinstein, 1996, 1-57305-057-1, U$1295.00 - uneven, disjointed, and elementary mixed bag

"Introduction to Security Technologies", Michael P. Ressler/Charles Blauner, 1995, 1-57305-067-9, U$1295.00 - intro chapters for five different security texts, more talking heads

"The Internet Revealed", Gregory Giagnocavo/Tim McLain, 1995, 0-932577-24-5/-23-7/-22-9/-10-5, U$150.00 - disorganized and superficial look at email, search tools and the Web

"Local Area Network (LAN) Overview Video", Dan Black, 1994, 1-57305-037-7, U$695.00 - surprisingly good LAN intro

"Navigating the Internet", Tom Sensabaugh, 1995, 1-57305-080-6, U$695.00 - general intro to the net, technically more solid but lacking examples

"Sneakers", Universal Pictures, , - fictional, but reasonably good portrayal of a "tiger team"

"Tekroids", , , - episode of Tekwar (with "graphical" virus)

"PC Virus: Understanding and Prevention", Webster/Gwartney/Heuckendorf, 1992, 0-922264-01-5 - possibly useful, but full of holes

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